Duke Engineering: A Story in Four Parts

5/11/23 Pratt School of Engineering

Join four graduating seniors for a look back on their undergraduate experience and see what sets Duke Engineering apart

Duke Engineering: A Story in Four Parts

Duke Engineering is a relatively small engineering school set within a world-class liberal arts university. While these characteristics come with some inherent challenges, they also come with incredible opportunities for students throughout the course of their undergraduate experience. Whether taking advantage of maker spaces to 3D print prosthetics for community members or balancing an explosive football career with technical biomedical engineering courses, students carve their own paths within a wide array of resources to sculpt themselves into future leaders. Take a look at the paths and projects four graduating seniors have used to find deep purpose in their careers.

Duke ECE Outstanding Senior: Aditya Paul

Aditya Paul, an ECE/CS major and physics minor, leads Team Neural Net on Duke eNable. eNable is a student-led organization that partners with amputees in the community and builds prosthetics that suit their needs and lifestyles. Team Neural Net is seeking to incorporate control systems that measure the electrical impulses inside of muscles and use the data to try to predict how the brain is telling the prosthetic to move. Team Neural Net is made of Duke students Aditya Paul, Talya Jeter, Max Tardif, Harrison Kane, Vanessa Chen and Aidan Baydush.

Duke BME Outstanding Senior: Jaylen Coleman

Jaylen Coleman, a BME major and a player on Duke University’s football team works with Professor Jason Luck on an independent study project that combines his knowledge of mechanobiology and biophysiology with his practical knowledge of impacts from sports.

Duke MEMS Outstanding Senior: Mohsin Haider

Four years spent working in Duke’s Innovation Co-Lab rising through the ranks helped Mohsin Haider lead his senior capstone design team in building an RV-like smart home. Check out all the fun and funky builds for yourself!

DKU Data Science Outstanding Senior: Sabhyata Jha

After sleeping outside of her family’s home in earthquake-ravaged Nepal for weeks, DKU student Sabhyata Jha knew she had to help. She joined a Duke project led by civil and environmental engineering professor Henri Gavin and CEE PhD candidate Rachael Lau that aims to build an early earthquake warning system in her home country provided her the opportunity to act.