Cameron C McIntyre

Biomedical Engineering

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Cameron C McIntyre Profile Photo
Cameron C McIntyre Profile Photo

Research Interests

Neural engineering, computational neuroscience, brain imaging, and the design of human neuromodulation systems. Special expertise in the biophysics of brain stimulation and recording.


The McIntyre Laboratory hopes to improve deep brain stimulation (DBS) for the treatment of movement disorders and provide the fundamental technology necessary for the effective application of DBS to new clinical arenas.


  • Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University, 2001


  • Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Professor in Neurosurgery

Courses Taught

  • BME 899: Special Readings in Biomedical Engineering
  • BME 791: Graduate Independent Study
  • BME 590: Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering