2019 Pratt School Award Recipients

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Pratt School of Engineering Awards

Recognizing faculty and staff excellence

Klein Family Distinguished Teaching Award

Recognizes an outstanding educator nominated by engineering students and selected by a faculty committee. These faculty inspire students to learn and apply, engage students in the classroom and share their love of engineering.

2020    Eric S. Richardson
2019    Wanda Krassowska Neu
2018    David Katz
2017    Matt Brown
2016    Brenton D. Hoffmann
2015    Andrew D. Hilton
2014    Rebecca Simmons
2013    Roger Barr
2012    Neal Simmons
2011    Jonathan Protz
2010    Joseph Nadeau
2009    Craig Henriquez
2008    Wanda Krassowska
2007    Kathryn Nightingale
2006    Henri Gavin
2005    Donald B. Bliss
2004    Lisa Gresham Huettel
2003    Charles M. Harman
2002    Gary A. Ybarra
2001    George W. Pearsall

Stansell Family Distinguished Research Award

Given each year to an outstanding researcher nominated by the department chairs and selected by a faculty committee. These faculty inspire their colleagues, serve others, contribute to the knowledge base and have a deep passion for their work.

2020    Ken Brown
2019    Charles Gersbach
2018    Steve Cummer
2017    Guillermo Sapiro
2016    Jungsang Kim
2015    Jeffrey T. Glass
2014    Nenad Bursac
2013    Stefano Curtarolo
2012    Gabriel Lopez
2011    Nimmi Ramanujam
2010    Kam Leong
2009    Mark Wiesner
2008    Piotr Marszalek
2007    David Brady
2006    David Smith
2005    Ashutosh Chilkoti
2004    Karl G. Linden
2003    Ashutosh Chilkoti
2002    Lawrence Carin
2001    Lori Setton

Lois and John L. Imhoff Distinguished Teaching Award

Given to a member of the faculty in recognition of superior dedication to undergraduate teaching—nominated by the engineering students and selected by a faculty committee.

2020    Joel Collier
2019    Ann Saterbak
2018    Kathy Nightingale
2017    Mark Palmeri
2016    Roger W. Nightingale
2015    Charles S. Wallace Jr.
2014    Elizabeth Bucholz
2013    Lisa Huettel
2012    Mark Palmeri
2011    Daniel Sorin
2010    Robert Malkin
2009    Brian Mann
2008    Benjamin Yellen
2007    Joseph Nadeau
2006    John Board
2005    Laurence N. Bohs

Capers and Marion McDonald Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research

Recognizes the career achievements of an individual, while honoring all engineering faculty, who through excellence in teaching and research have challenged and nurtured students and contributed to growing humanity's knowledge.

2020    Aaron Franklin
2019    Sina Farsiu
2018    Warren Grill
2017    Fan Yuan
2016    Jennifer L. West
2015    Kathryn R. Nightingale
2014    Lori Setton
2013    Charles Gersbach
2012    Stefan Zauscher
2011    Gregg Trahey
2010    David Katz
2009    Steve Cummer
2008    Warren Grill
2007    Earl Dowell
2006    Adam Wax
2005    Leslie M. Collins

Capers and Marion McDonald Award for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising

Recognizes an individual, while honoring all members of our Duke Engineering community, who through excellence in mentoring and advising have nurtured and guided students and colleagues, thereby helping build a better future.

2020    Rebecca Simmons
2019    Gregg E. Trahey
2018    Marcus Henderson
2017    Marc Sommer
2016    Claudia K. Gunsch
2015    Jenny Sloop Johnson
2014    Charles Parker
2013    LaTondra Murray
2012    Bridget Fletcher
2011    Devendra Garg
2010    Krishnendu Chakrabarty
2009    Pei Zhong
2008    Joseph Izatt
2007    George Truskey
2006    Linda Franzoni and David Schaad
2005    Michael R. Gustafson II

Dean’s Award for Leadership in Program and Operational Excellence

Given to a faculty member or staff leader who excels in managing and enhancing programs that impact the Duke Engineering community. Considerations for the award include operational excellence, responsiveness to program participants and continuous improvement through the integration of new tools and process innovations.

2020   Patrick McGuire
2019   Crystal Chapman
2018   Amy Kostrewa
2017   Lauren Stulgis
2016   Deborah Fraze
2015   Minnie Glymph
2014   Mark Walters
2013   Rebecca Dupre