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Alumni-Student Mentorship Program

Make a positive impact on the career path of a Duke Engineering student

Alumni mentors help students set up for success after graduation.

The Pratt Alumni-Student Mentorship Program was developed by the Engineering Alumni Council to:

  • Connect current students with alumni working in their fields of interest
  • Help students build professional skills and networks
  • Re-connect alumni to the Pratt School of Engineering

Become a Mentor

Caleb Duncanson, 2012 graduate of Duke University“Being able to help students has been incredibly life-giving to me. I am glad that I can use the lessons of some of my successes and more importantly, my failures, to help them get ready for lives outside of Duke. I look forward to seeing how far they will go!”

Caleb Duncanson | Class of 2012

Program Summary

The mentorship process is structured but flexible. It allows for progressive development of the mentor-mentee relationship.

We recommend that students and alumni communicate at least once every other month (e.g., email, phone/video call, whatever's easiest for the pair), but alumni should be available to provide more frequent guidance as needed. Engagement can range from scheduled video chats to email check-ins to quick phone calls that address one-off questions.

The EAC strives to bring students and alumni together to benefit the Pratt community as a whole. Amid the chaos and difficulty of the past year, and uncertainty of the next, we believe that dedicating time and conversation is the best form of giving back.


The mentoring program runs each academic year from December through the end of the spring semester. Students initiate the first communication.

Throughout the academic year, the EAC communicates with mentor/mentee participants to share pairing information, program guidelines, check-in reminders and requests for feedback as the year wraps up.

Student mentees will:

  • Participate in at least three sessions with your mentor
  • Use clear, concise, and responsive communication with your mentor
  • Maintain a professional relationship with your mentor
  • Appropriately represent the Pratt School of Engineering and Duke University

Alumni mentors will:

  • Participate in at least three sessions with your mentee
  • Be a role model and provide acceptance, encouragement, and moral support
  • Share career and job experience while highlighting important industry and sector trends
  • Facilitate professional development and encourage your mentee to seek appropriate knowledge and resources

Contact and Apply

If you have questions, feel free to email the EAC at or Pam Hanson at

If you're ready to become a mentor, complete a quick online application »