A dashboard view from a vehicle taking measurements of certain types of pollutants during rush hour in Atlanta

July 21, 2017

Rush Hour Pollution May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

In-car measurements of pollutants that cause oxidative stress found exposure levels for drivers to be twice as high as previously believed.

January 01, 2007

Pratt Research

Harnessing Fat to Attack Cancer Scientists at Duke University Medical Center and Duke's Pratt School of Engineering have harnessed the much maligned fat particle to serve a higher purpose: battling human cancers. The researchers have engineered microscopic fat bubbles into "smart bombs" by packing [...]

January 01, 2007

Immigrants Found One in Four Engineering and Technology Startups

Immigrant entrepreneurs founded 25.3 percent of the U.S. engineering and technology companies established in the past decade, according to a new study from Duke University. What's more, foreign nationals -- those living in the United States who are not citizens -- contributed to an estimated 24.2 [...]

January 01, 2007

Pratt People

William L. Smith is Pratt’s new human resources and payroll coordinator. He succeeds Sue Hicks, who moved to the Law School. Smith worked previously at the Duke Medical Center’s Human Vaccine Institute, where he was human resources manager. Ronald Jaszczak, professor of radiology and BME, received [...]

January 01, 2007

Invisibility Cloak Named One of Science’s Top Breakthroughs of 2006

An "invisibility cloak" designed and tested by Duke University engineers was named one of Science magazine's top 10 breakthroughs of 2006. Science’s Top Ten list appears in the journal’s Dec. 22, 2006, issue. The cloak, which the magazine refers to as "the ultimate camouflage," deflects microwave [...]

January 01, 2007

Internship at GE Launched Aviation Career for Wendy Young

Mechanical engineering and materials science major Wendy Young started her senior year with a job in hand. After graduation, she will start on a career in aircraft design and testing as an Edison Scholar at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio.

January 01, 2007

BME Students Built $40 Insulin Pump, Handsfree Computer Mouse

Biomedical engineering students in BME 264, the biomedical instrumentation course taught by Associate Professor Patrick Wolf, capped off another semester with poster presentations of their inventions on Dec. 12. Kelly Fitzgerald and Patrick Parish presented a $40 insulin pump. By stripping the pump [...]

January 01, 2007

Taylor Mingos: As Founder of, Grad Starts a "Consumer Revolution"

Graduation Year: 2007 Degree at Duke: Bachelor of Science As an undergraduate, Taylor Mingos ('07) was the first student at the Pratt School of Engineering to officially participate in the Duke-in-Berlin program's special engineering option, in which students take an intensive year of German and [...]

December 01, 2006

Invisibility Cloak Lands Duke Engineers on ‘Scientific American 50′

Two researchers at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering have been named to the "Scientific American 50" for their work on developing an "invisibility cloak." Compiled by Scientific American magazine, the roster of leaders in research, business and public policy appeared in the December [...]

October 19, 2006

First Demonstration of a Working Invisibility Cloak

A team led by scientists at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering has demonstrated the first working "invisibility cloak." The cloak deflects microwave beams so they flow around a "hidden" object inside with little distortion, making it appear almost as if nothing were there at all.