The mission of the Pratt School of Engineering is to provide a rigorous engineering education for our students, enabling them to lead productive, rewarding, and ethical lives for the betterment of society. Our aspiration is for Pratt students and faculty to be catalysts for generating and integrating knowledge across the disciplines in order to address complex issues facing a global society.  We are committed to upholding Duke’s Guiding Principles of trustworthiness, respect, diversity, learning and teamwork.

Education goal:

Prepare Duke engineering graduates to be leaders and innovators in the 21st Century workforce who use knowledge in the service of society.

Research goal:

Engage in leading edge research that involves fundamental discoveries applied to the grand challenges of our time.

Our path forward:

  • Provide an undergraduate curriculum that fosters the joy of discovery and experiential learning in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Provide a rich learning environment where students and faculty engage in life-long learning side by side.
  • Focus our research on solving important problems that require the collective and coherent action of a diverse and technically savvy team.
  • Leverage the great professional schools that surround us at Duke to address multidisciplinary research and educational opportunities.
  • Develop our staff to be valued partners in our educational and research missions.