Student Group Funding Guidelines

1. The Student Projects Committee of the Duke Engineering Alumni Council is responsible for selectively determining and providing funding for student projects and activities at the Pratt School of Engineering. These funds are obtained through dues paid by alumni members of the Duke Engineering Alumni Association. With respect to the funding criteria, the Student Projects Committee has several guidelines for determining funding eligibility:

  • Only extracurricular projects and activities will be considered.
  • The project/activity should preferably be directed to hands-on applied engineering endeavors, though projects/activities directed to the promotion of engineering for the tangible benefit of the Pratt School of Engineering (visibility, awareness, or goodwill within the community) will also be considered.
  • The project/activity should preferably involve more than one student from the Pratt School of Engineering and should be directed to endeavors in or about the Pratt School of Engineering.
  • The project/activity should preferably extend in duration for more than one academic year, such that future classes of students involved in that group may also participate in the project, though consideration will also be given to projects/activities of finite duration.
  • Additional sources should preferably be identified to fund a portion of the project/activity, though consideration will be given to new projects/activities that have not yet secured additional funding.

2. Student groups determined to meet the above eligibility criteria will be asked to present their project proposal at the November meeting of the Engineering Alumni Council. Presentations must be made by student members of the group, preferably including both underclassmen and upperclassmen. The content of this presentation should include:

  • If the student group was previously funded by the EAC, a brief report on the expenditure of such funds and the progress/results of the project for the funded period.
  • A project plan, including timeline, for the proposed project/activity. Please also include interim milestones or reportable events that can be shared during the year to show project progress, and describe how those can be shared with the EAC and alumni (demonstrations, social media, etc.).
  • A detailed budget/funding request including a justifiable total amount requested from the EAC.
  • Details of any required one-time capital expenditure (i.e., special equipment needed for the project/activity) for the funded period.
  • Details regarding other sources of funding being pursued for the funded period.
  • A demographic snapshot of the group membership for the funded period, highlighting class and major. (A more detailed list, also including member names and contact info will be provided to the EAC prior to release of any approved funding).
  • The names of two (2) members of the group selected to serve as representatives to the EAC (at least one of these members will be an underclassman so as to promote continuity from year to year).

The presentation is intended to be professional. Please dress accordingly.

3. The EAC only has a limited amount of funds to allocate between the student groups, and again emphasizes that these funds are obtained through dues paid by alumni members of the Duke Engineering Alumni Association. Accordingly, the EAC has implemented certain accountability guidelines for funded student groups. If the EAC allots funding to a student group, that student group agrees that:

  • Members of the group for the funded period will be encouraged to attend and participate in at least one (1) session of the Pratt Phone-a-thon (the funding consideration given to the group by the EAC will be affected by the percentage of group members participating in the Phone-a-thon).
  • A brochure and acknowledgement letter will be prepared by the funded group for distribution to donors making a dedicated contribution to that group.
  • A display will be prepared for, and at least one group representative will attend, both the Engineering Alumni Banquet and Parent’s Weekend.
  • A written report will be prepared and submitted to the EAC following conclusion of the project or phase thereof for the funded period.  The report should be in a format suitable for submission for publication in the DukEngineer magazine.
  • Graduating members of the funded group will be encouraged to, and should commit to, become dues-paying members of the Duke Engineering Alumni Association upon graduation since such dues form the primary funding source for student projects.
  • If a website for the group exists, it must be updated in a timely manner. The homepage should contain information of general interest to alumni and outside groups. Information on future plans and recent accomplishments should be easy to find.