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Schedule Correction Period

When the Drop/Add period ends, you have one week in which to review your course schedule and make any necessary corrections (for a current list of important dates, see the University academic calendar).

Any withdrawal from a course after Drop/Add ends will result in the assignment of a grade of W to the course in question. After the correction period ends you may no longer add a course for any reason. 

It is therefore critical that you review your course schedule carefully every semester at the end of drop/add to be sure you are actually enrolled in the courses you're attending.

Note: You may not add a course during the Schedule Correction Period that you did not attend before the end of drop/add.

If you have been attending a course since before the end of drop/add, and it does not appear on your schedule, you must obtain written permission and confirmation of the dates on which you've attended from the instructor. You must then take this written material to your Academic Dean.

If you have not attended a course since the end of drop/add, but it does appear on your schedule, see Academic Deans immediately. Failure to withdraw may result in a failing grade.

Last updated: June 22, 2012