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Repeating a Course

You cannot repeat a course in which you earned a grade of C- or better. An engineering student who has earned a grade of D-, D, or D+ in a required mathematics, science or a required engineering course, may with permission of his or her adviser, director of undergraduate studies, and academic dean, repeat the course. To do this, you'll need to fill out a course repeat request form (PDF). The form needs to be approved and signed by your Academic Dean.

If you repeat the course, both grades will appear on your transcript and both will be calculated into your grade point average. Only one will count toward the 34 courses/credits required for graduation and for the fulfillment of continuation requirements.

Repeating a course may be warranted when it is part of a sequence of courses in a discipline of importance to your academic future. Repeating the course may be particularly important if much of the course material was beyond your comprehension and there are serious gaps in your knowledge, Experience suggests that progressing uninterrupted to the next level when your background in a subject is weak will often lead to a repetition of the original difficulties, compounded by the weak foundation from the first semester. You would probably do better to repeat the course with the help of a tutor or other support from the Academic Resource Center before going on to the next level in the subject.

If you have no compelling need to repeat a course, there may be no advantage to doing so. It may be better to take other course work in which you are more interested and experienced and are more likely to meet with success.

Last updated: August 24, 2007