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Students who withdraw from Pratt for voluntary or involuntary reasons and wish to return must complete an application for readmission. The readmision process is managed by the Office of Student Returns.  After all the readmissions materials have been filed, the candidate's application will be referred to a Committee on Readmissions consisting of academic deans.  The Committee will review the application and make a decision based on its merits.  If the candidate is readmitted, registration information will be forwarded once it is confirmed that the bursar's account is clear.

For information about readmission and the application materials you will need to complete, please consult the Office of Student Returns.  Your application must be submitted by the deadline for the semester for which you are applying for readmission.  The schedule of deadlines is as follows:





     June 1

     July 1


     October 1

     November 1

Summer I & II    

     March 1

     April 1

The application should be submitted no earlier than one month prior to the deadline for which you are applying.  An earlier application will not be accepted.  The Committee on Readmission does not review applications until the deadline has passed. 

All supporting documents should be received by the deadine in the Office of Student Returns, but by all means no later than two weeks after the deadline.  It is your responsibility to be sure the application is complete and to monitor the process of completing it.  If your application is incomplete at the deadline, you will be notified.  Only complete applications will be reviewed by the Committee on Readmission. 


Last updated: March 5, 2013