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Inter-Institutional Courses

You can sign up for one course at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, NC State University, or NC Central University each semester through an inter-institutional agreement that exists among these institutions. You can only take a course through the inter-institutional agreement if it is not being offered at Duke during the same calendar year. Grades for inter-institutional courses will appear on your transcript and will be factored into your grade point average. The courses themselves may count toward Areas of Knowledge, but not Inquiries or Competencies under the Curriculum. In Pratt, such courses may count towards the major. Information on inter-institutional courses can be found at the Registrar's Web site.

Fill out an inter-institutional approval form (PDF, 22KB) and have it approved and signed by the Duke Director of Undergraduate Studies in the department in which the course would fall. Then have the form signed by an Academic Dean.

Last updated: August 24, 2007