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Graduating Early

Duke undergraduates are expected to complete their degrees in eight semesters. However, some students wish to shorten or extend their studies at Duke.

If you are contemplating this, you should discuss your intended plans with your dean to be sure that you fully understand and can complete all graduation requirements, and to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision. Although you may have a keen desire now to finish early for personal or economic reasons, you may feel differently after another semester or two. Also consider that your time at Duke is a special opportunity where you can engage freely and intensely in courses, study away, participate in research, and enroll in graduate-level courses as an undergraduate.  If you intend to go on to a professional school, note that such schools generally prefer more mature and experienced applicants.

Once you are absolutely sure of an early graduation, you can obtain an "Undergraduate Graduation Date Change Form" from your dean. Fill it out, have it signed by your dean, and your dean will notify the registrar and have your anticipated graduation date changed. Be careful in changing your graduation date. If you later change your mind, your registration enrollment period will be moved back to the last enrollment window.

Last updated: June 10, 2016