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Athletic Participation, Notification of (NOVAP)

The Pratt class attendance and missed work policy recognizes the fact that varsity athletes will be unable to attend classes when they are officially representing the university in varsity athletic competitions away from campus. For this reason, varsity athletes are given a letter from the Athletic Department at the beginning of each semester to give to each of their instructors, notifying them that they are varsity athletes. This letter, signed by the Dean of Trinity College and by Brad Berndt, Senior Associate Athletics Director, is accompanied by a schedule of that semester's varsity athletic competitions.

In addition, varsity athletes are expected to notify their instructors in whose courses they will be missing academic work before each absence from class due to athletic participation. To do this, varsity athletes are to complete and submit the following online form: NOTIFICATION OF VARSITY ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION.

Because athletic absences are pre-scheduled events, student-athletes are expected to submit a form no later than one week prior to their participation in each varsity athletic competition out of town.

As in the case of Short-term illness notifications, student-athletes must electronically sign the NOVAP form, indicating that they are acting in accordance with the Duke Community Standard.

After the completed NOVAP form has been submitted, the instructor will receive e-mailed notification, with copies sent also to the student and to the student's academic dean.

Note: Use of the NOVAP procedure is monitored and faculty are advised to bring to the attention of a student's academic dean any instances in which the instructor believes the student may be abusing the procedure. In cases of suspected abuse of the system, the dean may refer the matter to the Undergraduate Judicial Board for investigation.

A note about the final exam period: Given the time limitations inherent in completing end-of-semester assignments or making up a missed final exam, this procedure cannot be used during the final exam period. You are expected to take final examinations at the scheduled times and to complete end-of-semester work by the deadlines set by the instructor unless an extraordinary circumstance interferes. If you encounter an extraordinary circumstance during exam week, contact your Academic Dean directly as soon as possible, preferably before the scheduled assignment or exam

Added: January 3, 2019