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Final Exam, Absence From

Students are expected to take final examinations at the scheduled times unless an extraordinary circumstance interferes.  Given the time limitations inherent in making up a missed final exam, absence from a final exam is handled differently than a short-term or long-term illness.  The Incapacitation Form is turned off during the final exam period, therefore, if you are unable to take a final exam as scheduled, you must contact your academic dean as soon as possible.  This should preferably be done before the scheduled final exam, but no more than within 48 hours of missing the final exam.  If this time period covers a weekend, you should call and leave a voice mail message for your dean or send an e-mail explaining that you missed a final exam and providing an explanation, ASAP. You should then personally call the dean's office on the next workday (919-660-5996) to be sure your message was received and to arrange for an appointment if appropriate. Be prepared to provide documentation of illness, death or other emergency.

If for any reason you fail to take the final exam in a course, the instructor will record a grade of "X," which means "absence from a final exam." Within 48 hours of the recording of an "X" grade, you must present an explanation and documentation of your illness or injury that caused your absence to your academic dean. If you do not, or if the Dean does not approve your absence, the "X" grade will automatically convert to an "F".  If your dean excuses your absence, your instructor will be notified and you must make arrangements with the instructor to make up the exam. You will generally have until the end of the fifth week of the next semester (at the latest) to clear the "X" by completing the final exam.  There are circumstances when an X grade must be completed prior to the next semester, and your academic dean will confirm the applicable date for your situation. 

An "X" grade will be excused if there is an extraordinary reason for the absence, generally a reason beyond your control. This might include a sudden illness requiring a visit to an emergency room or physician, or a death in the family. End-of-semester travel plans or weddings are not acceptable grounds for missing a final exam. An "X" will also not be excused if you have a history of excessive absences or a failure to complete course work in a timely fashion. If you were already failing a course before missing the final exam, the instructor will submit an "F" grade rather than an "X" grade.

NOTE:  a shorter period applies when Semester Continuation Requirements are involved (see discussion under "incomplete course work"), or if required by the instructor. Failure to complete the final exam in a course by the deadline will result in the assignment of a final course grade of "F."


Last updated: April 25, 2022