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Pre-Major Advising

Once you have been admitted to the Pratt School of Engineering, our academic deans will assign a faculty member to act as your adviser based on the engineering major you initially identify. This faculty member will have primary responsibility for advising you. Please read Pratt's Advising Procedure.

First Explore, Then Declare a Major

We encourage new undergraduates to use their first year as a chance to explore and investigate each of our engineering departments in order to “try on” different career possibilities and see what suits them best. Therefore, our faculty is committed to nurturing student development. Learn more about the courses a first-year engineering student takes.

By the end of the sophomore year, all engineering students must formally declare a major.

Note well: Because of the large number of biomedical engineering students, the BME Department does not provide faculty advising during the freshman year. This does not put BME students at a disadvantage because there is little differentiation in first-year engineering course loads between the different engineering majors. BME freshman will still have a non-BME faculty adviser until BME is declared as the major after the first year.

Academic Deans Are Here to Help

Academic deans have the responsibility for monitoring your academic progress, articulating and enforcing the academic rules and regulations of the Pratt School and assisting you when you have academic questions or concerns.

They also:

  • Review your midterm and end-of-term grades and assist you in devising strategies for improvement if necessary
  • Determine whether you meet continuation requirements
  • Place you on academic probation or withdrawal if warranted
  • Notify you of scholastic honors
  • Help you resolve problems with classes
  • Approve requests for a leave of absence
  • Process forms for transfer credits from other institutions
  • Advise you of policies, regulations, and resources
  • Notify faculty if you are unable to attend class or turn in assignments because of emergencies
  • Evaluate petitions to withdraw from a course
  • Approve requests for an Incomplete "I" grade at the end of the semester
  • Authorize absence from a final examination

Read Pratt’s Policies and Procedures to find out more about how to work with the academic deans.