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Shami Chideya

Shami Chideya

Chair, MEMS

Year: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Spanish

How I've made the most of my Duke experience...

The best aspects of my Duke experience has always involved the people I've met. Duke is the best place to meet a diverse array of people if you allow it to be. I've been able to share my passions, learn from others, and give back in so many ways. Ask questions, be curious about the world around you, and don't be wary of trying out new experiences!

Where I see myself after Duke...

Honestly, I'm not sure yet (and that's okay!). I do know that I want to be heavily involved in product design and advocating for diversity within STEM. Where that takes me, I'm not sure!

How I like to spend my free time...

In my downtime I enjoy spending time with my friends, trying out new foods, or coming up with some excuse to explore a new place. I love the arts, so you'll probably find me playing or listening to music at any given moment. This year you'll definitely find me in the Co-Lab more for 3D printing!

My favorite class(es) at Duke...

EGR 121 with Rebecca Simmons! I recommend everyone take a class with her and take the time to know her. Also get to know Pat McGuire, the lab supervisor, as well! If there's anything you need, Pat always knows exactly where to find it.

Resources I love to use at Duke...

The Co-Lab Roots program has introduced me to some great concepts (and people) in STEM I otherwise wouldn't have known about!
The Academic Resource Center (ARC) helped me develop better self-discipline surrounding my work-life balance. Everyone there is incredibly supportive and welcoming. My advisor, Nico Hotz, has been one of my best sources of support since freshman year. Keep in touch with your advisor outside of mandatory meetings!

Co-Curricular/Engagement Experiences...

  • The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
  • Duke Amandla Chorus
  • DukeAFRICA
  • Duke Engage - Kaihura, Uganda
  • Research