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Natalie Wilkinson

Natalie Wilkinson

Lead Chair, BME

Year: Senior

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Minor: Chemistry


How I've made the most of my Duke experience...

I have tried to maximize my Duke experience by challenging myself and exploring my varied interests through extracurricular and research opportunities. Additionally, it has been extremely valuable to connect with professors and to get advice from them outside the classroom. Duke has so many opportunities for students, and it can be overwhelming to determine which path best aligns with your interests. However, I have found that pursuing extracurricular and academic interests and engaging with other students and professors has made my navigation through Duke significantly easier because it has exposed me to many resources that support my academic and career development. Ultimately, these experiences and interactions have allowed me to determine what I am most passionate about so that I can capitalize on those interests through the plethora of Duke opportunities. Therefore, while you might not know exactly which path to take when you start out at Duke, by making connections and taking advantage of the opportunities that align with your interests, you will begin paving yourself a path for success!

Where I see myself after Duke...

I can see myself combining my interest in medical device design and medicine after Duke. I am a pre-med student, and thus I am pursuing medical school where I hope to continually incorporate medical device design in a clinical setting. However, I am also open to opportunities in the medical device design space working with patients and physicians.

How I like to spend my free time...

In my free time, you can find me playing goalkeeper in soccer. I also enjoy spending time with friends (and my dogs), cooking, and reading—I recommend the book Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates!

My favorite class(es) at Duke...

  • Neuro101- Biological Basis of Behavior
  • BME230- Global Women's Health Technology
  • BME290- Biomaterials
  • BME301- Bioelectricity
  • BME473- Medical Device Design

Resources I love to use at Duke...

  • Upperclassmen
  • Professors
  • Office Hours
  • Deans and Academic Advisors
  • Career Center

Co-Curricular/Engagement Experiences...

  • BME Design Fellow
  • Bass Connections: Exercise and Alzheimer's
  • Duke Hospital and DNRC Volunteer
  • Duke Women's Club Soccer Team Captain
  • Senior Giving Challenge Committee
  • Society of Women in Engineering
  • Make-A-Wish Wish Granter
  • Duke Women's Varsity practice player (2018)
  • Gamma Phi Beta: Member and Wellness Coordinator
  • House Council Representative
  • Project Build (2017)