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For Current Undergraduate Students

The First Year
Details about our Signature Undergraduate Experience.

First-year advising, pre-major advising, and other tips.

Pratt Fellows
Pratt fellows participate in intensive research with faculty mentors.

Grand Challenge Scholars
Information about becoming an NAE Grand Challenge Scholar.

Research and Independent Study
There are lots of options for conducting research as an undergrad.

Student Groups
A list of engineering groups and societies.

How to find one, when to look, and more...

Student Entrepreneurship
Explore all the ways Duke supports students in entrepreneurship.

Graduation with Departmental Distinction
A senior thesis project offered by all departments.

Policies and Procedures
Comprehensive information for Pratt undergrads.

Degree Programs

BSE Degree
Departments, majors, double majors, and minors.

General BSE Requirements
A brief overview of the big picture.

Options offered by all departments.

4+1: BSE + Master's
Just for Pratt students, get your master's in one extra year.

Other Quick Links

Registrar's Office
DukeHub, academic calendar, university bulletins, transcripts

Academic Resource Center
Study skills, learning style analysis, advising and more.

Counseling and Health Services
Visit CAPS for counseling and Student Health Services for other medical concerns.

Duke Learning Innovation

Directors of Academic Engagement
Directors of Academic Engagement work with you to clarify your academic goals and connect you to opportunities for academic exploration within and beyond the traditional classroom.