Aravind Asokan

Surgery, Surgical Sciences

Professor in Surgery

Aravind Asokan Profile Photo
Aravind Asokan Profile Photo

Research Interests

RNA Biology
Viral Engineering
RNA Engineering
Gene Therapy
Gene Editing
Gene Regulation
Regenerative Medicine


Synthetic Virology & Gene Therapy


  • Ph.D. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, 2004


  • Professor in Surgery
  • Director of Gene Therapy
  • Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
  • Affiliate of the Duke Regeneration Center

Courses Taught

  • BME 493: Projects in Biomedical Engineering (GE)
  • BME 494: Projects in Biomedical Engineering (GE)
  • BME 791: Graduate Independent Study
  • MGM 293: Research Independent Study I
  • MGM 593: Research Independent Study