Supporting Every Stage of the Duke Engineering Experience

4/18/24 Pratt School of Engineering

After two years working with alumni and parents, Tarina Argese is moving into a new role as director of undergraduate student affairs

Tarina Argese
Supporting Every Stage of the Duke Engineering Experience

Tarina Argese recently began a new role at Duke Engineering as the director for undergraduate student affairs. Having been a member of the school’s development team for two years, she has always been drawn to education.

Argese studied education with a minor in Spanish at SUNY Oswego’s historic lakeside campus about an hour’s drive northwest of Syracuse. She stayed in Central New York to teach Spanish while also getting her master’s degree in technology education from Grand Canyon University. She then taught Spanish in Syracuse for many years before moving to North Carolina, where she continued her teaching career.

Coming from New York, Argese and her family were overwhelmed with the number of options of schools to cheer for—UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State University and Duke, which would eventually become her new home.

“We always found ourselves encouraging Duke and coming to campus to explore,” Argese said. “We started by attending Duke lacrosse and softball games, so it has always been a place that I’ve been very drawn to.”

I’m proud that I’ve developed into a place where I can now pivot and provide support to the school’s educational goals and mission.

Tarina Argese Director for Undergraduate Student Affairs

Embarking on a new career path, Argese decided to bring her teaching skills to a development position at the Pratt School of Engineering.

On the development team, she worked to enhance alumni support and engagement, support fundraising efforts, provide administrative support, help connect non-alumni parents to the school, steward donor relationships, plan events such as the Board of Visitors meetings, and collaborate with engineering and university partners. While excited to start her new role, Argese will miss the team.

“They are such a wonderful group to work and collaborate with, and I am very lucky to have learned so much from them,” Argese said. “I’m proud that I’ve developed into a place where I can now pivot and provide support to the school’s educational goals and mission.”

Argese’s passion for the student experience inspired her to move to her new position. She enjoys working with students and helping them navigate educational experiences while supporting the next generation of Duke engineers.

“I think students are full of energy and great ideas, and they have a lot of insight,” she said. “I’m excited to help them prepare for their future and put them in a position where they’re set up to succeed.”

Argese looks forward to learning about the student experience from an undergraduate perspective, as on the development team, she primarily worked with alumni and friends of the university. She wants students to know that she will be a helpful resource for them throughout their time at Duke.

Among Argese’s goals are serving as an advocate for engineering students within the university administration, addressing student concerns and ensuring that students have a voice in decision-making processes. She also hopes to help student group leaders navigate procedures regarding group structure, planning, programs and budgeting. Overall, Argese wants to enhance the Duke Engineering student experience.

The Undergraduate Experience

Design from Day 1. 360-degree advising. Authentic research experiences with faculty. Duke’s undergrad program isn’t just a curriculum. It’s an experience.

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