2023 Wrapped

12/19/23 Pratt School of Engineering

AI screening for autism, military innovations, protective tire tech, alumni in space—Duke Engineering has had a busy year. See how our journey spans beyond traditional boundaries, embracing unexpected partnerships and a people-first approach to harness engineering for societal good.

Pratt Replay 2023
2023 Wrapped

Top Stories

Dive into our top 10 stories from this past year and see the incredible impact of our collective efforts.

10/16/23 I/O Magazine

It’s Easier Being Green

How a collaboration spanning departments and institutions brought clarity to the mystery of glassfrog transparency.

a student built-robot shaped like a T. Rex dances at Duke University
4/25/23 Pratt School of Engineering

Engineering an Engaging Curriculum in Robotics

Three new courses teach students the fundamentals of robotic coding, challenge students to build a walking robot and make students think about the ethics of the