Rate of Change Podcast Introduction

8/28 Podcast

Rate of Change is a new podcast from Duke Engineering, dedicated to the ingenious ways that engineers are solving society's toughest problems.

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Rate of Change Podcast Introduction


Mike Bergin: Currently, we know very little about air pollution’s overall impact on solar energy production.

David Katz: The HIV virus was starting to take its toll in the United States.

Cynthia Rudin: There’s sort of a widespread belief that because a model is a black box, it’s more accurate.

Nenad Bursac: We are making a regenerative—or, trying to make self-healing muscle from human tissues.

Po-Chun Hsu: What if we put our effort into textiles– how much could we achieve?

M. Volborth: Air pollution, HIV transmission, black box algorithms, engineered tissue and smarter textiles. We’re discussing them all in season one of Rate of Change, a new podcast from Duke Engineering. Visit pratt.duke.edu/podcast.