MEDx Announces COVID-19 Pilot Project Awardees

7/31/20 Pratt School of Engineering

Grants were awarded to 4 projects, enabling interdisciplinary research to aid in the global fight against COVID-19

MEDx Announces COVID-19 Pilot Project Awardees

As COVID-19 cases started to climb in the United States, researchers from Duke’s schools of medicine and engineering began searching for solutions to problems felt or anticipated on local, national and global scales. 

MEDx quickly opened a special call for proposals, accepted on a rolling basis, to enable interdisciplinary research that would aid in the fight against COVID-19. To be considered, projects had to involve research that could only be conducted during the pandemic or support development of technologies that could benefit COVID-19 patients or Duke’s return-to-campus efforts. MEDx awarded grants to four projects.

MEDx (Medicine + Engineering at Duke) works to enhance existing ties and foster new interdisciplinary collaborations between Duke’s School of Medicine and Pratt School of Engineering.


SARS-CoV-2 in Bioaerosols and Risk Assessment

  • Marc Deshusses, PhD—Civil & Environmental Engineering 
  • Greg Gray, MD—Infectious Diseases

Ultra-Sensitive Antigen and Serology Rapid Test for COVID-19

  • Ashutosh Chilkoti, PhD—Biomedical Engineering (BME)
  • Chris Woods, MD—Infectious Diseases

Smart Thermal Tracking to Guide Sanitization of Clinical Surfaces

  • Dan Buckland, MD, PhD—Surgery and Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
  • Patrick Codd, MD—Neurosurgery

CovIdentify: Using Wearable Devices and Smartphones to Detect and Monitor COVID-19

  • Jessilyn Dunn, PhD—BME and Biostatistics & Bioinformatics 
  • Ryan Shaw, PhD—Nursing

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