DukEngineer Magazine 2023

In this issue: Drone-aided research on the high seas, getting Pratt-born products to market, keeping student shops safe and more.

Editor-in-Chief: Talya Jeter E’23

Consulting Editor: Miranda Volborth

Meet the Editors

Talya Jeter (Editor-in-Chief)

Talya Jeter is a senior from Cleveland, Ohio. She is participating in Duke’s 4+1 program and will be getting her master’s in BME next year. Academically, she is interested in health care equity and research in neuroscience. Currently, she’s involved in projects in the Evans Lab and Duke eNable’s neural network team. In her free time, she enjoys gaming and mentoring younger students in STEM.

David Gorman

David Gorman is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering and minoring in economics. His interests lie in the application of engineering to performance vehicles, aligning with his involvement with Duke Motorsports and passion for Ferrari’s Formula 1 team. Outside of engineering, David is a hiker, aspiring wakeboarder, and proud Minnesotan.

Alyssa Ho

Alyssa Ho is a freshman from Los Angeles, California. She is interested in the intersectionality between technology and storytelling through immersive experiences and is pursuing this goal as a Co-Lab XR Developer at Duke’s MPS Lab. Other Duke publications she is a part of are The Chronicle and Margins Magazine. Some hobbies include creative writing, photography, and dance.

Making an Impact

A whale observed from above in the act of bubble net feeding
5/19DukEngineer Magazine

Drones on Boats

How Duke’s MaRRS Lab is innovating marine conservation research

The Duke Engineering Difference

Professor of the Practice of Biomedical Engineering Aaron Kyle discusses design choices with a student in the program’s capstone course.
5/26DukEngineer Magazine

Teaching from the Heart

Through early community outreach, new biomedical engineering faculty member Aaron Kyle aims to instill “STEM identities” in future engineers

a group of people in a room with machines and tables with pizza
5/30DukEngineer Magazine

Building a Safer Shop

Pratt’s student shop staff teach that respect for the shop environment is paramount

Adventures in Extracurriculars


  • Jerome Lynch

    As I write this letter for our annual edition of DukEngineer, it’s an unusually warm and beautiful day on campus. The sidewalks are filled with energetic students excited about finishing their semester projects and getting ready for Spring Break! I couldn’t be happier to see such a swift return of the vibrancy to campus that is the hallmark of a close-knit community passionate about its efforts.

    But while record warmth in February makes for a wonderful afternoon in the moment, it’s also a reminder of the challenges we face ahead. Already we’re facing phenomenal rain events in California while surrounding states simultaneously worry about water availability from the Colorado River. With the impending consequences of climate change looming larger by the day, all of us in engineering are proud to be part of a university that takes our situation so seriously, with Duke having launched its Climate Commitment late last year.

    Climate change touches on most of our school’s research and educational programs—programs that I’m pleased to say continue to evolve to meet the coming demands of addressing this global challenge. Building on the marquee features of our First-Year Design course and capstone design program in each major, we’re contextualizing our undergraduate experience with the societal problems—climate r

    elated and beyond—our students will solve as future engineers. We’re positioning our curriculum to align with the deep purpose our students have coming into campus and providing them with the agency and grit they’ll need to intrepidly tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

    “We’re positioning our curriculum to align with the deep purpose our students have coming into campus and providing them with the agency and grit they’ll need to intrepidly tackle the world’s greatest challenges.”

    Of course, high ideals and aspirations aren’t enough to make an impact on the world’s future. To ensure Duke Engineering does more than give these issues lip service, we’re taking numerous actions with a sense of urgency. We’re teaming with the Nicholas School of the Environment to launch a program called Design Climate, which deploys interdisciplinary teams of students and faculty to create h

    ighly innovative and sustainable climate solutions by working with real-world problems and clients. We’re also pursuing a cluster of new faculty hires in the area of climate change resilience and mitigation, and launching a new Master’s of Engineering degree in Climate and Sustainability Engineering to develop leaders ready to inspire the diverse teams needed to bring about tangible and equitable change.

    All of these exciting new initiatives are mirrored by equally inspiring developments in our other areas of strength as well. Our biomedical engineering programs continue to be a powerhouse of excellence, having recently launched a Medical Technology Design (MedTech) Master’s Degree and Certificate program, building on our highly successful classes that put engineers directly into clinical spaces to discover areas of need and design, prototype and potentially commercialize solutions. In downtown Durham, the Duke Quantum Center continues to grow and not only push the boundaries of the next wave of computing technology but develop the talented students who will form the basis of the nascent industry’s workforce. We’ve also recently launched the $26 million, NSF-funded “PreMiEr” Research Center, focused on understanding and engineering the microbiomes in our homes, workspaces and other built environments to improve human health. And our faculty ranks continue to grow with new talent and diverse ideas, thanks in part to the Duke Science and Technology Initiative, which helped bring five incredible women to Duke Engineering’s faculty in the past year alone.

    And as one of the gatekeepers to these burgeoning programs and opportunities, we’re striving to be ever mindful of who gets access to this playing field. We remain committed to increasing diversity in the broadest sense, including talented people with different perspectives on life experiences along with identity. Only with a wide array of viewpoints can we bring more vitality to the solutions we pursue.

    Within the pages of this student-written magazine, I believe you’ll see the signs that all of these efforts are making a huge difference in positioning Duke En

    gineering to tackle any challenge that lies ahead. It’s in the writing on the walls, so to speak. I’m continually impressed by the aspirations and successes of our students, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

    Jerome P. Lynch, PhD, F.EMI
    Vinik Dean of Engineering
    Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Jack RhodesI first joined Pratt’s Engineering Student Government (ESG) in my second month at Duke—September 2020—in the midst of a year in which ESG had worked to reinvent itself to provide for students virtually. Nearly three years later, I am excited to say that we are reinventing ESG again. We have the renewed opportunity to provide students with programming and advocacy, paired with a new Dean of Engineering and a government comprised of students who never saw what came before, and who are ready to create something new.

    A core tenet of Engineering Student Government is our duty to provide for all students in Pratt, and we are excited to expand our reach in diverse ways. This includes incorporating campus-wide feedback into the decisions we make, promoting our elections across Pratt to ensure each major is represented, and even reaching out to incoming students, providing ESG as a campus resource from the beginning. With this aim, we are excited to be holding this year’s E-Ball with the largest capacity in recent history, allowing more students than ever to attend, based on the feedback we heard in the past. Our reach among students has extended through supporting dozens of student groups, with an emphasis on young engineering organizations that we can help grow. Even if it means running out of food at our E-Socials in a matter of minutes, it has been incredible to see more students than ever taking advantage of our resources and working with us to improve our campus.

    Beyond the numbers, we are working hard to connect engineering students with resources that our campus previously lacked. This includes creating the Majors Fair event with the Dean’s Office, developing a hub for professional resources, and extending ESG’s presence to campus events where we have not been seen previously. We are also bringing the return of recruiting companies to our E-Socials, integrating programming between current and incoming students, providing alumni networking opportunities, and connecting the Academic Deans to students in a casual space. This is all made possible by expanding ESG’s network with new offices across Pratt, including Special Events, Corporate Relations, and Alumni Council. We are excited to meet new individuals across Duke who can allow us to connect students with brand new resources and opportunities.

    “Even if it means running out of food at our E-Socials in a matter of minutes, it has been incredible to see more students than ever taking advantage of our resources and working with us to improve our campus.”

    A third initiative, as we reinvent our campus presence, is going beyond Pratt to see how we can best serve engineering students. This includes new modes of communication with Duke Student Government to understand external campus initiatives that we can extend to Pratt. This initiative encompasses innovations in academic advocacy, approaches to accessibility and sustainability, and improvements to campus life. We have also reignited Duke’s relationship with the National Association of Engineering Student Councils, allowing for the sharing of diverse ideas from campuses across the country.

    I am thrilled with all the progress ESG has made in the past year, and I am excited to lead these initiatives going forward, bringing improved resources to more students than ever before. Enjoying a close relationship with Dean Lynch, Pratt’s administrative offices, and student groups across Duke, we hope to continue our current initiatives while developing brand new ways to serve Pratt. My work as president would be impossible without the consistent hard work of the entire ESG board, and the routine feedback of Pratt students whose voices are heard. I am honored to serve as president, representing so many incredibly capable individuals, and committed to shaping Pratt’s Engineering Student Government as a fundamental campus resource, providing academic advocacy and improvements to the quality of student life in every way we can.

    Jack Rhodes
    ESG President

  • Kaleb KassawThe Engineering Graduate Student Council (EGSC) is continuing our efforts to bring together the Pratt graduate student community, and we’re ready for a new year full of events welcoming old and new faces alike. Graduate school is a tough time, tougher still in these often-challenging times, and we want organizations like ours to be successful in our missions of networking, community involvement and—importantly—having fun.

    I am thankful to past EGSC boards and Pratt administration for their help over the past few years, despite all the challenges during this time. I, now a third-year PhD student, have not known a Duke untouched by the pandemic. I attended a virtual recruitment and experienced two years of mostly virtual events. Determined leaders around Pratt were able to overcome these hard times, and they inspired me to run for positions on EGSC. That said, there’s still work to do to recover from the challenges of 2020 and 2021. We hope to continue rebuilding our partnerships with event spaces, volunteer organizations and community partners, and come out stronger than ever.

    EGSC has long been focused on PhD student engagement, and now we’re taking steps to expand our efforts to benefit the master’s student body, also an essential component of the Pratt community. This year, we’re fortunate to have the support of leaders from both PhD and masters’ programs to host events catered to the entire Pratt graduate student community. Special thanks to Dean Jerome Lynch, Dr. Brad Fox, Dr. Aaron Franklin and many others in Pratt for their efforts. We’re also thankful to our new EGSC masters’ programs representatives, who have stepped up to fill these inaugural roles in impactful ways.

    “We hope to continue rebuilding our partnerships with event spaces, volunteer organizations and community partners, and come out stronger than ever.”

    This year, EGSC has hosted our usual annual events, revived pre-pandemic traditions and tried entirely new things. Pratt Chat, our weekly Friday afternoon social hour, has seen large numbers of graduate students for months. Envisioning the Invisible, our annual photo contest, will once again showcase brilliant photos from the bright minds of the Pratt community. Our Pratt-wide poster session in September was an incredible success. Our professional headshot events gather hundreds of students every semester. Of course, we’re not finished. Watch parties, research presentations, networking opportunities and many more events are on deck for the next several months. Stay tuned!

    Most of all, I want to thank the EGSC Board for their hard work in making this all possible:

    • Eva Kim, Vice President
    • Siddhant Sandeep Bapat, Treasurer
    • Karsten Poulsen, Communications Director
    • Yifei Wang, BME Representative
    • Aaron Appelle, CEE Representative
    • Francesco Luzi, ECE Representative
    • Kaichun Yang, MEMS Representative
    • Joshua Chan, MS Representative
    • Shruthee Sankarlinkam, MEng Representative
    • Dishant Bhatt, MEM Representative

    To the Pratt community: thank you for a great year. I, along with the rest of the EGSC board, look forward to serving you through 2023 and for years to come.

    All the best,
    Kaleb Kassaw
    EGSC President

  • Drew RomesDear Duke Engineering Alumni:

    This past year allowed the Engineering Alumni Council a return to all in-person meetings for the first time in three years. I hope we can all thank the Council for continuing to support the student and alumni experience throughout the past few years of virtual engagement. As a team, we pounced on this reopening with new mentorship programming, increased attention on student engagement, and a return to normal for the Engineering Awards Banquet.

    The EAC’s mentorship program continues to grow — now reaching over 750 students and alumni. This program is continuing to exceed objectives to:

    1. Connect current students with alumni working in their fields of interest,
    2. Help students build professional skills and networks, and
    3. Reconnect alumni to the Pratt School of Engineering

    We looked into new platforms to facilitate even more alumni/student connections, and published the first Pratt Alumni Mentorship Newsletter. Check out these videos for some great real-life feedback from mentors and students about the relationships they’ve developed.

    The EAC is planning to launch another student-focused initiative called “Sherpa Sheets.” In this program, alumni in a local area answer questions about the city in which they live so Pratt students interning in that city over the summer (or moving there following graduation) have a guidebook for affordable places to live, where to bring visiting parents and friends, and other helpful local knowledge. Continuing in this focus on student engagement, the EAC supported Pratt student groups with active coaching to manage group finances, present rationale for future funding, and highlight the value of their group’s purpose. As alumni, we know how important these skills are in our post-graduation life.

    “Thank you to all the Pratt Alumni who help elevate the school, current students, and fellow alumni. Go Duke!”

    On April 21st, we will return to the usual format for the Engineering Awards Banquet to honor this year’s Distinguished Alumnus, Young Alumnus, and Service Award recipients. As in past years, this is a great opportunity to connect with former professors, current students, and fellow alumni. Please join us if your schedule allows or nominate a fellow Pratt alumnus you feel is worthy of one of these awards in the future. Stay on the lookout for further recognition of these awardees through profiles outlining their career accomplishments and connection to Duke in our July newsletter.

    I am honored to take over as EAC President from Tracy Nickelsburg E’88, P’22, P’25. Her leadership of the EAC over the past three years, and of the leaders before her, has established a foundation of programs that enrich experiences for students and alumni alike—thank you! If you are interested in joining the EAC team to help carry these impactful initiatives forward, please reach out to pamela.hanson@duke.edu to get involved—you just might recognize her name from this year’s awards!

    Thank you to all the Pratt Alumni who help elevate the school, current students, and fellow alumni. Go Duke!

    Drew Romes E’02, B’10
    President, Engineering Alumni Council

Alumni & Development News

  • Henry Lynn Howard E’59

    Henry Lynn Howard E’59, of Boynton Beach, Florida (formerly of Roanoke), passed away on August 11, 2022. Henry was born in 1928 in Pulaski County and grew up in southwest Virginia. He worked for Virginia Department of Highways (later VDOT) throughout his career with breaks for time in the Air Force and a degree in Civil Engineering from Duke University. He retired as Assistant District Engineer for the Roanoke district in 1991. While in Roanoke, he was an active member of Grandin Court Baptist Church. Later, he and his wife Rosetta moved to Boynton Beach, Florida for the sun and to be near his sister Conway. Henry passed away from complications of a stroke in 2022. He is predeceased by his wife Elizabeth (his wife of 36 years) and his sister Conway and survived by Rosetta (his wife of 24 years), his son Craig, and 3 grandchildren. He always had a joke for everyone (sometimes even funny). He will be sadly missed by all the family and friends.

    Jan Lee Mize E’60

    Jan Lee Mize E’60, 84, of Johns Creek passed peacefully on August 27, 2022. Jan was born in Americus, Georgia, April 6, 1938, the son of the late Annie Ruth Barton Mize and Hugh Milton Mize. He was preceded in death by his wife, Linda Ruth Greene Mize, brother, Hugh Milton Mize, Jr., and sister, Arthurene Mize Davis. Jan graduated from Americus High School in 1956, and from here he went on to achieve distinction in his life and career. He loved football, and he was an All-State guard his senior year in high school. He received a football scholarship to Duke University, but after an arm injury prevented him from playing, he still attended Duke under an academic scholarship. He graduated in 1960, Summa Cum Laude, with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He was in Phi Beta Kappa and a Rhodes Scholarship Nominee. Accepted into the MBA program at Harvard University, he opted instead to get his Master’s in BA at Emory University in Atlanta, where he could be closer to his second wife, Linda. He graduated with the Most Outstanding MBA Student award. After working at Lockheed Martin (Programmer & Systems Analyst) and IBM, as well as spending time as a 1st Lt. in the US Army, Jan enrolled in the doctorate program at Georgia State University, including a stint at the University of Chicago under renowned economist, Milton Friedman, to become the first person to receive a PhD in Economics from GSU. Jan taught graduate-level classes in economics and statistics, among other subjects, and was an Associate Professor of Decision Sciences. He eventually moved to a job in the Georgia State Information Technology department, where he published his first book, The Essentials of Structured Cobol Programming. He went on to lead the IT department as VP of Information Technology/Director of Computer Center. After partially retiring after 30 years of service, Jan went back to part-time teaching until fully retiring in his late 50’s. He enjoyed football, Duke basketball, traveling, music, tennis, investments, history (WW II, in particular), computers, and spending time with his family. Surviving is his companion, Joyce Espy; his son, Jonathan Lee Mize and his fiancée, Jennifer Jordan; daughter and son-in-law, Jessica Mize Daves and Donnie Daves; grandchildren, Justin Marshall, Joshua Marshall, Devin Daves, Parker Mize, Savannah Lux with husband Scott; great-granddaughter, Evelyn Lux; and nieces and nephews. He is also survived by his loving dachshund, Elke.

  • The Engineering Annual Fund is essential to propel Pratt forward, and its most loyal donors are a pivotal part of that. To highlight and recognize the Annual Fund’s most loyal donors, we have the Cornerstone Society.  Undergraduates who have supported the Annual Fund every year since graduation (or since our computerized records began) are further recognized as lifetime donors. Membership in the Cornerstone Society is renewable annually. Our fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30.

    Listed below are those Engineering Alumni that showed their affinity for the School by supporting the 2021-2022 Annual Fund Campaign. We are most grateful to those who donated to the School because they allowed us to reach 30% participation. Our goal is to reach a 34% participation rate in 2022-2023.  Please don’t let your consecutive giving lapse by missing a year!

    To recognize consecutive giving over the years, we are placing the number of years you have supported the School next to your name. We will update the list each year to continue recognizing our loyal alumni.


    <td class

    1947 Mr. John C. Bullard 1
      Mr. Eugene Wilson Griffin Jr. 14
    Mr. Edward M. Linker
      Mr. Robert L. Milone 3
    1948 Mr. Don G. Virgin 15
    1951 Mr. Charles T. Duttweiler 8
      Dr. Robert E. Fischell 1
      Mr. Wesley H. Shirk Jr. 2
      Mr. Donald Hall Townsend 40
      Mr. Robert L. Van Dyck 4
    1952 Mr. Philip S. McMullan Jr. 16
      Mr. William Davis McRae 31
      Mr. Ralph M. Seeley 40
    1953 Mr. Lincoln D. Kraeuter 20
      Dr. William V. Wright 46
    1954 Mr. Shem K. Blackley Jr. 3
      Mr. Robert M. Brown 34
      Mr. George H. Dawson 43
      Dr. Lewis T. Fitch 33
      Mr. Clayton T. Hardon 7
      Mr. Gene L. James 12
      Mr. Thomas E. Perry II 11
      Mr. Kirvan H. Pierson Jr. 46
    1955 Dr. William A. Baxley 1
      Mr. Edward A. Hamilton 28
      Mr. John E. Larsen 7
      Mr. Paul W. Pritchard 26
      Mr. Charles E. Slater 29
      Colonel David Lloyd Wagner USAF 12
      Mr. Gerard E. Woodbury 43
    1956 Mr. William David Beck Jr. 13
      Mr. Robert Eadie 3
      Mr. George Jones Evans 1
      Mr. William A. Kumpf 28
      Mr. Richard Carlton Lee 14
      Mr. T. Donald Stiegler P.E. 40
    1957 Mr. Edwin John Boothroyd 2
      Mr. Robert C. Clifton 10
      Mr. Lawrence D. Decker 41
      Dr. G. Roy Elmore Jr. 5
      Mr. Ben Milton Frizzell Jr. 19
      Dr. Raymond Eugene Goodson 9
      Dr. William Ed Hammond II 8
      Mr. Donald H. Heim 22
      Mr. Joseph W. Little Jr. 41
      Mr. Thomas F. Lowe 20
      Mr. Donald Franklin Manning 41
      Mr. Richard Arthur McConnell 7
      Mr. William Ellingwood Richardson 10
      Mr. Parvin Masters Russell Jr. 1
      Mr. John David Spanagel 36
    1958 Mr. Jon Calvin Bankert Jr. 23
      Mr. Curtis Edgar Cobb 6
      Mr. Richard L. Goldstein 16
      Mr. John Edward Jenkins Jr. 50
      Dr. Leonidas John Jones II 1
      Mr. David Lyman 5
      Mr. Thomas J. McDermott III 13
      Mr. George Edward Mott III 4
      Dr. Rodney D. Neal 16
      Mr. James Webb Redmond Jr. 18
      Mr. Thomas C. Stapleford 1
      Mr. Gene Lewis VanCuren 27
      Mr. Harold L. Yoh Jr. 39
    1959 Mr. William J. Best 32
      Mr. C. Thomas Biggs 1
      Mr. R. Wiley Bourne Jr. 9
      Mr. Kim C. Cannon 25
      Mr. Anthony W. Clark 30
      Mr. Norman W. Dean 31
      Miss Archie L. Fitzkee 39
      Mr. L. Carl Fletcher Jr. 2
      Mr. Harrison (Huck) Givens III 9
      Mr. H. Richard Kessler 26
      Mr. David Allen Lower 1
      Mr. Robert Bruce McFarland 25
      Mr. Fred Headen McIntyre Jr. 23
      Mr. David A. Page 40
      Mr. Powell S. Smith 2
      Mr. Mebane E. Turner Jr. 24
      Dr. C. Joseph Wine 15
      Dr. Joseph A. Yura 29
    1960 Mr. James N. Barton 50
      Mr. Thomas Russell Bazemore Jr. 3
      Mr. Jon R. Blyth 4
      Mr. Jack B. Bowman Jr. USN 4
      Dr. William F. Chambers 28
      Mr. Roger D. Crum 3
      Mr. Rix A. Dieffenbach 12
      Mr. F. Paul Fischer Jr. 2
      Mr. James R. Grube II 25
      Mr. Howard Palmer Haines 8
      Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hueske 1
      Dr. James Samuel McKnight Ph.D. 36
      Mr. Allyn S. Norton Jr. 1
      Mr. Rudolph Wilhelm Oeben 19
      Mr. George H C Shutt III 29
      Mr. Gerald C. Strickland 43
    1961 Mr. Raymond Livingston Betts, JD 5
      Dr. Ronald E. Busch 29
      Mr. John M. Derrick Jr. 50
      Mr. Carlyn Emil Dinkler 9
      Mr. James J. Ebert 29
      Mr. Thomas Lester Engleby II 1
      Mr. Robert Allen Garda 50
      Mr. Charles F. Gibson 19
      Mr. Larry Bowles Hester 29
      Dr. Joseph M. Hunt III 28
      Mrs. Jan B. Kane 43
      Mr. Tom E. Leib 50
      Mr. Peter Moller 50
      Mr. L. Russell Ranson Jr. 6
      Dr. Gerald Ewing Roberts 38
      Mr. Carl E. Rudiger Jr. 1
      Mr. William H. Wheater 17
    1962 Mr. Louis B. Bresee Jr. 5
      Mr. Robert M. Burch 1
      Dr. Douglas M. Chapin 9
      Mr. David M. Dean Jr. 24
      Mr. Armon Dula 41
      Mr. Thomas Eugene Gallagher 40
      Mr. Richard A. Helwig 11
      Mr. Randall Charles Herring 50
      Mr. Cleveland C. Kern Jr. 44
      Mr. Robert J. Maxson 3
      Dr. William Walter McCutchen Jr. 50
      Mr. John S. Preston 6
      Mr. W. George Roach 1
      Mr. Robert W. Ross 31
      Mr. J. Lee Sammons 38
      Mr. Howard Calvin Shaffer III 4
      Mr. Bernard Morris Stanton Jr. 24
      Mr. William M. Taylor 12
      Mr. Robert M. Turner 3
    1963 Mr. George Robert Bailey Jr. 10
      Mr. Travis C. Broesche 20
      Dr. Leon Couch II 50
      Mr. Don Allen Dettmering 29
      Dr. Richard T. Dewitt 24
      Dr. Robert F. Epps III 42
      Mr. Warner W. Freese 1
      Mr. Charles L. Grossman 44
      Colonel James P. Hamilton 3
      Mr. Robert John Knorr 13
      Mr. William James Lyren 3
      Mr. Steven Leon Matthews 21
      Mr. Eugene C. Menne 32
      Mr. Edwin Harold Mumford 4
      Mr. Sidney Nurkin 16
      Mr. Charles Miller Poel 22
      Mr. Paul Allan Rauschelbach 28
      Mr. Wilfred Joseph Vaudreuil Jr. 46
      Mr. George J. Wisecarver 16
    1964 Mr. Sid E. Atkinson 17
      Mr. Frank H. Bernstein 3
      Mr. Charles R. Bowman 12
      Mr. David A. Coolidge 16
      Dr. Richard Barton Fair 8
      Mr. John R. Gabriel 40
      Mr. Allan R. Haworth 10
      Mr. Robert W. Heyer 3
      Mr. M. Esat Kadaster 1
      Dr. Kenneth Durwood Kennedy Jr. 7
      Mr. Stuart D. Leland 48
      Mr. Richard Clifton Linger 14
      Mr. Michael Nickelsburg 40
      Mr. James F. Rabenhorst 33
      Dr. John H. Roediger 19
      Dr. Robert A. Sewell 5
      Mr. John A. Wanklyn 1
      Mr. Samuel H. Williams Jr. 5
      Mr. Robert R. Wonsidler 9
      Mr. G. Toms Yarger 40
    1965 Dr. Edward F. Baird 13
      Mr. Nathanael Broker 13
      Mr. Paul Frederick Brown Jr. 25
      Mr. Robert C. Campbell 20
      Mr. E. Evans Cayce Jr. 7
      Mr. Douglas Mason Clark 7
      Mr. William F. Cromartie 23
      Mr. Ronald B. Falciani 11
      Mr. Edward W. Fishback Jr. 12
      Mr. Jerry D. Francis 6
      Mr. Richard Andrew Frazer 26
      Mr. Quincy B. Hocutt 12
      Mr. James G. Kaighin 3
      Mr. James R. Mathewson Jr. 17
      Dr. C. Blake McDowell III 26
      Mr. James M. A. Parsley 40
      Mr. William S. Plumer Jr. 7
      Mr. Robert R. Reed 16
      Mr. James R. Scuffham Jr. 11
      Mr. Terry A. Simpson 11
      Mr. Michael Sherman Walsh Jr. 6
      Mr. Richard B. Woods Jr. 40
    1966 Mr. Robert N. Armstrong 13
      Dr. Jeffrey M. Brick 20
      Mr. Charles H. Cruse 17
      Mr. Thomas E. Harrington 6
      Mr. Grady Thomas Helms Jr. 2
      Mr. Henry T. Lyons, Jr. 19
      Mr. Frank A. Manola 36
      Mr. William L. McClenahan 13
      Mr. Roger B. Midura 1
      Ms. Judith Anne Nicholson 18
      Ms. Katherine Cecelia Norris, P.E. 26
      Mr. Larry Randell Norwood 2
      Mr. William C. Pendleton 11
      Mr. Randolph K. Repass 18
      Dr. Charles H. Rogers 1
      Mr. Hendrik G. M. Sijthoff 19
      Mr. William L. Thomas III 13
      Mr. Samuel A. Walker III 33
    1967 Mr. Donald A. Ashby 13
      Mr. Kenneth C. Behnken 27
      Captain Peter K. Bolton 1
      Mr. Peter C. Brockett 38
      Mr. Charles G. Browne 26
      Mr. Stephen C. Coley 38
      Mr. George H. Crowell 28
      Dr. Robert DeGroof 37
      Marshall A. Gallop Jr., ESQ 33
      Mr. Donald S. Gaw 24
      Mr. Randall A. Henry 12
      Ms. M. Parrish Nelson Hirasaki 3
      Mr. John H. Luecker 7
      Mr. F. Barry McWilliams 41
      Mr. Herbert Windsor Mumford III 23
      Ms. Lindsay O. Robinson 13
      Mr. Frank Middleton Slater 28
      Mr. Roger W. Stokes 26
      Mr. Donald Bruce Wiesley Jr. 16
      Mr. Jerry C. Wilkinson 40
    1968 Mr. Kenneth Spaulding Chestnut Sr. 13
      Mr. Charles W. Churchman 37
      Mr. Norman A. Cocke III 40
      Mr. R. Scott Cross 1
      Dr. Martin E. Falk 40
      Mr. Thomas Earl Flynn 7
      Mr. Thomas Edward Gunn 22
      Mr. Lee M. Kenna, Jr. 3
      Mr. Harold H. Lane Jr. 9
      Mr. James Eugene Lunson Jr. 34
      Mr. Dennis H. Matthias 25
      Mr. William V. McCrary Jr. 5
      Mr. Eric Robert Myers 40
      Mr. Lee Davis Petty Jr. 19
      Mr. Philip N. Post 13
      Mr. Dan Greer Robertson 3
      Mr. Russell L. Schoudt 14
      Mr. Robert Taylor Summers 14
      Mr. Donald H. Turnbull 6
      Mrs. Virginia Ellen Hahlbohm Weismantel 46
    1969 Mr. Thomas W. Brohard III 12
      Mr. Henry Lee Clark Jr. 1
      Mr. Benjamin H. Cooksey III 1
      Mr. H. Richard Emerick 15
      Mr. Thomas L. Farquhar 5
      Mr. William G. Fry 46
      Mr. Paul A. Gottlieb 40
      Mr. Ethan D. Grossman 16
      Mr. Michael D. Harper 15
      Mr. Henry T. Harris 25
      Mr. Joseph H. Jarboe 30
      Dr. James Emmett Lenz, M.D. 6
      Mr. Ernest Gordon Lunsford Jr. 7
      Dr. Robert Charles Marlay, Ph.D. 41
      Dr. Anthony Dean Morgan, M.D. 16
      Mr. Robert A. Phelan 20
      Dr. Brian Walter Sheron 19
      Mr. William T. Tita 1
      Dr. Turner Whitted, PhD 23
      Mr. Thomas M. Woodard 36
    1970 Mr. Walter G. Bashaw 25
      Mr. Kenneth Daniel Bieber 50
      Mr. George P. Cahill, CPA 42
      Mr. David S. Crow 24
      Dr. Alan G. Goedde 31
      Mr. R. Keith Harrison Jr. 2
      Dr. Clifton C. Hickman 6
      Mr. William R. Impey 9
      Mr. Richard D. Ireland 16
      Mr. Raymond John Kuhlmeier Jr. 25
      Mr. Jonathan F. Llewellyn 37
      Mr. Robert E. Milbourne II 23
      Mr. Robert T. Monk, Jr. 1
      Mr. John Gilman Ordway III 26
      Mr. Robert Korb Smith 28
      Mr. Ronald E. Terry 8
    1971 Mr. John C. Aiken 2
      Mr. Robert W. Althaus 34
      Mr. R. Scott Bayles 30
      Dr. Marion L. Blount 23
      Mr. Stephen M. Bonwich 17
      Mr. Robert Winston Carr Jr. 40
      Mr. John T. Chambers 21
      Mr. Robert E. Cheney 32
      Dr. James W. Davis 15
      Mr. Henry Reirden Derr 38
      Mr. Truman Dent Donoho III 32
      Mr. David W. Erdman 41
      Mr. Ted Kirk Field 32
      Mr. Vance D. Gregory Jr. 18
      Mr. R. Reeves Hayter 11
      Dr. John H. Hebrank, PhD 25
      Mr. Donald M. Helfer 33
      Mr. Jack C. Holland 10
      Mr. Michael D. Jones 32
      Mr. Thomas Ray Kagarise, P.E. 9
      Mr. Allen J. Kasden 4
      Mr. Brian H. Kennedy 1
      Dr. Chun H. Lam 38
      Mr. David George Marcelli 3
      Mr. John S. Marold 40
      Mr. Thomas Haywood Medlin 32
      Mr. Hunter Moricle 27
      Mr. George Treadwell Muller 10
      Mr. Michael Charles Parrott 39
      Mr. Douglas Scott Perry 14
      Mr. William R. B. Potter 42
      Mr. Curt A. Rawley 27
      Mr. Peter R. Romeyn 32
      Mr. John H. Rudd 33
      Dr. Charles G. Sandell 5
      Mr. Charles M. Skinner 18
      Mr. Sydney Duane Southerland Jr. 34
      Mr. James L. Stuart, ESQ 26
      Mr. Allen F. Suit 40
      Dr. Thomas L. Warren 50
      Mr. George Joseph White 29
      Dr. Robert Stuart Willig 17
      Mr. Phillip Stuart Wilson 8
    1972 Dr. Frank Birinyi 40
      Mr. John Christopher Bollinger, P.E. 3
      Dr. Edward G. Buckley 24
      Mr. Joseph F. Chudecki Jr. 28
      Mr. Daniel Anthony Dell’Osa 28
      Mr. George D. Graham 13
      Mr. Samuel M. Grant 40
      Mr. Donald P. Halsey III 5
      Mr. Joseph A. Harland 26
      Mr. Tedd H. Jett 32
      Mr. Ervin Kelman 16
      Mr. Murray A. Korn 3
      Dr. Robert Yi-Ping Li 14
      Mr. Stephen D. McCullers 33
      Mr. Larry W. Mobley 30
      Captain William D. Needham 24
      Mr. John H. Nicholson III 18
      Mr. Stig E. Regli 2
      Mr. Royden Pierre Saffores 15
      Mr. Paul Ruffin Scarborough 2
      Mr. Alan D. Sherwood 35
      Mr. Gerald R. Whitt, ESQ 27
    1973 Mr. Robert R. Ando 26
      Mr. Joseph Clark Bates III 44
      Mr. Henry Powell Betz 31
      Mr. Walter Jeffrey Bishop 24
      Mr. Robert Shields Bogan 1
      Mr. John Joseph Borgschulte 1
      Mr. Peter Anthony Bozick Jr., P.E. 17
      Mr. Robert B Brower 49
      Mr. George Gardner Clarke 1
      Mr. William Edward Cowart Jr. 23
      Dr. Mark Charles Davis 16
      Mr. John Gary Dudley 45
      Mr. Fred Mehlert Fehsenfeld Jr. 2
      Mr. Donald W. Goodman 14
      Mr. William J. Hanenberg 27
      Mr. Ozey Knight Horton Jr. 44
      Dr. Glenn D. Jordan Jr. 12
      Mr. Kenneth Warren Lumsden 13
      Mr. Charles T. Lunson 3
      Dr. Frederick Eugene Munschauer III 7
      Mr. James Burnell Nicholas 19
      Mr. Donald Robert Riekert 4
      Mr. Randall J. Rost 8
      Mr. Blair Betterton Sanders 21
      Lieutenant Colonel Warren B. Shaw 15
      Mr. James Albert Strycharz 4
      Dr. Paul A. Vadnais 13
      Mr. David Haywood Watts 47
    1974 Mr. Dwight Stuart Aston 30
      Dr. Robert Keith Bisset 1
      Mr. Richard Jack Bowers III 38
      Mr. Clyde R. Butler Jr. 12
      Mr. John Curtis 21
      Colonel Richard Mountford Ely 1
      Mr. Robert E. Fraile 31
      The Honorable Jeffrey Jay Ginsburg 7
      Dr. James Donald Klein 7
      Professor Bruce Klitzman 31
      Mr. James Edmund Krekorian 19
      Mr. Carl Ernest Lehman Jr. 26
      Mr. John M. Logsdon, ESQ 30
      Mr. James Franklin McAlister Jr. 37
      Mr. Capers W. McDonald 35
      Mr. Philip Wayne Thor 4
      Mr. David Thomas Troyan 6
      Dr. David Mark Upham 4
      Mr. Stephen Andrew Van Albert 13
      Mr. Philip H. Vorsatz 15
      Mr. Samuel S. Waters IV 11
      Mr. Stephen Long Whiteside 9
      Dr. J. Erby Wilkinson 18
      Professor Blake S. Wilson 37
      Mr. Ray Lee Wooten 41
    1975 Dr. Athanasios Aridgides 16
      Mrs. Peggy Lawson Asplund 26
      Mr. David Grimes Autrey 5
      Mr. Mark E. Baldwin 27
      Mr. Timothy M. Byess 6
      Mr. Wade Thomas Cooper Jr. 3
      Mr. Frank J. Coulter Jr. 34
      Ms. Patricia T. Crisenbery 10
      Mr. Donald J. Ennen 40
      Mr. David Bruce Epstein 25
      Mr. William C. Fletcher Jr. 17
      Mr. Michael A. Freeman 23
      Mr. John C. Garvey ESQ 22
      Dr. Frank W. Gayle 23
      Mr. Walter Thomas Geer Jr. 1
      Mr. Michael L. Halladay 32
      Mr. James Edward Higgins 7
      Mr. John A. Hornaday Jr. 12
      Mr. Kent C. Hustvedt 26
      Mr. Christopher R. Long 8
      Dr. David Mccallie Jr. 1
      Mr. Martin R. Meyer Jr. 23
      Mr. Cory D. Rind 18
      Mr. Jerry C. Ruddle 3
      Mr. Alan K. Schuler 25
      Dr. William Lee Shoemaker 39
      Mr. Bruce D. Sterrett 4
      Mr. R. Gregory Stortstrom 42
      Mr. William M. Sutherland 3
      Mr. Arthur H. Symmes 1
      Mr. David C. Ullmann 23
      Mr. Peter W. Waxter 23
    1976 Mr. Edward Anapol 35
      Mr. Kent M. Baldwin 3
      Mrs. Jan Warne Cacheris 2
      Mr. Lawrence C. Caldwell III 24
      Ms. Laurie C. Conner 22
      Mr. Robert Edward Donaho 31
      Dr. Neal J. Galinko 39
      Mr. Guillermo A. Gordillo 1
      Mr. Philip J. Hawk 38
      Mr. William A. Hawkins III 1
      Mr. Dwight T. Kernodle Jr. 2
      Mr. Kenneth R. Maples 28
      Dr. Gordon E. Melville 5
      Mrs. Elizabeth W. Miller-jones 24
      Mr. Dewitt Nunn, Jr. 15
      Mr. Lawrence David Osborne 6
      Dr. Margery F. Overton, Ph.D. 9
      Mr. Curtis Morris Pearson 2
      Dr. Bayard L. Powell 38
      Mr. Thomas Charles Rearick 1
      Mr. William B. Scantland 12
      Mr. James M. Snyder Jr 8
      Mr. Edward T. Stockbridge 36
      Mr. Dennis M. White 18
      Mr. Robert K. Willet, P.E. 42
      Mr. James Grafton Withers 12
      Mr. William Anthony Worrell 21
    1977 Mr. M. Scott Albert 18
      Mr. Steven C. Bartolutti 28
      Mr. Jeffrey D. Blauvelt 21
      Dr. Philip C. Buescher 26
      Mr. Jonathan R. Burton Jr. 1
      Mr. Doug Stacy Doores 18
      Mr. Stephen K. Eng 23
      Dr. Robert L. Galloway Jr. 2
      Mr. George James Garrett 17
      Mr. G. Robert Graham, P.E. 34
      Mr. Bruce W. Hoffman 15
      Ms. Keiko Hsu 1
      Mr. Robert T. Hyatt 27
      Mr. Kenneth Bradford Keels Jr. 19
      Mr. Robert Kraemer Jr. 15
      Mr. William Hamilton Lamason II 19
      Mr. Robert G. Leech 37
      Ms. Mary Zastrow Luckenbaugh 36
      Mr. John D. Millan 12
      Mr. George E. Murphy 37
      Mr. Richard M. Prevatt III, NR 20
      Mrs. Janis J. Rehlaender 26
      Mr. W. Russell Scheirman II 19
      Mr. Basil H. Scott II 3
      Mr. Eliot D. Shook 1
      Mr. David P. Spearman 32
      Mr. David B. Stewart 3
      Ms. Claire Marie Van Matre 1
      Mr. Collier T. Weiner 1
      Ms. Edith Wilson 3
      Mr. Paul Morton Wilson 3
      Mr. Cliff A. Younger 39
    1978 Ms. Elise T. Atkins 40
      Mrs. Victoria Smith Bell 27
      Dr. Melton C. Bost 14
      Gary W. Burchill, Ph.D. 1
      Dr. Martin Cala, Ph.D. 3
      Mr. Banks Jefferson Clark 41
      Mr. Herman Cone III 30
      Dr. David S. Enterline 20
      Mr. Eric Lawrence Ferraro 12
      Mr. Brian F. Gaston 41
      Mr. Erik R. Gillman 1
      Ms. Ella Michele Gipson 19
      Mr. Michael L. Gollobin 8
      Mr. Dale T. Guidry 29
      Mr. Richard Allen Henrikson 21
      Mr. Jeff H. Hinson, P.E. 5
      Mr. Joseph G. Hitselberger Jr. 12
      Mrs. Lisa Greene Hoffman 27
      Dr. Henry Kent Holland 21
      Dr. John Garrison Hovis 41
      Ms. Alison A. Ives 39
      Mr. Jeffrey D. Ix 33
      Mr. Joe Michael Kellis 12
      Mr. Robert A. Kilpatrick 9
      Mr. Robert A. Kusnetz 4
      Mrs. Carolyn C. Leech 37
      Mrs. Brenda Harrison Letzler 22
      Mr. James Charles Lordeman 36
      Ms. Rebecca R. Lula 20
      Dr. Michael Ellis McConnell 1
      Mr. David Jeffrey Meier 1
      Ms. Pamela R. Moore 21
      Mr. F. Wesley Newman Jr. 27
      Dr. Lisa Schichtel Orton, Ph.D. 21
      Mrs. Elizabeth Peloso 31
      Mr. Ronald L. Sapio 12
      Mr. Stephen Bradford Slawson 41
      Dr. Bradford Davison Smith Jr. 9
      Mr. Charles Thomas Stuart Jr. 27
      The Reverend Thomas S. Tully 2
      Mrs. Jacqueline F. Walker 22
      Mr. Shao F. Wang 27
      Mr. Gregory Scot Wolcott 40
      Mr. Richard George Wolfe 6
    1979 Mr. Michael Wayne Alston 25
      Mr. Ted Balph 34
      Mr. George Andrew Bauer III 4
      Ms. Cynthia Neuberger Brooks 35
      Dr. Carol Danko Burk 7
      Ms. Beth Renee Caron 9
      Mr. David B. Dabney 5
      Mr. John C. Downing 11
      Dr. Douglas E. Farst 24
      Mr. Wilson M. Fraser Jr. 3
      Ms. Betsy J. Frauenthal 25
      Mr. Albert N. Gore III 6
      Mr. Alden Sherburne Hart Jr. 29
      Mrs. Kathleen D. Ix 33
      Mr. James E. Kemler 1
      Ms. Helen Krauss 10
      Mr. David J. Kusko 33
      Mr. Donald Kwong Lee 29
      Mr. Michael Lorusso Jr. 14
      Mr. Joseph Michael Luchetski 36
      Mrs. Joan Lowe Marks 40
      Mr. Douglas A. Mcgraw 29
      Mr. George Howard McMurray Jr. 1
      Dr. Scott F. Midkiff, PhD 12
      Mr. John Milner Jr. 36
      Mr. Jay Aram Nadel 27
      Mr. Jonathan Norton 23
      Mr. Carlos Luis Obando 1
      Mr. Richard Bentley Parran Jr. 25
      Mr. Michael T. Plantamura 13
      Mr. John W. Rathke 4
      Mr. Cristian M. Rodriguez 4
      Mr. David Michael Savard 30
      Mr. Brad J. Schwartz 9
      Mr. Alvin Joseph Sill III 36
      Mr. Stephen R. Spector 26
      Mr. Mark T. Sperberg 1
      Dr. Julia L. Stevens 15
      Dr. Jonathon D. Truwit 39
      Mr. Howard Otis Watkins III 5
      Mr. Bradley G. Watts 36
      Dr. R. Davis Webb Jr. 40
      Mr. Richard Michael West 15
      Dr. Ronald Chiu-Seung Wong 7
      Mr. Nicholas Zaldastani 10
    1980 Mrs. Nancy E. Alston 25
      Dr. Katherine Patricia Andriole 19
      Ms. Suzanne Marion Beaumont 1
      Mr. Clinton C. Bennett III 27
      Mr. Robert Kelly Brandt 12
      Mr. Scott Alex Brandt 9
      Mrs. Michele Magnin Carbonell 19
      Mr. Richard Gregg Caro 3
      Mr. Robert Scott Conway 5
      Dr. David Owen Cook 1
      Mr. Pedro Carlos Fenjves 1
      Dr. Thomas Henry Flournoy 33
      Ms. Linda S. Floyd 30
      Mr. Tench Coxe Forbes 5
      Dr. Marla Jane Franks 29
      Ms. Linda Jeanette Gabbard 1
      Mr. Michael Clive Gasparian 6
      Mr. William McKay Gilliland 11
      Dr. Kathryn B. LaFortune 5
      Mr. Walter Monty Livingston 1
      Mr. Steven Thomas Maher 10
      Mrs. Beverly B. Marson 22
      Mr. Donald B. McGonigle 36
      Mr. Donald Chester Mikush Jr. 26
      Mr. Jeffrey William Miller 37
      Dr. David Wayne Molter 4
      Dr. Paul Rush Moulton 33
      Mr. David Munnikhuysen 24
      Mr. Steven Shinya Nohara 2
      Dr. Nancy Pelc 23
      Mr. Jeffrey Warren Reedy 19
      Mr. Ronald Marcus Reid 1
      Mr. Christopher Relyea 33
      Mr. Timothy P. Rooney 1
      Dr. Mack Thomas Ruffin IV, MD 32
      Mr. Charles W. Stankiewicz 18
      Mr. Dale Stanton-Hoyle 21
      Mrs. Lisa Franzoni Stilwell 13
      Mr. Douglas B. Strott 14
      Dr. Joseph Magia Szewczak, PhD 8
      Ms. Alison Ruth Vuille 1
      Mrs. Cynthia P. Walden 25
      Mr. Warren Robert Weber 1
      Dr. Marc D. Weinshenker 30
      Mr. Richard E. Williams 26
      Mr. Craig A. Witt 25
      Mrs. Kyle Simpson Witt 25
    1981 Mr. Gaines Daniel Adams Jr. 13
      Mr. Richard Laurence Aicher 1
      Mrs. June Turkanis Brennock 1
      Mr. Amjad Adnan Nureddin Bseisu 8
      Ms. Sara Elizabeth Bures 1
      Ms. Patricia Scheller Byrne 7
      Dr. Kwokming James Cheng 8
      Mr. Alan Robert Cohen 11
      Mr. Darryl W. Copeland Jr. 2
      Dr. Thomasena Ellison Clarke 4
      Mr. Edward Joseph Grogan 2
      Dr. Edward Ferguson Hendershot 27
      Dr. Deborah Jean Herts 12
      Mr. William Arthur Huting 8
      Mrs. Cynthia Deans Kaiser 10
      Mr. Patrick Joseph Keegan 1
      Mr. Mark Jeffrey Keister 12
      Mr. Brian Stephen Kelleher 11
      Mr. Perry Howard Leo 23
      Mr. Alvin Frederick List III 3
      Ms. Andrea Rebecca Livingston 1
      Dr. Michael William Lutz 1
      Dr. Linda W. Haile Mackie 20
      Dr. Carl Emery Mccants 23
      Mr. Michael Andre McGlockton 5
      Ms. Martha Lee Monserrate 35
      Mr. Nicholas Isaac Morgan 16
      Ms. Laura S. Nystrom 33
      Dr. Cheryl Denise Pappy 2
      Dr. Richard Walter Pekala 42
      Mr. George Smith Plattenburg Jr. 36
      Ms. Louise C. Riddle 20
      Mr. Thomas Beck Robey 29
      Mr. David Ivison Rowland 19
      Mrs. Caroline S. Schlaseman 23
      Dr. Joseph Sherman, M.D. 7
      Mr. Craig Jay Soloff 26
      Mr. Armando A. Tabernilla 35
      Mr. Robert Scot Tepper 1
      Mr. Thomas Glen Tilden 1
      Mr. Vestal Cartner Tutterow 24
      Mr. Gordon Burns Van Dusen 15
      Mr. Jeffrey N. Vinik 31
      Dr. Michael Steven Wainer 31
      Mrs. Janet Munroe Weber 1
      Mrs. Janet L. White Slagle 10
      Mr. Edward H. Wright 13
    1982 Dr. John W. Barton 25
      Mr. Danal Alexander Blessis 23
      Professor John Arnold Board Jr. 31
      Mr. Jere J. Brophy 7
      Mrs. Carolyn Naemi Chase 39
      Mr. Christopher Bertrand Cook 32
      Ms. Becky Ann Cuthbertson 18
      Mr. Hal Avon Davis III 17
      Dr. Melodie Kay Feather 6
      Mr. Kevin E. Flynn 23
      Mrs. Elizabeth H. Fortino 1
      Mr. David Alan Freed 3
      Mrs. Jane W. Gezon 11
      Mrs. Virginia T. Gibbs 12
      Mrs. Nancy D. Glaser 1
      Dr. Scott David Greenwald 19
      Mr. John Craig Hausman III 26
      Mr. Steven Preston Hayes 34
      Ms. Catherine Louise Iacobo 19
      Dr. Pamela C. Jenkins 8
      Mr. Mark Benjamin Kadonoff 23
      Mrs. Dori Klass 7
      Mr. Bruce Taylor Kroeschell 34
      Dr. Howard Ira Levy 17
      Colonel Charles D. Lutes, USAF  1
      Mr. Joel M. Marks 16
      Mrs. Barbara Clarke McCurdy 23
      Dr. Bruce Arthur McDermott 4
      Mr. William Randal Mendez Jr. 1
      Mr. Carroll Edward Morris Jr. 2
      Mr. Charles Milton Nobles Jr. 1
      Mrs. Lisa Z. Olens 28
      Mr. John Edwin Ortiz 22
      Ms. Laura Lou Philpot 1
      Mrs. Mary Ott Price 1
      Dr. Jeffrey Ronald Rehm 1
      Ms. LeeAnn Robinson 1
      Ms. Susan B. Ross 1
      Dr. Kenneth Guy Sandberg 26
      Mr. Mitchell J. Shein 16
      Mr. Peter Towne Tucker 24
      Dr. Gunnar W. Zorn III 1
    1983 Mrs. Bes Pittman Baldwin 8
      Mr. Stephen D. Bard 1
      Mr. David Mcdowell Bennett 17
      Mr. Farley William Bolwell 20
      Mr. James Scott Carter 37
      Mr. James Arthur Cavenaugh III 31
      Mr. Jesse Mark Dennis 12
      Mr. Daniel M. Dickinson 27
      Dr. Robert John Ferrall 15
      Ms. Jean Donath Franke 3
      Dr. Graziano D. Giglio 23
      Mrs. Allison Haack Glackin 38
      Mr. Daniel J. Griffith 36
      Mrs. Elizabeth Thornton Jolly 22
      Mr. Bart Raymond Kessler 28
      Mr. Mark S. Kitchens 20
      Mr. David Evan Korn 36
      Ms. Cynthia L. Manieri 36
      Mr. Robert Joseph McAuliffe 21
      Mr. John Martin McDonald III 30
      Mr. Nicholas Joseph Naclerio 12
      Dr. Alan K. Novick, MD 18
      Ms. Edwina Kim Nowicki 1
      Mrs. Elizabeth Sill Owen 34
      Mr. David Ross Pitser 39
      Dr. David Anthony Rahdert PhD 1
      Mr. Steven Craig Rosner 17
      Mr. John L. Russell 13
      Mr. Eric James Schiffer 15
      Dr. Allan B. Shang 13
      Mr. David Maxwell Strickland 39
      Mr. David Wendell Swearingen 1
      Mr. James Patrick Toomey 15
      Mr. Harold Lionel Yoh III 37
    1984 Mr. Bruce Jacob Andersen 28
      Mr. John Dailey Barker 1
      Mrs. Laura Bond Barker 1
      Mrs. Kym Tingos Bean 27
      Mr. Stephen Paul Blake 1
      Mr. Benjamin Cabell Bonifant 24
      Mr. K. Monroe Bridges 3
      Dr. Andrew M. Brown 14
      Dr. Robert Glenn Brown 9
      Mrs. Pinetta Jan Bruce-Brookes 7
      Ms. Marjorie B. Bryen 1
      Mrs. Susan Farmer Bueti 7
      Mrs. Laura Groves Bulson 7
      Ms. Elizabeth Ann Carter 9
      Dr. John Chae, M.D. 11
      Mr. David Walker Craig 13
      Mr. Thomas Francis Dziwulski 19
      Mr. Jeffrey Steven Ebeling 3
      Mr. Kevin James Fellhoelter 19
      Mr. Daniel Read Gilmore 31
      Mr. Douglas Ernest Giordano 10
      Dr. Mehmet Kerim Gokay 1
      Dr. Leonard R. Goldfarb 20
      Mr. Gregory Drew Graflund 16
      Mr. James Bryan Green 1
      Mr. Robert Campbell Hewell Jr. 1
      Ms. Julie Anne Keenan 27
      Mr. Joel Christopher Kent 8
      Dr. Andrew Justin Lawson 24
      Mr. Richard Bart Lazarus 24
      Mr. Wah-Keat Lee 14
      Ms. Page Ives Lemel 38
      Mr. Sam Michael Liang 30
      Mr. Alain George Magro 20
      Dr. Peter Francis McIlveen 1
      Ms. Carolyn O. Molthrop 16
      Dr. Corell Luckhardt Moore 28
      Dr. David Ferguson Moore Jr. 23
      Mr. Reginald Keith Moore 6
      Mr. Thomas Ward Myers Jr. 2
      Dr. Nicolette Balister Naso 34
      Ms. Sarah DeCrane Norton 3
      Ms. Michele Kurucz Peel 1
      Mrs. Amy Austin Petersen 26
      Dr. Walter Matthew Petroll 11
      Mrs. Dawn Keyes Pratt 36
      Dr. Raymond Robert Rackley 9
      Dr. Scott H. Robinson 14
      Mr. David Roland Smith 25
      Mr. Trent Walker Spear 1
      Dr. Joe Youssef Wakil 1
      Mr. Christopher T. Wilde 23
    1985 Dr. Matthew Dominic Bacchetta 26
      Ms. Belinda Ann Bacon, ESQ 18
      Mr. Peter Todd Baker 9
      Mr. Christopher Jon Bedell 1
      Mr. Jeffrey David Behrens 1
      Mr. Paul Bernhard 24
      Mr. Stephen Ray Bolze 25
      Mrs. Susan Allen Botyrius 1
      Mr. Dale Leroy Brunelle 15
      Rich Bryan 4
      Ms. Karen Elizabeth Conover 12
      Dr. Michael Joseph Cooney 6
      Mrs. Marietta Julie Costa 5
      Ms. Aileen Marie DeSoto 13
      Mr. Kevin Allen Dorsey 19
      Mr. Richard Alan Ferguson 20
      Mr. Scott Peter Gatje 33
      Dr. Stuart Mark Gaynes 26
      Mr. Bryan Cary Gee 25
      Ms. Jane Laurel Gerb 24
      Mrs. Lynn V. Gilbert 4
      Mr. Charles Arthur Gove 21
      Dr. Teresa Aimee Habacker 1
      Mr. J. Joseph Handley 17
      Mr. Michael Phillip Hebert 1
      Mr. Warren Scott Hilton 30
      Mr. Bradley Duboc Johnson 6
      Dr. Anand David Kasbekar 25
      Mr. Bennett Stanley King 23
      Mr. Felix Daniel Klebe 1
      Mr. John Allen Kollins III 1
      Mr. Michael Anthony Korman 3
      Mr. John R. Lambert 2
      Mr. David Lee 2
      Mr. Michael Charles Lenz 34
      Mrs. Jean G. Levett 31
      Mr. Darren Keith Maness 23
      Mrs. Marie Marchesseault 9
      Mr. Paul M. Matsumura 30
      Mr. Nelson Elbert Matthews 6
      Ms. Marybeth J. McGinn 23
      Mr. Jonathan Edwin Meadows 2
      Mr. Kevin Bradley Nace 36
      Mr. James Richard O’Connell Jr. 22
      Mrs. Debra M. Parrish 1
      Mr. John Larch Penvenne 15
      Mr. Timothy Daniel Pettit 25
      Mr. Sam C. Pointer, III 1
      Mr. Richard Joseph Pond 20
      Mr. David Lloyd Pratt 33
      Mr. Henry Milton Quillian III, ESQ 36
      Mr. James Paul Rattray 3
      Dr. Michael Timothy Renaud, ESQ 1
      Mr. Douglas Scott Rex 11
      Mr. Robert Edward Robinson Jr. 20
      Mr. Kevin Douglas Romer 3
      Mr. Barry Evan Schneirov 33
      Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Sylvan Spear 21
      Mrs. Mary Shafter Sullivan 3
      Ms. Ledi Sivewright Trutna 25
      Mr. Spencer William White 24
      Mr. Kemp Bowling Wills 30
      Mr. Michael T. Yamamoto 33
      Mr. Michael Hulme Yoh 7
      Mr. Dimitri Edward Zarboulas 5
    1986 Mr. Daniel Thomas Adams 10
      Dr. Samuel M. Alaish, MD 8
      Mr. James Edward Albright 13
      Mr. Thomas Louis Antonino 2
      Mr. Scott Jay Arnold 13
      Mr. Jun Asai 30
      Ms. Laura Baird 1
      Mrs. Deborah Rose Behrens 1
      Mr. David Paul Boch 36
      Mr. Curt Cimei 17
      Richard Conway 2
      Mr. Thomas Channing Daily 22
      Dr. David Thomas Dellaero 8
      Mrs. Lisa Lyons Dworkin 10
      Mrs. Linda Simmons Ermides 12
      Captain Jon Ronald Fahs Jr. 12
      Mr. George Andrew Fang 5
      Mr. Allen Holt Farrington 20
      Mr. Peter Flur 34
      Mr. Gary Wallace Geck 14
      Mr. Sam A. Ghazaleh 25
      Dr. Richard Mark Greenwald 23
      Mr. Jonathan Michael Guerster 30
      Mr. Kurt W. Haas 13
      Mr. Robert James Harward Sr. 13
      Mr. Aric James Keller 7
      Dr. Anita Mcilveen Kelsey 3
      Mr. David Henry Kramer 1
      Mr. John M. Kuttler 15
      Mr. Lawrence Joseph Lang 20
      Ms. Stacy Ellen Lawson 6
      Mr. Robert Scott LeVine 34
      Mr. David Scott Lindquist 14
      Mrs. Ellen Elizabeth MacLean 5
      Mr. Christopher Howard Martorella 1
      Ms. Jane F. Mashiko 17
      Mr. Douglas M. McCracken 12
      Mr. Thomas Cooney Mcthenia Jr. 9
      Mr. Eric R. Meier 2
      Ms. Kathryn L. Miller 5
      Dr. Michele H. Miller 33
      Dr. Mark Martin Murray 14
      Mrs. Amy May Novak 36
      Mr. Mark Allison Potsdam 19
      Mr. Thornton Fitzgerald Prayer 1
      Mr. Michael L. Rigsby Jr. 26
      Mr. Michael Joseph Roe 3
      Mrs. Judith B. Schmitz 14
      Mr. Robert Freeman Shuford Jr. 22
      Mr. Mark Witold Sikorski 2
      The Reverend Andrew Wales Smith Jr. 1
      Professor Seung Jin Song 2
      Mrs. Dee Murray Stewart 28
      Mr. Elias John Torre 35
      Mr. Paul Alan Wiese 4
    1987 Mr. Henrik Bacho 19
      Mr. Richard Cain Brown 26
      Mr. David Ciaffa 22
      Mr. William Colavecchio 2
      Mr. Daniel Clifford Connell 1
      Mrs. Celine Jimenez Crowson 5
      Dr. Marc James Falleroni 5
      Mr. Cameron Harold Fowler 29
      Dr. Kenneth Fox 19
      Mr. Charles Alan Grandy 15
      Ms. Suzanne M. Gregory 28
      Dr. Kenneth James Heater 1
      Mrs. Barbara T. Isaf 16
      Mr. Bruce Damian Johnson 1
      Mr. Steven E. Lawson 16
      Mr. Timothy Frederick Loomis 8
      Mr. Robert Peter Maliff 22
      Mr. George Nathaniel Mattson II 2
      Ms. Katherine M. Melton 2
      Mr. Gregory Allen Murray II 11
      Mr. Lowell Atwood Nelson 34
      Mr. Christopher Michael Francis Poli 6
      Mr. John A. Ragunas 5
      Dr. Frederic Scott Resnic, MD 36
      Mr. Michael George Rhodes 18
      Mr. Peter Andrew Rich 7
      Mr. William Leo Rollins 11
      Mr. Thomas Gerald Romary 2
      Ms. Hollace Saas Rhodes 20
      Mr. Reuben Schooler 1
      Mr. Bob Shepard 8
      Mr. Craig R. Stiffler 12
      Mr. Martin Trively 25
      Mr. John-Kelly Christopher Warren 15
      Ms. Denise Allen Williams 15
      Mrs. Lisa Miller Willis 28
      Captain Richard Ashley Wortman, USN 13
      Major Joseph Stanley Zaren 3
    1988 Mr. Gregory John Alcorn 23
      Mr. Gerard W. Appert Jr. 28
      Dr. Catherine Canada Betor 4
      Mr. Lawrence Kirschner Brown 7
      Mr. Jeffrey Walter Bryce 3
      Mr. Christopher D. Caldwell 23
      Dr. Jackie Chan 14
      Ms. Diane Crean-Chester 9
      Mr. Christopher James English 34
      Ms. Kristen Ann Fisher 17
      Mr. Randall J. Fuller 17
      Mr. Carlton Hayes Gerber 11
      Dr. Richard S. Goldenson 31
      Ms. Judith Schwartz Gordon 12
      Mr. Michael Anton Harman 19
      Mr. Richard Frederick Herbst 20
      Mrs. Jennifer Stilwell Hill 21
      Mr. Richard Kenneth Hill 21
      Dr. Gregory Olaf Hjelmstad 9
      Mrs. Ruby Grewal Holder 15
      Rear Adm. Jeffrey William Hughes, USN 23
      Mr. Amede William Hungerford 5
      Dr. Salim Farouk Idriss 6
      Dr. Gregory Alan Janicik 17
      Dr. Meredith Susan Josephs 19
      Mr. Conrad Victor Langenhagen 3
      Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Levin 34
      Mr. David Erik Levine 1
      Mr. Eric Thomas Lind 6
      Dr. Thomas Stewart Lindsay 21
      Mr. James Robert Lowry 5
      Mr. Thomas Charles Mazzucco Jr. 16
      Dr. Christopher Mark McDermott 3
      Dr. Margaret Ann Mcdermott 3
      Mr. Steven P. Monti 29
      Dr. Michael Thomas Munley 22
      Mrs. Tracy Anne Nickelsburg 29
      Ms. Leslie Susan Prescott 3
      Mr. Bartt Hurley Richards 25
      Mr. Paul Franklin Ridgway 28
      Mr. Charles Manning Roebuck III 30
      Mr. William Curtis Ruotola 19
      Mr. Joseph Anthony Saldutti Jr. 21
      Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Lincoln Slover USAF 4
      Ms. Lee Jamie Tiedrich 12
      Mr. Manlio Valdes Jr. 11
      Dr. Kenneth Richard Velleman 3
      Mr. Steven Lamar Walker 8
      Dr. Kecia Patrease Walker-Ford 2
      Mr. Eric F. Winakur 25
      Dr. Charles Wyble Jr. 5
    1989 Mr. Troy Gerard Arnold III 15
      Mr. Jeffrey G. Bassett 32
      Mr. Steven Bruce Baumberger 19
      Mr. Thomas Mettrey Betor 4
      Dr. Kevin John Bozic 8
      Dr. Tricia Eisenstein Brentjens, MD 6
      Mr. Kevin A. Brooks 8
      Dr. Jonathan Hill Burdette 9
      Mr. Nixon Paul Childs 1
      Mrs. Susan Green Daniel 10
      Mrs. Babita Lal Deitrich 23
      Mr. Christopher Lawrence Eisenbies 10
      Mr. Jason Mark Ettinger 1
      Mr. George Fox Jr. 25
      Mr. Dwight Elmer Galbi 21
      Mr. Giraldo Jose Gutierrez 3
      Mrs. Tina Mancini Gutierrez 3
      Mr. Kyung In Han 3
      Mr. Steven Robert Harman 11
      Mr. Timothy Alan Harrison 4
      Mr. William F. Herbert Jr. 1
      Ms. Laura Lee Hluck USAF 27
      Dr. Christine Louise Hunter 6
      Mr. David Alan Igel 11
      Mr. James David Kolenski 9
      Mr. Thomas W. Lattin Jr. 12
      Mrs. Suzanne K. Lehman 6
      Ms. Deborah Dawn Leland 9
      Mr. Benjamin Todd Madden 6
      Ms. Mia Katherine Nadasky 19
      Mr. Stephen Michael Nickelsburg 29
      Mr. David Michael O’brien 6
      Mr. Sean Welch O’Brien 12
      Mr. Richard J. Pattinson 30
      Mr. Peter John Perrone 28
      Mrs. Krista Buhr Ridgway 28
      Dr. Jennifer Kelley Robinson 30
      Mr. Vijay N. Shah 28
      Mr. Donald Patrick Shatto 7
      Mr. Frederick George Springman 30
      Mr. Scott Edward Stephenson 3
      Mr. Scott Edward Telesz 33
      Mr. Stephen Gregory Tell 14
      Mrs. Sheila-Llyn Kraeuter Van Nederveen 18
      Mr. Andrew John Violette 1
      Mr. Robert Rudolph Wahl Jr. 1
      Mr. John Loyal Willis 28
    1990 Mr. John D. Adkins II 8
      Mr. Jamal Ahmad 16
      Mr. Eric W. Anderson 22
      Ms. Lisa Ann Bader 15
      Mr. William E. Beasley Jr. 4
      Mr. Torsten Berger 13
      Mrs. Katherine Bielefeld 24
      Mr. Matthew Robert Bielefeld 24
      Dr. Thomas Kemp Callaway 27
      Mr. John Daniel Case 3
      Mr. William Peter Cerreta 8
      Dr. Michael Goodwin Cetta 27
      Mr. Peter John Chomyn III 15
      Mr. Kai-I Chung 9
      Mr. Gregory James Clary 20
      Mr. John Patrick Comerford 1
      Mr. John C. Crespo, ESQ 3
      Mr. Robert Alan Denton 2
      Mr. John Allan Dickson 6
      Mr. Michael Patrick Dierks 21
      Mr. Jeff Dinkel 17
      Mr. Shannon L. Dreyfuss 3
      Mr. Christopher George Duffy, USAF 9
      Kenneth Dunleavy, P.E. 19
      Mr. Bruce L. Faulkner 30
      Ms. Cynthia Anne Fink 8
      Mr. Christopher Vann Forinash 26
      Mrs. Elizabeth K. Forinash 26
      Dr. Amy Bingham Fowler 9
      Mr. William Frederick Gayle 10
      Mr. John J. Glushik 18
      Mr. Robert Brooks Gronlund 1
      Mr. William Arthur Gutknecht 19
      Mr. Michael John Heffernan 3
      Mr. Robert Andrew Herstein 2
      Mr. Paul Thomas Hertlein 23
      Dr. Michael A. Hughes 11
      Mr. Michael Jay Isman 2
      Mr. Christopher Bret Johnson 22
      Mr. Douglas Eric Johnson 7
      Mr. Andrew Kenneth Jones 8
      Dr. E. Spencer Joslin-Montlick 27
      Dr. Lance Michael Kaplan 12
      Ms. Mary Michelle Kile 23
      Mr. Douglas Charles Kley 17
      Dr. William Konomos, MD 3
      Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Clarence Leung 26
      Mr. Gregory Robert Maletic 1
      Mr. David Matarazzo 8
      Mr. Brian E. Miller 8
      Mr. Michael Anthony Miniati 5
      Mrs. Brenda Yarborough Mirabile 24
      Mr. Alfred Winborne Mordecai 31
      Ms. Karen Gardner Morris 1
      Ms. Carolyn Choate Nelson 1
      Mr. Richard Edward Nicholas 30
      Dr. Robert Alan Oliver 11
      Mr. Madhavan Parthasarathy 1
      Mr. Douglas B. Pfaff 26
      Mr. Brian Andrew Porras 5
      Mr. Henry Clapp Purdy 14
      Mr. Scott Thomas Regan 1
      Mr. Rob Seelig 28
      Mrs. Brenda Sue Shepherd 14
      Mr. Roger Lawrence Shields 3
      Lieutenant John James Shriver 1
      Mr. Anthony Joseph Sikorski 24
      Dr. Jerome Charles Smith 7
      Brian Paul Somerday, PhD 29
      Mr. Samuel Jackson Stevenson 28
      Mr. Hans-Peter Tandon 14
      Mrs. Torii Patock Turman 13
      Mrs. Cheryl D’ambrosia Vecchio 12
      Professor William F. Walker 8
      Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence Warhaftig 8
      JP Wedding 2
      Mr. Robert David Wescott 18
      Mrs. Cheryl A. White 32
      Mr. John Carlisle Wroton 32
      Mr. Colin David Young 1
    1991 Mrs. Anita Nahta Amin 1
      Mr. Michael John Mandac Arichea 26
      Mr. Peter Fuelep Biro 9
      Dr. Sandra Howard Bonat, MD 8
      Dr. Robert Craig Castellino 4
      Mr. James Chittenden 10
      Mr. Jonathan Lowell Danielson 27
      Mr. Richard Leal Feliciano 21
      Eric Felt 17
      Dr. Stacy Stansell Gardner 31
      Mr. Timothy Alan Gosnell 22
      Mr. Jon Robert Hibschman 24
      Mr. Robert Ari Hirschfeld 27
      Ms. Josefina Santiago Hobbs 14
      Mr. Winston Wook Huh 3
      Mr. Matthew Elliott Hunter 1
      Mrs. Stacey Westra Johnson 3
      Mr. Edward Vincent Jolley 1
      Dr. David Charles Kaelber, MD, PhD 1
      Mr. William G. Karpovich 15
      Mr. Daniel Raymond King 12
      Mr. Eric Warren Koehler 11
      Dr. Carla Michelle Lawson 1
      Dr. Benjamin Harrel Le Blanc 24
      Dr. Michael Dearman Lee 7
      Dr. Steven Hsin-hung Lin, MD 18
      Mrs. Tanya Shoenfelt Nizialek 24
      Mr. Michael Stephen O’Leary 29
      Mr. John David Pazienza 24
      Mr. Robert Edward Perry 8
      Mr. Joseph Croman Peterson Jr. 12
      Dr. Aurora Dawn Pryor 4
      Mr. Timothy John Rade 28
      Mr. Scott Campbell Raney 7
      Mr. Paul Louis Rodriguez 16
      Mr. Barry S. Safier 23
      Ms. Sheila Feldman Steele 2
      Mr. Craig Alan Straley 9
      Mr. Matthew W. Twiggs 25
      Ms. Meredith C. Upchurch 10
      Mr. William D. Webster 19
      Mr. Kenneth Scott Weinberg 21
      Ms. Dixie Thomas Wells 30
    1992 Dr. Victor Seth Adler 3
      Mr. Derek Dustin Albert 1
      Dr. Kristy Bittenbender Arbogast 25
      Mr. Michael S. Bertisch 1
      Mr. Mahesh Chandrakant Bhumralkar 23
      Mr. Scott Douglas Booth 4
      Mr. Christopher Alan Casper 4
      Mr. Terrence Chavis 6
      Dr. Nabi Abraham Cohn 23
      Dr. Jeffrey Charles Constantine 7
      Mr. Gregory Wayne Council 14
      Dr. Tracy Slotter D’Entremont 1
      Mr. Timothy Rohrer Davis 3
      Dr. Harry Watson Durgin Jr. 7
      Dr. Greg Alan Erens 11
      Mrs. Susan Elaine Eugenis 30
      Mr. John David Griffin IV 1
      Mr. John Eugene Grupp, ESQ 5
      Mrs. Karen Marx Guido 30
      Mr. Michael Lawrence Guido 30
      Dr. Brett Matthew Hampson 1
      Mr. David B. Hanes 27
      Mr. Douglas A. Hardy 25
      Ms. Jo Ann Elisabeth Tate Hartley 1
      Dr. Julie Miller Hasenwinkel 10
      Mrs. Lisa Fatall Hibschman 24
      Mr. Jaime Daniel Hobbeheydar 12
      Dr. Delilah June Huelsing 1
      Mr. Christopher Kemp Hunt 8
      Dr. James Charles Lacefield 23
      Dr. Kemper Edward Lewis 24
      Dr. Brian M. Long 2
      Mr. Erik Lorscheider 16
      Mr. Jarvis Tremain Lowndes 20
      Dr. Elizabeth McClelland Lutostansky 2
      Ms. Valecia Denise Maclin 6
      Mr. Mark Ennett Mason 12
      Mr. David William Mcnabola 8
      Dr. Jeffrey Scott McVeigh 10
      Mrs. Dana Caren Meltzer 3
      Mrs. Julia Jackson Nakhleh 29
      Mr. James Lewis Pratt 30
      Dr. John Patrick Rodgers 1
      Dr. Christopher John Roy 1
      Dr. Kristen L. Sanford, PhD 19
      Mr. John Anthony Sartor 10
      Mr. William Tilghman Schlough 15
      Mr. Peter V. Schroeder 11
      Dr. Elizabeth Judge Sciaudone 5
      Dr. Carla June Spann 1
      Professor Eric A. Stach, PhD 1
      Mr. Judd Wilson Staples 28
      Dr. Robert James Stets Jr. 30
      Mr. Bradley Allen Stewart 19
      Mr. Matthew C. Strauss 30
      Mr. Mark Bernard Williams 14
      Dr. Scott Edward Williams 16
      Mrs. Ursula Edmond Wilson 7
      Dr. Darren Edward Zinner 7
    1993 Mr. Tiberio Richard Alfonsi 13
      Ms. Sridevi Venkata Basavaraju 13
      Mrs. Barbara Horn Bodenstein 29
      Dr. Adam W. Cates 29
      Mrs. Julie Hedenkamp Cochran 23
      Mr. Barry Cason Coplin 29
      Mr. Michael Loy Davitt 11
      Mr. David A. Deal, Jr. 8
      Dr. Rahul Vinod Deshmukh 5
      Dr. Meredith Joyner Drummond, MD 1
      Mr. Thomas Scott Eppinger 27
      Mrs. Holly Morris Espy 29
      Mr. Louis A. Falvo III 29
      Mrs. Nicole Marie Finger 5
      Mr. James Franklin Fox II 25
      Dr. Michael R. Gustafson II 14
      Mr. Grant Thomas Hollett IV 24
      Mr. Alva S. Huffman III 5
      Mr. Stephen Seung Huh 24
      Mr. Aaron Jason Keith 1
      Mr. Karl William Kottke 12
      Mr. Devendra Telikicherla Kumar 6
      Dr. Peter John Laz Jr. 2
      Lieutenant Colonel Laura L. Lenderman 1
      Mr. Gregory Paul Lissy 21
      Mr. Rickard Clinton Loftman 9
      Mr. Jeffrey Kenneth Lopez 12
      Dr. Daniel H. Loughlin 3
      Mr. Brian Edward Mackay 14
      Professor Spiro John Maroulis 8
      Mr. Jay Moller 26
      Mrs. Christine Monea Nesbit 1
      Mr. Eric Charles Nesbit 1
      Mr. Erik Nils Oberg 29
      Mr. Stirling Erik Olson 21
      Mr. Graham Andrew Orriss 16
      Mrs. Jennifer Kraynak Orriss 16
      Dr. Debra Michelle Parisi 24
      Dr. Hong Andy Park 12
      Mrs. Gillian Fischbach Parton, P.E. 10
      Dr. Neeraja Boyapati Peterson 10
      Mr. Brian Alex Pietrewicz 10
      Dr. William Stephen Poole 13
      Mr. Richard Rhee 9
      Mrs. Margaret M. Rodgers 1
      Mr. Michael Kevin Ryan 14
      Mr. Michael Collin Sardone 1
      Mr. Joseph Edmondson Schafstall 24
      Mr. William Scheessele 13
      Ms. Ann Marie Scott 3
      Dr. Ershela Latrecia Sims 18
      Mr. David James Sullivan 13
      Mr. Samir Moustaffa Tamer 24
      Mr. Jon Robert Tervo 28
      Dr. Sheila Chuang Tsai 15
      Ms. Tracy Bell Verhoeven 21
      Mr. David Tien-jen Wei 20
      Mr. Stephen Dean Williams 3
      Dr. Jason Newell Workman 20
      Mr. Robert Alton Wyatt 11
      Mr. Brian Ken Yamanouchi 29
    1994 Mr. Stephen Christopher Abate 21
      Captain Matthew James Anderson 7
      Dr. Anthony James Bellezza 18
      Mrs. Tonya Harris Berry 3
      Mr. Michael James Bingle 24
      Mr. Joseph Michael Bollinger Jr. 1
      Dr. Henry Frederick Butehorn III 8
      Mr. Chalmers Hardy Butler 10
      Dr. Fay W. Chang 3
      Mr. David Walter Choate 1
      Mr. Gary Whakuk Chung 3
      Mr. Brian S. Clise, ESQ 19
      Mr. Russell B. Copeland 27
      Eric Correll 13
      Mr. James Patrick Creighton 23
      Mr. Taylor Malcolm Davenport 23
      Dr. Beth DeBartolo 22
      Dr. Michael John Donnelly 24
      Mr. Richard Steven Dreger Jr. 15
      Mr. Jason Leif Ekedahl 28
      Dr. Geoffrey Richard Erickson 4
      Ms. Sandi Feaster 1
      Mr. Dennis M. Feenaghty 19
      Ms. Cecelia Ann Gassner 1
      Mr. James Arthur Grover 26
      Ms. Susan Elizabeth Guswa 23
      Mr. Halim Habiby 19
      Dr. Eric Keith Hall 2
      Mr. Dennis Jerome Hanzlik 20
      Mr. Brian L. Helm 13
      Mr. Robert Leroy Jacks II 7
      Mr. Warren H. James 13
      Mrs. Pamela Anne Jobert 1
      Mr. Mark Edward Kraynak 14
      Mr. Wilson Lee 15
      Mr. Joseph Aric Levitin 24
      Mrs. Audra Plenys Loftman 9
      Mr. David Charles Lott 11
      Mrs. Valerie Marx Love 28
      Dr. Maria A. Manning 11
      Dr. Michael Jonathan Mathers 14
      Dr. Deanna Hart Matthews 1
      Ms. Elizabeth Good Mazhari 17
      Mr. Antonio Minchella 7
      Mr. Paul Joseph Orsulak Jr. 6
      Ms. Heidi Pellerano 18
      Mr. Malcolm Worthington Peverley Jr. 28
      Ms. Julia Vrany Phillips 28
      Mr. Michael Todd Prewett 28
      Mr. Michael Lee Anthony Reams 24
      Ms. Andi Roddy 23
      Mr. Christopher Roes Salter 13
      Mr. Robert Gines Santos 11
      Dr. Danielle Winkler Shelley 12
      Colonel Mark Victor Slominski 28
      Mr. James Richard Sokolowski 22
      Mr. Carter Randolph Stowell 4
      Mr. Christopher John Thacker 1
      Mr. Andrew T. Vedder 13
      Dr. Romita Lal Wallen 7
      Ms. Anne Sempowski Ward 12
      Mr. Alan Lee Whitehurst 22
      Mr. Christopher David Wilson 27
      Ms. Rachel Linda Winokur 3
      Ms. Yin Yin 2
      Ms. Linda Quing Young 6
    1995 Mr. Matthew J. Alinger 26
      Dr. Tomas H. Ayala 16
      Mr. Clifford James Billings 27
      Dr. Jeffrey Edward Bischoff 13
      Mr. David Nathaniel Buza 26
      Mr. Michael Sean Caines 20
      Dr. Jeffrey A. Chard 24
      Mr. Michael C. Chiou 1
      Mr. Charles Choi 19
      Mrs. Allison Broker Cleveland 20
      Mrs. Monica Darpi DelCampo 23
      Mr. Mark S. Donnithorne 7
      Mr. Scott William Dubbeling 26
      Mr. Nikolas Charles Endrud 7
      Dr. Christopher Scott Ennen, MD 1
      Dr. Elizabeth Jett Gaske 24
      Mr. David Joseph Genova 4
      Dr. Charles Kristian Hanby 2
      Mrs. Heather Bartholf Harries 27
      Mr. Scott E. Harrington 7
      Mrs. Laura VanDevender Hawkins 4
      Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Hitchcock 5
      Dr. Thomas William Huff 1
      Dr. Mohammad Belall Ismael 27
      Dr. Michael Johannes Jurgens 19
      Dr. Andrew V. Kayes 19
      Mr. Kevin George Klinedinst 16
      Mr. David Alan Landau 5
      Ms. Cristin Lawrence 1
      Mr. Gerald Min-Tsung Lin 1
      Dr. Eric M. Manoff 6
      Mr. Steven Andrew McClelland 19
      Mr. Robert A. McClung 19
      Dr. Joel Radell Kenyatta Moody 24
      Ms. Thanh Hang Khac Nguyen 11
      Ms. Naomi Molly Oak 1
      Mr. Uche Stanley Osuji 5
      Mr. Bradley Ewing Paris 4
      Mr. Gregory David Parker 16
      Mr. Brian Racilla 15
      Mr. Marshall Robers 23
      Dr. Joseph Judge Robinette 4
      Dr. Vineet Kumar Sarin 22
      Dr. Christophe Heinz Schilling 1
      Mr. Betts Simmons Slingluff III 13
      Dr. Neil Kenton Stafford 7
      Dr. Rodney Jay Stanley 5
      Mr. Christopher David Tapia 17
      Mr. Stephen Matthew Waite 15
      Mr. Robert John Waldner 11
      Mr. Henry Davis Ward III 1
      Mr. Judd T. Willmann 1
      Mr. James C. Woodring 12
      Mrs. Fair Leah Yeager 4
      Mr. David Robert Zalesky 2
    1996 Dr. Swati Agarwal 17
      Mr. Imron T. Aly 24
      Mr. Joseph Tucker Bailey 5
      Mr. Gary John Barnhart 26
      Mr. Ethan Isaac Berger 26
      Dr. Herman Eduardo Blomeier 12
      Mr. Thomas M. Brundage 27
      Mr. Frank Bruni 26
      Mr. Peter Bryan 5
      Mr. Brian Kraig Campbell 7
      Mr. Andrew Barnard Carver 26
      Mrs. Chui-Shan Teresa Chila 12
      Mr. Brian Jaehoon Chung 26
      Mr. Daniel Vincent Covello Jr. 4
      Mr. Angelo Benjamin Cruz 27
      Mrs. Leslie Lynn Dickey 5
      Mrs. Laura Brennan Feeley 20
      Mr. Martin Robert Frenzel 3
      Mrs. Monica Ibrahim Gainey 3
      Dr. Sunil Narendra Gandhi 23
      Mr. Geoffrey Kirkland Gavin 27
      Ms. Stephanie Loraine Gloster 1
      Dr. Kathleen Margaret Greaney 6
      Mr. Robert Joseph Haley 26
      Mrs. Lorie Danelle Helms 8
      Mr. James K. Henry Jr. 26
      Mr. Benjamin Mark Holzman 13
      Ms. Catherine North Hounfodji 17
      Mr. Andrew Kevin Johnston 1
      Mrs. Holly Crist-Mansson Kelly 11
      Mr. Brian Y. Kim 4
      Mr. Jason S. Kim 4
      Mr. Andrew Hennen Lavoy 11
      Mr. David Leonard LeBlond 1
      Dr. Anne Shee Lee M.D. 3
      Dr. Jeffrey Lewis 26
      Mr. Jason Eric Lindsey, USAF 2
      Mr. Nathan Robert Loomis 1
      Mr. Jeffrey Michael Milheizler 27
      Mr. David Bruce Morton 11
      Mr. Roberto Carlos Munoz 26
      Dr. Suneel N. Nagda 15
      Mr. Drew G. Narayan 6
      Mr. Michael Thomas Nowak 1
      Mrs. Allison Conrad Pajunas 18
      Mr. Tawan Paphapote 1
      Mr. Clement David Pappas 1
      Dr. Robert Jason Parsley 25
      Ms. Estela June Patron 24
      Mr. Daniel James Paul 1
      Mrs. Nancy Ward Pham 3
      Ms. Elizabeth C. Pollard 10
      Dr. Susan Pujari Novak 2
      Mr. Alexander W. Rice 12
      Mr. Evangelos Ringas 27
      Mr. Christopher T. Sabatino 24
      Mr. Derek Kingsley Schubert 3
      Mr. Kevin Schwall 23
      Ms. Amy Motter Scott 4
      Mr. Scott Michael Shimp 26
      Ms. Sanyin Siang 4
      Ms. Kristine Maxine Singley 1
      Mr. Joshua Brant Skudlarick 20
      Dr. Shunmugavelu Doraivelu Sokka 1
      Dr. Daniel Jeremy Sorin 23
      Dr. Janis Marie Taube 5
      Mrs. Shannon O. Thornton 16
      Mrs. Maura Gallagher Tira 20
      Mrs. Christine Mancini Varani 1
      Mr. James Sherman Walsh 1
      Mr. Daniel P. Weinstein 5
      Mr. Eric Wong 10
      Dr. Daniel Francis Zlogar 1
    1997 Mr. Frank Anthony Badalamenti 18
      Mr. Gregory De Wayne Brown 1
      Mr. Peter Charles Carlone 25
      Mr. Yiu Bong Alan Chang 5
      Mr. James Andrew Chartier 11
      Ms. Amy Eileen Croot 22
      Ms. Stacey Jean Davis 3
      Dr. Jeffrey Donnithorne 1
      Ms. Lee Anne Duval 17
      Mr. Steven Warren Fass 22
      Mr. Francisco Javier Fernandez 11
      Ms. Melissa Beth Field 1
      Mr. Robert Patton Flowers 25
      Mrs. Sara Hassan Furber 9
      Mr. Daniel A. Godrick 25
      Dr. Varish Goyal 13
      Mrs. Amara Lynne Hildebrand 12
      Mr. Blair Thomas Holt 5
      Ms. Elaine Yuan-I Hsieh 13
      Mr. Harris Henson Hwang 20
      Dr. Joseph Salvador Joson 1
      Mr. Christopher Randall Kelly 1
      Ms. Mara Elizabeth Kingsley 12
      Dr. Robert C. Kunz 13
      Mrs. Morgan Branch Larue 19
      Dr. Karen Jennifer Leiser Krady 5
      Ms. Melanie Jill Licis 19
      Mrs. Michelle Ann Lytle 3
      Ms. MiMi Lee McCloskey 25
      Mr. Theron L. Metz 25
      Mr. Jeffrey Kirk Mills 22
      Dr. Maureen Lynn Mulcahy 10
      Dr. Gregory Murad 14
      Dr. Sangki Oak 10
      Mr. Theodore Grey Perkins 11
      Mrs. Rebecca L S Peterson 25
      Mr. Jason Obenshain Piche 20
      Mr. Patrick Griffin Quigley 1
      Mr. Bryan Soohyun Rheem 12
      Dr. Heather Yeckes Rodin, MD 20
      Mrs. Martina Banovac Roediger 6
      Dr. Bret Alan Rogers 26
      Ms. Susan A. Rolls 1
      Mr. Charles W. Saletta Jr. 25
      Ms. Jill Anne Schreifer 5
      Mr. Todd Alan Spears 25
      Dr. Dierdre V. Strigenz 5
      Mr. Marwan Khaled Saeed Tabbara 22
      Dr. Linda M. Thomas 20
      Mr. Patrick Charles Thomasma 15
      Mrs. Lanette Young Tyler 13
      Mr. Srinivas Sampath Velamoor 1
      Mr. Bradley Peter Vigrass 1
      Mr. Matthew J. Walker 8
      Mr. Christopher Hilton Young 20
      Mrs. Jennifer Greenwood Zawacki 1
    1998 Ms. Lena Fu Balucan 7
      Mr. Paul Griffin Bamert 22
      Mr. Theodore Gordon Barnes 3
      Dr. Ali Behbahani 3
      Dr. Jeff Matthew Berry 3
      Mr. Kevin Eric Bonebrake 1
      Mr. Jeffrey Robert Bourke 1
      Dr. Aimee Virginia Chappelow, MD 5
      Dr. Christopher Paochung Cheng, PhD 5
      Mr. Rajeev Kedar Chopra 12
      Mr. Jesse Stanley Claypoole IV 7
      Ms. Jennifer Eileen Coker 6
      Mr. James Douglas Congdon 24
      Mr. Christopher A. Daniels 3
      Mr. Jeffrey Craig Demenkow 6
      Mr. Damian Vinson Dolland 13
      Mr. Steven J. Drechsler 21
      Mr. Neal Anthony England 1
      Mr. Alexander Hsi-Pu Feng 17
      Mr. Samuel Carpenter Fiechter 2
      Mrs. Amanda Hallet Gelber 22
      Mr. Nicholas Robert Gelber 22
      Mr. Steven I. Geller 3
      Mr. Adam Michael Giannone 16
      Mr. Russell Monroe Glass 1
      Ms. Sacha Nicole Goodson 17
      Mr. Russell Sterling Groves 21
      Mrs. Deborah Cano Hartman 17
      Mr. Faraz Hussain 14
      Mr. Ram Mohan Jagannath 8
      Mr. David Mcleod Jordan 25
      Mr. Robert Kanoa Judge 20
      Ms. Teresa Cornelia Kelley 15
      Dr. Brian Andrew Kilpela 13
      Mr. Julius Chen Lai 24
      Lawrence Lai 25
      Ms. Annette Yuen Nga Lam 7
      Dr. Marc Robert Larochelle 10
      Dr. Warren Lee 1
      Mr. Timothy Peter Lessek 12
      Dr. Jason Luck 1
      Mr. Ross Mayo, Jr. 16
      Mr. Kevin Thomas McGee 1
      Mr. Patrick Michael McLaughlin 23
      Mr. Gerald Scott Meyer 22
      Mrs. Eliza Straten Nevers 5
      Mr. Sean Michael O’connor 2
      Dr. Yung Hee Park 24
      Mrs. Audrey Elizabeth Penrose 11
      Ms. Jennifer Jean Peters 16
      Mr. Bradley Alan Phelps 17
      Ms. Neda Bell Poommipanit 6
      Ms. Michelle Naggar Reichenbach 15
      Mr. Mark William Sessoms 23
      Dr. Pinata Hungspreugs Sessoms 23
      Mr. Todd Michael Singleton 2
      Mr. Scott Andrew Skorupa 3
      Ms. Cheryl Chunco Starcher 19
      Mr. Frederic T. Tenney 16
      Mr. Travis Michael Troyer 23
      Mr. Jonathan Bradley Tyler 13
      Mr. Robert Benjamin Vermillion 1
      Mr. Jason Stuart Vickers-Smith 1
      Mrs. Katherine Karazim Walker 11
      Ms. Chungpei Winifred Wang 7
      Ms. Virginia Hedrich Yang 8
    1999 Dr. Timothy E. Allen 23
      Mr. Joshua Philip Arwood 20
      Mr. Neil Samuel Berlin 20
      Mrs. Elizabeth Shiver Bernstein 20
      Mr. Brian Richard Bleus 19
      Mrs. Tynesia Shivaun Boyea-Robinson 4
      Mrs. Jennifer Johnsen Brownlie 18
      Mr. Joseph Michael Burnett 1
      Mr. Chadwick Landon Campbell 9
      Mrs. Brigitte Castaing Addimando 14
      Mrs. Margaret Prestwood Chiou 13
      Mr. Young Jae Choi 11
      Mr. John Christopher Cocker 5
      Mr. David Michael Cummings 24
      Ms. Rachel Marie Cyrus 2
      Mr. Jason Gregory Darling 24
      Mr. Anthony Thomas DeBenedet 13
      Mr. David Earl Dolby 6
      Mrs. Kelly Bollinger Dyar 7
      Mrs. Megan Taylor Elfers 22
      Mr. Jonathan Andris Feifs 22
      Mr. Philip Mark Garber 8
      Dr. Angela Ylenia Giuffrida 17
      Mr. Andrew William Gonce 1
      Ms. Kathleen Rose Grishman 15
      Mr. Vladislav D. Ivanov 16
      Mr. Anthony Lagnese 24
      Ms. Jeannie Young Lee 24
      Mrs. Michele Canavaggio Leignadier 2
      Mr. Matthew H. Lunn 3
      Mr. Wesley Rogers McClelland 1
      Dr. Kevin Bryce Mcgowan 24
      Dr. Jennifer Mary Meuchel 7
      Mrs. Ann Nelson Mittelstadt 21
      Mrs. Riley Weber Murdock 24
      Mr. Kyler Robert Nunery 3
      Captain Christopher Nygren 1
      Mr. Eric Bradley Oishi 1
      Dr. Laurel Brooke Passantino 18
      Dr. William Lawrence Portnoy Jr. 10
      Dr. Jennifer Preston 4
      Mr. Francis Dominic Preuss 4
      Mrs. Mia Kim Rahn 4
      Mr. Walter Keith Robinson 4
      Mr. Ryan Monroe Scott 1
      Mr. William Tilley Seddon 5
      Dr. Dipak Pravin Shah 8
      Mr. Jason Todd Shibata 9
      Mr. Aleksandr M. Slepak 1
      Mrs. Kristina M. Smith 8
      Ms. Suneeta Sudhir Sohoni 9
      Mr. Thanikaivelu Doraivelu Sokka 2
      Dr. Jordan Philip Steinberg, MD, PhD 20
      Mr. Jason David Stipanov 8
      Ms. Delaney Steele Stoval 3
      Ms. Sarah Carolyn Townsley 24
      Mr. Brian Andrew Turner 11
      Mr. Eric Zen-Shah Wang 15
      Mr. James George Warriner 14
      Mr. Steven Edward Williams 4
    2000 Mr. Miles David Alexander 3
      Mr. Grant R. Allen 20
      Mrs. Maria Barton 6
      Mr. Jeffrey David Beck 3
      Mr. Todd Edward Behrens 11
      Bernie Eduardo Beigh 2
      Mrs. Carla W. Benigni 23
      Mr. Herbert Frederick Bohnet IV 16
      Mr. William N. Camp II 23
      Mr. Kevin Cheung 11
      Dr. Li Chien Cheung 11
      Mr. Matthew Allen Cornwell 23
      Ms. Maisha Jenyetta Cottman 1
      Mr. Sean Everett Delehanty 5
      Mr. Kevin Michael Eckhardt 8
      Mr. Christian Essiger 6
      Mr. Eugene Chan Farng 3
      Dr. Michael Stuart Ferrell 5
      Dr. John Harrison Daniel Gyurko 6
      Mr. Geoff William Habicht 6
      Mr. Manish Mohan Hebbar 11
      Mr. Michael S. Hernandez-soria 20
      Mr. Jeffrey Michael Hindman 21
      Ms. Laura Huang 16
      Dr. Jonathan Edward Hughes, PhD 4
      Mr. Brian D. Jones 8
      Mr. Michael Gerald Kamas 23
      Mr. Arnaud Pierre Karsenti 7
      Mr. Daniel R. S. Kauffman 1
      Mr. Samuel Robert Kuo 15
      Mr. Jon Ping Lam 5
      Dr. George C LaVerde 18
      Mr. Christopher Rowland Levering 13
      Mr. Mark Chung Wei Lim 9
      Dr. Roger Chin Lin 3
      Mrs. Nana Little 6
      Mr. Daniel Crocker Lowrie 20
      Mrs. Whitney Brown Novak 15
      Mr. Jason Lawrence O’Meara 1
      Ms. Stacy Lynn Pineles 18
      Mr. Isai Ramirez Jr. 8
      Mr. J. Brent Ratz 20
      Ms. Jacquelyn June Renton 13
      Mr. Adam Richard Schimel 8
      Mr. Kenneth George Schopfer 7
      Dr. A. Jesse Schuette Jr. 11
      Mr. Cary K. Shiao 1
      Mr. Daniel Robert Silver 23
      Dr. Rebecca Ann Simmons 10
      Mr. Brian Michael Stempel 20
      Mr. Adam G. Stewart 20
      Ms. Yushing Erin Sun 10
      Dr. Chi-Tsai Tang 1
      Mr. Jason ChihChung Tsao 1
      Mr. Gabriel Ernesto Tsuboyama 23
      Mr. Paul Heschel Tzur 17
      Mr. Justin L. Van Buren 23
      Mr. Richard Stockton Vandermass 18
      Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Vickerman 16
      Mr. Peter Alexander Weld 19
      Mrs. Lauren Kathleen Wisniewski 23
      Ms. Kristin Kendrick Wolfe 1
    2001 Ms. Ingrid Lea Abendroth 22
      Mr. Brian Christopher Alonso 14
      Mr. Brian Robert Appel 10
      Dr. Alexis Lynn Beatty 15
      Dr. Ashish Ambavi Bhimani 12
      Mr. Christopher Tyler Blitz 20
      Mr. Jonathan Lyons Caine 2
      Mr. Paul Aaron Caplan 4
      Dr. Emmanuel Yih-herng Chang 4
      Dr. Mark Ryan Contarino 1
      Mrs. Stephanie Spalding Cook 22
      Mr. John Nathan Day 1
      Mrs. Melissa L. Desnoyers 4
      Mrs. Lauren Smetko Dieterich 22
      Mr. Justin Lawrence Doull 21
      Mr. Jason Bradford Dunham 10
      Mr. Andrew Smith Exnicios 13
      Dr. Jessica Lynne Foley 22
      Mr. Ethan Fricklas 10
      Ms. Jennifer Lee Gardiner 2
      Mrs. Allison Hsiao Gaskins 20
      Mr. Stephan Richardson Gaskins 20
      Mr. Alan Michael Gust 7
      Mr. John Frederick Hack III 20
      Mr. Gregory T. Hasbrouck 22
      Mr. Alexander Thomas Hayes 1
      Mrs. Sarah Bradley Higgins 25
      Mr. David Tadashi Imai 3
      Ms. Judith Jacobson 13
      Mr. Aydin Alper Kadaster 18
      Ms. Kerry Marie Kidwell-Slak 22
      Dr. Paul Andrew Klenk 22
      Ms. Jennifer Koh 20
      Mrs. Rebecca Marie Kohl-Gomez 5
      Mr. Jeffrey Fen-Te Kung 2
      Dr. Dwight Kenneth Lee 3
      Mr. Charles Shih-Han Lin 6
      Mrs. Lauren Nuechterlein Louis 22
      Mr. David Joseph Marquard III 17
      Mr. Thomas M. Meese 6
      Mr. Mahesh Raman Narayanaswamy 2
      Dr. Daniel Bertrand Neill 13
      Ms. Nicole Schwartz Nett 22
      Mr. Justin Mulhern Offen 3
      Dr. Philip Paik 1
      Mr. Clayton Douglas Poppe 20
      Mr. Brent Justin Reid 6
      Mr. William G. Rozakis 1
      Mr. James L. Ruth 14
      Mr. Nicholas Warren Sehn 15
      Dr. Amy C. Sharma 21
      Mr. Navin Sharma 21
      Mr. Theodore Chia Shih 3
      Dr. Harmander Singh 12
      Mr. Alexander R. Sistla 6
      Mrs. Lauren Schaffer Stienes 20
      Mr. Brandon Hugh Stroy 5
      Mrs. Emily Dalhart Tzur 17
      Mr. Jayaprakash Venkatraman 2
      Mr. Daniel S. Wang 1
      Mr. Michael Ellett Weissinger 14
      Mr. Christopher A. Winter 10
      Mr. Michael Yun Xia 2
      Dr. Amol Ramesh Yajnik 17
      Mr. Kent Tai-Lung Young 22
    2002 Mr. Benjamin J. Aitken 10
      Mr. Nader Hussain Al Ansari 12
      Mr. Benjamin David Atkins 17
      Mr. Jesse Atkinson 20
      Mrs. Lisa Rauenzahn Betz 1
      Mr. Benjamin Scott Borns 13
      Professor Cody Joel Brownell 11
      Mr. Adam Patrick Burns 6
      Mrs. Danielle Chalson 7
      Mr. Wai Lam Chan 1
      Mr. Chien-Chung Chen 5
      Mr. John Fook-Wing Cheng 18
      Mr. Matthew Quinn Christensen 2
      Dr. Herbert John Cooper Jr. 20
      Mr. Daniel Francis Drewnowski 1
      Dr. Jeffrey Stephen Earhart 1
      Dr. Sitaramesh Emani 8
      Mr. John Austin Talanda Fath 15
      Ms. Julie Michelle Kempton Furt 21
      Mr. Tan Gao 3
      Mr. Christopher Michael Grocki 15
      Mrs. Jaclyn Elise Hanifen 21
      Mr. Benjamin Michael Harrison 1
      Dr. Ara Karamanian 7
      Dr. Dorlan Jamal Kimbrough 4
      Mr. David Huyett Lake 4
      Dr. Amy Liu 1
      Dr. Kristina Lynn Lundberg 1
      Ms. Christina M. Luquire 17
      Mr. Patrick Luquire 17
      Mr. Paul Vincent Macwilliams 1
      Mr. Alexander Fernando Martinez 6
      Mr. John Randolph Means 19
      Mr. Andrew Jonathan Meyers 11
      Dr. Steven Robert Meyers 21
      Mr. Ryan J. Miller 17
      Mr. Clark M. O’Niell 19
      Mrs. Abigail Laurie Pachon 20
      Dr. Sarah Ann Park 19
      Dr. Amil Ashok Patel 3
      Mr. Mark Stewart Rockwood 3
      Mr. James Andrew Romes 13
      Mrs. Laney Simmons Stoddard 19
      Mr. Kevin Wei-Zhong Teng 1
      Mr. Stephen Taylor Thompson 17
      Mrs. Stacey Elizabeth Varsani 10
      Mr. Clinton D. Walker 21
      Mr. Michael Warren Wick 1
      Mr. Alfred Wong 5
      Mr. Gabriel Ka-yiu Yuen 4
      Mr. Rami David Zheman 21
    2003 Dr. Joseph G. Baltz Jr. 20
      Mr. Ian David Berman 5
      Mr. Craig Robert Brown 3
      Dr. Stephanie Chan 11
      Mr. Nathan Lincoln Chao 1
      Ms. Kay Chau 16
      Dr. David Y. Chong 2
      Mr. Max David Cohen 20
      Dr. Michael Louis Desimone 3
      Mr. David Steven Dipietro 16
      Mr. Thomas Lawrence Earp 5
      Ms. Deborah Seibold Egeland 1
      Mr. Martin Adam Elisco 19
      Mr. Charles Prentice Gelatt 17
      Mr. Alexander Lee Hooper 8
      Dr. Diana Hsu 1
      Dr. Derek Kato Juang 4
      Dr. Robert Timothy Kazmierski 20
      Mr. Jed Jaehyung Kim 5
      Mr. Seung Yun Kim 1
      Mr. Mark Daniel Krasniewski 20
      Mr. Gopind Nanda Kumar 12
      Dr. Anu Reema Lamba 2
      Mr. Benjamin James Lebow 3
      Ms. Christine Tu Lin 17
      David Logan 13
      Mr. Matthew J. Mailloux 20
      Mr. David Read Maloney 9
      Mrs. Margaret Fry Mandell 14
      Dr. Victor S. Mangona 1
      Mr. Andy T. Ng 20
      Mr. Jake Palmer 4
      Mr. Daniel J. Roller 1
      Mr. Christopher Alan Ross 5
      Ms. Elizabeth R. Strautin 20
      Mr. Matthew Frederick Sutherland 1
      Dr. Mausumi Natalie Syamal-Loughran 2
      Mr. Amar Kumar Tanna 20
      Mr. Zachary D. Walton 1
      Mr. ShiBin Michael Wang 4
      Mr. Dorion Donte Watkins 2
      Dr. Gregory Moore Williams 20
      Mrs. Sarah Donahue Wolff 1
      Dr. Fran Lebajo Wu 20
      Mr. Mark Younger 9
    2004 Mr. Jamie Michael Alders 9
      Mr. John David Alexander 19
      Dr. Steven James Barmach 5
      Mr. Daniel J. Barrett 1
      Mr. William Osgood Bell Jr. 1
      Mr. Christopher Miller Boston 11
      Mr. Udayaditya Chatterjee 15
      Ms. Meredith Moore Cheng 12
      Dr. Kengyeh Chu 17
      Dr. Hyun Oh Chung 14
      Dr. Paul Dominick Colavita 4
      Mrs. Teresa Tetlow Crowe 17
      Dr. Nicholas Geza Csikesz 1
      Dr. James Marshall Dayton 9
      Mr. Jose Daniel De Ojeda 3
      Mr. Christopher J. Dillenbeck 20
      Ms. Allison Michelle Douglas 17
      Mr. Jonathan David Drillings 9
      Mr. Joseph Tillman Elliott 13
      Mrs. Colleen Nolan Farrell 17
      Mr. Matthew Powell Farrell 17
      Mr. Eric James Gardner 13
      Mr. Jeff Garro 7
      Mr. Brett Aaron Hainline 7
      Mr. Bradley H. Hledik 17
      Mr. Roy Junsik Hwang 7
      Mr. David Brandon Jones 19
      Mr. Jeffrey Russell Jones 15
      Mrs. Huikai Karol 14
      Dr. Beumkyeu Kim 13
      Dr. Megan Mary Klenow 8
      Mr. Jason Barry Laderman-Jones 19
      Mr. Seth Emerson Lankford 4
      Mr. Paul Lisi 16
      Dr. Patrick Cresencian Mathias 14
      Dr. Vito Frank Mecca 19
      Mrs. Alice Hammer Meyer 2
      Mr. Thomas Cole Meyer 3
      Mr. Michael Richard Parsons 16
      Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Parvez 19
      Mr. Daminda Manoj Rajapaksa 13
      Mr. Matthew Robert Raubach 12
      Mr. Christopher James Sample 19
      Dr. Sumit Anil Shah 8
      Mr. William Albert Simpson 4
      Dr. Jeremy Hayden Snook 3
      Mr. Andrew David Steinberg 7
      Dr. Emanuel Stockman 1
      Mr. Russell Swagart 2
      Mr. Richard Porter Thomsen III 6
      Mr. Jeremy Michael Tucker 7
      Mr. Andrew R. Tupper 1
      Mr. Brent Thomas Warner 4
      Mrs. Kristine K. Warner 4
      Mr. Stephen T. Wu 20
      Mr. Sai Sarath Yagnyamurthy 4
    2005 Dr. Veeral Haresh Ajmera 1
      Mr. Pasquale Arcese IV 17
      Dr. Noel M. Bakhtian 18
      Dr. Justin Charles Brower 1
      Mr. Jeffrey Daniel Burlin 18
      Ben Burnham 1
      Mr. Dennis Sean Casey 15
      Ms. Laura Marie Castaing 18
      Mr. Melvin Chiang 9
      Ms. Kwan Ting Chow 3
      Mr. George Andrew Crowell 11
      Mr. Michael Gary Curcio 18
      Dr. Danielle Mousseau Davidian 1
      Mr. Pierre James de Boisblanc 10
      Mr. Julius Kazys Degesys 18
      Mr. Brian O. Diekman 4
      Mr. David Ryan Dorough 4
      Mr. Andrew F. Dreher 18
      Mr. Matthew M. Engelhard 1
      Mr. Thomas James Fernandez 18
      Mr. James Vaughn Finchum 14
      Mr. Jacob Flomenberg 8
      Mr. Andrew D. Galanopoulos 8
      Dr. Haven R. Garber 18
      Ms. Emma Harvey Giamartino 3
      Mr. Thai Wing Darwin Goei 10
      Mr. Thomas Charles Goltermann Jr. 18
      Mr. Steven A. Gore 3
      Mr. Michael Guadano 6
      Mr. Charles Tilden Hagan IV 16
      Mr. Adam P. Hall 18
      Ms. Megan Hanson 1
      Dr. Stacey Hero 15
      Mr. Brian Robert Hirsh 18
      Dr. Jia-Wei Kevin Ko 8
      Dr. Emily J. Kovalchick 18
      Mr. David Kuban 13
      Mr. Timothy Charles Lamson 2
      Mr. Richard Morris Larrey Jr. 15
      Dr. Anthony G. Lau 11
      Mr. Cameron Levy 2
      Ms. Jennifer Marie Libling 18
      Dr. Christopher Blair Link 2
      Mr. Jeffrey Michael McCormick 17
      Mr. John Richard McDowell IV 13
      Ms. Tiara Chavon Monroe Smith 2
      Mr. Shaun Michael Noonan 18
      Dr. Yaw A. Nyame 3
      Mr. Kevin Steven Parker 18
      Mr. Nathan Michael Partin 8
      Mrs. Julianna Swanson Peacock 18
      Mr. Yashar Pirzadeh 2
      Dr. Andrew D. Portnoy 19
      Ms. Michele E. Pugh 17
      Mr. Justin M. Shapiro 1
      Mr. Nathan S. Sherrard 1
      Mrs. Tianlu Li Snook 3
      Mr. Isaac Emmanuel Specter 18
      Daniel Stepner 5
      Mr. Jason S. Su 11
      Mr. Joseph Price Tadduni 15
      Mr. Adam Louis Weinberger 17
      Ms. Jennifer Lee Wilbur 18
      Mr. Jonathan Michael Zile 7
      Dr. Michael David Zordan 11
    2006 Mr. Todd Elkin Aetherwyn 18
      Mrs. Taylor Elizabeth Apfel 2
      Mr. Terry Milton Arnold II 14
      Dr. Alexandru V. Avram 3
      Mr. Gareth Thurso Barendse 12
      Dr. Nasir Husain Bhanpuri 4
      Mr. Justin Daniel Bieber 12
      Mrs. Omaira C. Brightman 17
      Dr. Lorenna Dianne Buck 2
      Dr. Katherine Elizabeth Bulgrin 17
      Dr. John Christopher Champion 1
      Dr. Rachel Wergin Champion 1
      Mr. Zubair Hsi-mai Chao 10
      Mr. Patrick Thomas Cleary 17
      Mr. Mark Hoelzer Connell 12
      Mr. Michael David Cote 14
      Mr. David Ryan Crowe 17
      Mr. Robert Rhodes Demason 14
      Dr. Roger Diebold 15
      Mr. Eric William Dooley 5
      Mr. Joshua Melamed Dubnow 4
      Mr. John T. Erickson 8
      Mr. Stephen Cooper Felkins 17
      Ms. Caroline Wray Fox 17
      Mr. Steven Wayne Gangstead 2
      Mr. Ryan S. Habbley 17
      Mr. Matthew W. Hawk 17
      Mrs. Melissa Hawk 17
      Ms. Clare B. Hawthorne 17
      Dr. Le He 5
      Dr. Vy Uyen Hoang 15
      Dr. Michael Anthony Holliday 10
      Dr. Derek Robert Hower 17
      Ms. Xinfeng Evelyn Hu 8
      Dr. Daniel Morgan Kaplan 17
      Mr. Andrew Sean Katz 8
      Mr. Clifton Ehrich Kerr 10
      Mr. Daniel Kim 7
      Ms. Emily Yoo-ra Kos 17
      Mr. Jesse William Longoria 16
      Ms. Laura Bordeau Moss 8
      Dr. Emily Mittag Mugler 17
      Mr. Ty Kumar Mukherji 8
      Dr. Shelby Addison Neal 17
      Dr. Devin Christopher Odom 12
      Dr. Courtney Lehn Olmsted 18
      Mr. Branon Cox Painter 17
      Mr. Daniel Steven Pergola 4
      Dr. Jialing Kim Png 2
      Mr. Brent Gaines Powers 15
      Mr. Darren Pedro Rivas 7
      Mr. Daniel Benjamin Rosenberg 3
      Mr. Andrew Robert Schmidt 17
      Mr. Roman Gerald Schwarz 17
      Mr. David Andrew Semko 4
      Mr. William Benjamin Senner 17
      Mr. James William Short Jr. 2
      Ms. Camille Almaz Smith 1
      Mr. Andrew Matamoros Stalnecker 12
      Mr. Peter Lawrence Staver 10
      Ms. Mika Johana Tanimoto-Stroy 17
      Mrs. Kimberly Whyte Truesdale 5
      Mr. Gihan Shaminda Wickramaratne 15
      Dr. Randy Matthew Yamada 17
      Dr. Siu-Chung Yau 1
      Mr. Adam Joel Zuckerman 14
    2007 Mr. Ronal George Abraham 5
      Mr. Benjamin Schaefer Abram 3
      Mr. Byron Alvarez 5
      Mr. Jonathan Arnstein 8
      Ms. Nicole Lynn Axelrod 16
      Mr. Aaron Thomas Baxter 13
      Mr. John B. Borofka 16
      Elan Harder Bresslour-Rashap, MD 16
      Dr. Lisa Burton O’Toole 13
      Mr. Dennis J. Cattel 16
      Mrs. Rachel Lavon Chaitt 6
      Dr. Stephanie Ja-yi Chen 12
      Mr. Matthew David Clements 13
      Mr. Steven Francis Cocciardi 1
      Mr. Wade Thomas Cooper III 3
      Mr. William Lamble Cooper III 13
      Mr. Conlin Drew Crow 15
      Mr. Michael Charles Dameron 1
      Mr. Gregory Alexander Darland 7
      Mr. John Matthew Dayton 13
      Mr. Nishanth Dev 16
      Mr. Frank Mann Dreher 16
      Mrs. Natalie Renee Case Eagleburger 16
      Mr. Arthur Christian Fischer-Zernin 12
      Ms. Elizabeth Foster Courtney 11
      Mrs. Amanda Marie Fuller 14
      Mr. Meng Gao 5
      Mr. Eric Leigh Geller 5
      Mrs. Shaina Gram 9
      Mrs. Kelly FitzGerald Greer 16
      Mr. Cameron Alexander Harrison 3
      Mr. Richard Curtis Harting 17
      Mr. Jeffrey C. Herbert 16
      Mrs. Meredith C. Herbert 16
      Dr. Justin David Hilliard 8
      Mr. David Huie 12
      Mr. Michael Humeniuk 6
      Mr. Eric C. Hung 12
      Mr. Bibek Joshi 16
      Dr. Keigo Kawaji 8
      Mr. Turan Altay Kayagil 18
      Mr. David Patrick Kelley 16
      Mrs. Emily Schmidt Kelley 16
      Mr. Jeffrey Kessler 2
      Mr. Tobias Franklin Kraus 16
      Mr. Gregory B. Larkin 16
      Mr. Brian Jacob Lewis 16
      Mr. Scott Eric Liddle 1
      Mr. Adam Geoffrey Luchansky 1
      Mrs. Claudia Fischmann Mattison 1
      Dr. Shawn James Mendonca 2
      Mrs. Meredith Min 8
      Dr. Kristin Denise Morgan 1
      Mr. Lu Morrison 16
      Ms. Amy Rachel Motomura 16
      Dr. Katie Marie Myers 1
      Mr. Phillip Daniel Nicholson 10
      Mr. Ryan C. Pertz 16
      Mr. Casey James Rubin 1
      Mr. Noah Sakimura 16
      Mr. John Michael Schoenleber 10
      Mr. Todd Michael Seaver 1
      Dr.  Jessica Son 1
      Mr. Eric Michael Spitz 16
      Mr. Jason Strasser 15
      Mrs. Caroline Anne Strojny 2
      Dr. Elizabeth Ann Vasievich 16
      Mrs. Aida Marino Wiebke 13
      Mrs. Lori Yu 9
      Dr. Michael Donald Zimmerman 13
    2008 Mr. Nii Ako Ampa-Sowa 15
      Mr. Timothy David Antonelli 4
      Mr. Scott Keller Bailey 12
      Mr. Dennis Matthew Bartlett 2
      Mr. Matthew Paul Burke 13
      Dr. Corey Michael Butler 4
      Dr. Matthew Frederick Campbell 13
      Ian Lerner Cassidy 13
      Dr. Heidi Yi-Shin Chang 15
      Ms. Xiaoying Sheryl Chen 4
      Mr. Dean Shiyu Chiang 4
      Ms. Priscilla Frances Chyn 15
      Dr. Stephen Thomas Clark 12
      Mr. Homero Coronado Jr. 4
      Mr. John Alexander Crowell 10
      Dr. Qinxian Chelsea Curran 15
      Mr. Ruben De Alba Jr. 1
      Mrs. Megan Director 12
      Audrei Drummond 10
      Mr. Amauche Emenari 8
      Dr. Thomas James Feehan 8
      Mr. Addison Wesley Ferrell 1
      Dr. Audrey Jane Gaskins 12
      Mr. Philip John Gorman 15
      Dr. Karli Spetzler Griffeth 12
      Mr. Brandon R. Guard 12
      Mr. William Andrew Hoffman IV 12
      Ms. Sara Catherine Holcomb 15
      Mr. Alexander Hwang 8
      Dr. Priscilla Hwang 4
      Mr. Jordan Blake Iceton 12
      Mr. Michael Allen Keel 13
      Ms. Neha Krishnamohan 15
      Mr. Robert Savage Linsalata 1
      Dr. Sebastian Liska 12
      Mr. Cristian Cheukyiu Liu 15
      Mr. Justin Cody Maxwell 8
      Alexander McKinnon 1
      Mrs. Leslie Voorhees Means 15
      Mr. Arthur Mui 9
      Mrs. Holly Hackman Ohlsson 15
      Dr. Eric John Ojerholm 15
      Ms. Chinyere Theresa Okoli 15
      Mr. Christopher Michael Parides 12
      Mr. John Leonard Perkins 10
      Dr. John Pura 2
      Mr. Drew Rindner 12
      Mr. Brett Joseph Sauers 1
      Mr. Paul Ruffin Scarborough Jr. 6
      Mr. Michael Timothy Schaper 15
      Dr. Andrew D. Sobel 13
      Dr. Geoffrey LeRoy Southmayd 15
      Mr. Kyle William Squillario 5
      Mr. John Frederick Sullivan 15
      Mr. Rick Anthony Szcodronski 12
      Mr. Adam Ross Udasin 13
      Mr. David M. Wagner 3
      Mr. Scott Kaylor Wagoner 6
      Mr. Terence Parker Wallace 15
      Mr. Andrew Shell Waterman 15
      Dr. Yvonne Joy Yamanaka 15
      Mr. Edison Mingtao Zhang 12
      Ms. Brittany Leigh Zick 1
    2009 Mr. Peter Woodward Allen 5
      Ms. Laura Michelle Angle 14
      Professor Laura Hoover Arias Chavez 10
      Mr. Kevin Autrey 5
      Mr. Benjamin Jason Barocas 1
      Dr. John Patrick Barrett III 3
      Mrs. Jessica Barlow Becker 14
      Mr. Alexander Carter Berghorst 1
      Mr. Seth Brown 12
      Mr. Thomas Andrew Burkland 12
      Ms. Sherry Shiyi Chen 1
      Dr. Christal Pey-Yi Chow 3
      Mrs. Katharyn Cordero 14
      Mr. Rafael Antonio Cordero 14
      Mrs. Amanda Jo Daly 13
      Dr. Adam J. Dixon 1
      Mrs. Caitlin Therrien Dowling 10
      Mr. Yuanlong Du 14
      Mrs. Elana Royle Bobo Edwards 14
      Mr. Patrick J. Eibl 15
      Mr. Arthur Joseph Everson IV 11
      Mrs. Alyssa Garver 1
      Dr. Christopher Gordon Gibson 8
      Mr. Varun Sunil Gokarn 1
      Dr. Mikhail Gordin 9
      Mr. Alexander Huntington Gorham 14
      Mr. Jason Phillip Greenhut 1
      Mr. Shi Gu 12
      Mr. Xin Gu 4
      Mr. Sani Una Hadziahmetovic 2
      Mr. Thomas James Hadzor 14
      Dr. Antonia Rose Helbling 14
      Mr. Henry Tek-hung Jue 3
      Dr. Mary Ellen Irene Koran 14
      Dr. Daniel D. Lee 12
      Mr. Alex S. Li 10
      Dr. Hui Hui Li 3
      Mr. Vincent Yung Ling 14
      Ms. Amanda Rita Magli 4
      Ms. Jenna E. Maloka 14
      Mr. Eric S. Mansfield 14
      Mr. Mark Lee Maynard Jr. 4
      Mr. Daniel William Mistarz 14
      Mr. David Joseph Mittenson 14
      Mr. Todd Elliott Monson 10
      Mr. James Colin Montupet 6
      Mr. Justin Nicholas Mullen 14
      Ms. Mhoire Lynn Murphy 14
      Mr. Andrew Xinghan Ng 9
      Dr. Jonathan L. Odom 4
      Dr. Kathleen Murphy Orazem 14
      Mr. Jun-Jeong Park 4
      Mr. Sahil Pankaj Patel 14
      Mr. Daniel Aaron Phillips 14
      Mr. Preston S. Porter 10
      Mr. James Vincent Razick 14
      Mr. Bryan Paul Reisch 10
      Dr. Paul Markey Riherd 9
      Dr. Christopher Ryan Rowland 4
      Mrs. Molly Bierman Ryan 14
      Mr. James Louis Schulhof Jr. 9
      Dr. Brian Collin Schulte 3
      Dr. Michael Silver 14
      Ms. Anne Sloan 16
      Mr. Scott Steinberg 5
      Mr. Bryan David Stem 8
      Dr. Erik Chen Su 1
      Dr. Di Sun 10
      Ms. Amanda Chu Tong 14
      Mr. Ibrahim Khaled Toukan 14
      Mr. Christopher M. Wade 12
      Dr. Ivan Wang 14
      Dr. Duo Xu 10
      Dr. Tianhe Zhang 10
    2010 Mr. Pongpitch Amatyakul 13
      Mr. Nicholas Patrick Bobrinskoy 2
      Mr. John Michael Burton Jr. 13
      Dr. Vyshak Chandra 8
      Ms. Olivia C. Chang 13
      Mr. David Chia Chuan Chen 10
      Ms. Marian Felicity Dickinson 1
      Mr. James Vincent Dimaiolo 1
      Dr. Xuan Ding 3
      Mr. Alex Dean Edelsburg 11
      Mr. David Alexander Eitel 13
      Dr. Stephanie Reid Everett 13
      Dr. Manuel Peter Fanarjian 5
      Mr. Zachary Michael Fernandez 6
      Mrs. Margaret Irene Finch 2
      Stephanie Finch 13
      Mr. Andrew David First 13
      Mr. Thomas C. Gallmeyer 8
      Mr. William Gamerota 13
      Mr. Douglas Michael Giannantonio 13
      Ms. Jordan C. Goldstein 13
      Mrs. Jing Guo 13
      Mr. Daniel Frank Hanks 13
      Dr. Zachary Mathias Harvanek 11
      Devon Hastie 7
      Mr. Douglas M. Helferich 13
      Mrs. Katherine Marie Henderson 13
      Mr. Scott Michael Ings 8
      Mrs. Brianne Knowles 9
      Mrs. Stephanie Newton Korszen 9
      Mr. Gustavo Lee 13
      Mr. George William Lefelar 13
      Mr. Jordan Alexander Lewis 13
      Dr. Xiao Tian Li 13
      Mr. Victor Lieu 13
      Ms. Adrienne Lin 12
      Ms. Emily Ann Liu 13
      Mr. David Benjamin Lue 13
      Mrs. Melissa Murphy Lue 13
      Dr. Samanthe Merrick Lyons 13
      Mr. Carson Caffrey Moore 5
      Mr. Gerard Joseph Moorman Jr. 11
      Mrs. Alexandra Nichols 13
      Mr. Leonard Pfeiffer V 10
      Ms. Alaina Rose Pleatman 13
      Mr. Ankit Prasad 13
      Mr. Jason Duke Rehlaender 10
      Mr. Samuel Jacob Reiss 13
      Taylor Rhyne 11
      Dr. Kalen John Riley 13
      Ms. Emily Margaret Robison 5
      Mr. Rishabh Bhuwan Sinha 4
      Mr. Kevin Cordano Story 13
      Mr. Ernest Knute Svenson 2
      Dr. Ashleigh J. Swingler 1
      Mr. David Michael Tainter 2
      Mr. Jason Taylor 10
      Ms. Michelle Amanda Torski 13
      Dr. Amy Ming-Ching Wen 2
      Mr. Peter Copelain Williams 14
      Tianyi Wu 13
      Mr. Patrick Peiyong Ye 13
    2011 Mr. Joseph K. Ahdoot 12
      Dr. Pamela Grace Anderson 10
      Mr. Michael Reed Ansel 8
      Mr. Michael Todd Bell 12
      Dr. Joav Birjiniuk 4
      Mr. Adam Wilford Caccavale 12
      Mr. Haoyu Chen 12
      Mr. Kaiting Chen 4
      Dr. Hattie Christine Cutcliffe 12
      Mr. Matthew Todd Davis 10
      Mr. Hudson Hui Duan 6
      Mr. Jared Alexander Dunnmon 12
      Ms. Megan Kristine Finley 12
      Mr. Jeffrey L. Forte Jr. 12
      Dr. Lyndsey Morgan Fyffe 12
      Mr. Ashwin Goyal 2
      Ms. Rachel Belzer Greene 12
      Mr. Ankur Bhushan Gupta 9
      Dr. Justin M. Haseltine 12
      Mr. Robert William Hyberg 1
      Mr. Sean Lawrence Hyberg 9
      Mr. Hyungju (Danniel) Jeon 3
      Mr. Brandon Durrell Jones 12
      Mr. Samuel Greene Klein 3
      Mr. Jeffrey Steven Kreutter 13
      Mr. Charles Rollin Levergood 12
      Mr. Ian Blake Li 3
      Mr. Richard Y. Li 2
      Mr. Edward Liao 12
      Mr. James Erskine Love IV 12
      Mrs. Trisha Kathryn Lowe 1
      Mr. Timothy McDowell 6
      Ms. Maura Hannan Mulroy 7
      Mr. Eng Seng Ng 1
      Mr. Samuel Franklin Pancoast IV 10
      Mr. Richard Bentley Parran III 7
      Ms. Cameron Elizabeth Parrish 12
      Mr. Andrew Timothy Pettit 12
      Mr. Adam W. Pollak 8
      Mr. Mark W. Pratt 12
      Ms. Anita M. Raheja 12
      Mr. Joseph Paul Repp 6
      Mr. John Reynolds 12
      Mrs. Emma Rovit 12
      Mr. James Lockett Royce 3
      Mr. James Maze Royston Jr. 12
      Ms. Laila Elizabeth Sharafi 10
      Dr. Michele Louise Torosis 2
      Mr. Chen-Ling Cheney Tsai 12
      Dr. Richard James Veerman 1
      Dr. Anjali Serena Vora 12
      Mr. Jeremy Thomas Walch 12
      Ms. Kelly Alexis Waldman 12
      Mr. Matthew Marsh Wander 12
      Oriana Xin Wen 9
      Mr. Scott Adam Winkleman 9
      Ms. Cristina Isabel Wong-Nomura 1
      Mr. Blair Bryant Woolheater 4
      Mr. Benjamin Y. Xie 8
    2012 Mrs. Kimberly Patrice Andes 11
      Mr. John T. Anton 1
      Dr. Thomas Evan Backeris 1
      Dr. Laura Lovelace Barnes 11
      Mr. Christopher Ransom Bayliss 11
      Dr. Adam J. Bennett 1
      Dr. Annelise Jayne Blomberg 9
      Mr. Walter Woodman Bruno 2
      Mr. Meng-Yang Chen 1
      Ms. Kathryn Mary Chiarelli 1
      Mr. William Jeng-Yan Chyan 1
      Ms. Elizabeth Rachel Cobb 11
      Mr. Robert Phillips Cochran Jr. 8
      Mr. Robert Michael Curtis 9
      Mr. Michael Deng 9
      Dr. Yufeng Deng 1
      Mr. Robert John Dimaiolo 14
      Mrs. Amy Allen Douglass, PE 11
      Mr. John Fan 7
      Mr. Michael Burchett Fausone 6
      Ms. Rachel Alana Fleming 11
      Mr. Cody Nicholas Freeman 11
      Mr. Michael J. Fritz 8
      Mr. James Crofton Gabriel 10
      Hareesh Ganesan 3
      Mr. John Adams Hodge II 5
      Mr. James Hsieh 11
      Ms. Ellen C. Huang 3
      Mr. William O. Hunter 2
      Mr. Bradley Richard Jacobs 3
      Mr. Ankit Shah Jain 3
      Dr. Sang Hoon Kim 1
      Mr. Steven Joseph Kober 11
      Dr. Siddhartha Kosaraju 6
      Mr. Adam David Kurzrok 3
      Mr. Adam C. Lange 1
      Mrs. Sarah Omenitsch Larson 5
      Geoffrey Lawler 2
      Ms. Jessica Anne Lehigh 11
      Ms. Marianne Leonhardt 1
      Mr. Tian Li 11
      Dr. Kevin Lieberman 5
      Mr. Jared Michael Lippell 11
      Ms. Dianna D. Liu 11
      Mr. William Greer Mackebee 11
      Ms. Dyuti Mahendru 4
      Mr. Andrew Garrett Mang 11
      Ms. Margaret Elizabeth Gardner Milby 4
      Mr. Marcus Gregory Molchany 3
      Ms. Jennifer Lacole Molnar 11
      Mr. Zaki Daniel Moustafa 11
      Mr. James Mullally 11
      Mr. Izundu Chukwuemeka Obi-Onuoha 11
      Mr. Jeffrey William Peyser 1
      Dr. David Keith Piech 1
      Mr. David Christopher Radford 11
      Mr. Vijay Ram 9
      Mr. Jordan Hayes Rehlaender 1
      Mr. Michael Rothschild Rhodes 11
      Mr. Andrew Gregory Rohm 11
      Mr. Roshan Kumar Sadanani 11
      Ms. Sonja Wolf Sahlsten 3
      Mr. Steven Latta Schlaseman 11
      Mrs. Catherine Ramsey Schulte 11
      Ms. Robyn Nicole Schwartzman 11
      Mr. Han-yu Henry Shen 9
      Ms. Lauren Elisabeth Shwisberg 11
      Mr. Wade Edward Sidley 1
      Mr. Alex Benjamin Sloan 10
      Mr. Taylor John Steindel 1
      Mr. Martin H. Steren 12
      Dr. Ross Taggart 11
      Mrs. Anna Cassie Territo 11
      Mr. David Ryan Vanderschaaf 11
      Mr. Michael Allen Wesley 26
      Mr. Jiaqi Yan 10
    2013 Mr. Johan Adami 3
      Supriya Balachander 10
      Mr. Thomas Merrick Bierbower 10
      Mr. Michael Shuang Cai 3
      Dr. Timothy Andrew Carlon 10
      Ms. Natalia Rose Carvalho 8
      Mrs. Victoria Tsamis Civitillo 1
      Mr. Chris Dennis 10
      Ms. Kerri Devine 10
      Mr. Derek Charles du Plessix 9
      Mr. Casey James Dunn 6
      Mr. Greg Alan Evans 5
      Ms. Robin Lenardson Farrell 1
      Mr. Lee Arnold Ferber 9
      Mr. Matthew Stix Fisher 1
      Mr. Juan Felipe Gaitan Granados 10
      Ms. Christina A. Gancayco 2
      Dr. Niloy Ghosh 1
      Mr. Lee Standish Gilbert 6
      Mr. Jake Evan Greenstein 1
      Dr. Erinn Michelle Philbert Grigsby 3
      Mr. Alexander John Groszewski 5
      Ms. Ali Hartley 3
      Mr. Jeremy Hockman 4
      Mr. Donald Vincent Husa 10
      Mr. Weiqian Jiang 9
      Mr. Mark Kagika 10
      Ms. Christine D. Kelsey 8
      Dr. Jeong Hoon Ko 6
      Mr. Caleb Samuel Kroloff 7
      Mr. Hersh Lakdawala 1
      Ms. Christine Elizabeth Larson 10
      Mr. Daniel D. Lasowski 5
      Mr. Carl Erik Lawson 10
      Ms. Cheryl Lee 3
      Mr. Emmanuel G. Lim 3
      Mr. Jinchin Liu 5
      Mr. Justin Tien Cheng Liu 6
      Mr. Mason H. Meier 10
      Ryan Millner 8
      Mr. Winston James Neville 2
      Mr. Brian G. Norton 10
      Mr. Amit Parekh 10
      Mr. Bradley R. Peet 1
      Ms. Aimee Rose Raleigh 3
      Ms. Michele Reshef 10
      Mr. Gregory Andrew Robins 2
      Mr. Dominick Ivory Robinson 7
      Mr. Jordan Alexander Russ 1
      Ms. Laura Elizabeth Sciarrino 8
      Mr. Kevin T. Seybert 3
      Mr. Constandi John Shami 4
      Mr. Seung Yul Shin 3
      Ms. Arunima Sil 3
      Ms. Colette Breana Soloff 10
      Mr. Evan Michael Strother 10
      Mr. Bennie Su 10
      Mr. Gregg Brelsford Thawley 4
      Mr. John Tran 10
      Dr. Joshua Okon Usoro, PhD 9
      Mr. Adam John Williams 4
      Mr. Christopher Wong 7
      Dr. Steven Karl Yarmoska 9
    2014 Ms. Ranjani Sridhara Ahrens 1
      Mr. Andrew M. Ang 2
      Mr. Davis Bolster 1
      Ms. Jade Mary Brown 9
      Mr. Lance O S Co Ting Keh 7
      Mr. Daniel Concha 5
      Ms. Lucy Carter Dawson 9
      Mr. Hersh Shailesh Desai 6
      Mr. Sean Dajonnet Dickey 9
      Mr. Graham Raymond Friday 9
      Mr. Jayson Garmizo 7
      Mr. Jean Sebastian Giudice Vilar 2
      Mr. Javier Alejandro Henriquez 9
      Dr. Jennifer E. Hewitt 9
      Mr. Mark Andrew Hoffman 9
      Dr. Albert Hu 7
      Mr. Danish Rashid Husain 1
      Mr. Immanuel Destin Kerr-Brown 7
      Mr. Brady Dillon Klein 6
      Ms. Katharine S. Krieger 10
      Mr. Michael Buntin Krone 4
      Ms. Victoria Li 4
      Mr. Helio Liu 9
      Ms. Carly Lutzky 2
      Mr. Jaisal Kohli Mariwala 7
      Mr. Scott T Martin 9
      Ms. Emily Sarah Mass 7
      Mr. William S. Morris 3
      Mr. Jackson Bruce Morton II 9
      Mr. Matthew E. Nagle 9
      Mrs. Lucy Potts 7
      Mrs. Amber Witt Ragain 9
      Mr. Colin William Reed 4
      Mr. James Tucker Risman 9
      Mr. Glenn Harris Rivkees 9
      Mr. Wesley Shi 2
      Mr. Robert Tredway Spratley 4
      Mr. Eric Stach 9
      Mrs. Claire Alligood Stevens 4
      Ms. Danping Sun 9
      Dr. Nazia Tabassum 2
      Ms. Kelly Caroline Taylor 6
      Ms. Christine Tormey 9
      Dr. Steven G. Wan 8
      Mrs. Caroline M. Watts 9
      Dr. Kristie Yang 9
      Dr. Alex Zihao Zhu 1
    2015 Ms. Priya Mona Achaibar 1
      Mr. Abhishek Balakrishnan 1
      Mr. Steven W. Bao 8
      Mr. Matthew Ford Baron 8
      Ms. Rebekah Bau 6
      Mr. Gaurav Bhat 8
      Ms. Bianca Bracht 1
      Mr. Robert Wallace Bruce III 9
      Mr. Samuel David Butensky 8
      Ms. Connie Cai 6
      Ms. Abigail Rose Carignan 5
      Ms. Allison Marie Chaffo 8
      Mr. Bojia Chen 11
      Mr. Howard Chen 1
      Mr. Chad Michael Coviel 1
      Ms. Kendall Covington 4
      Dr. Reid William D’Amico 1
      Mr. Jingwei Deng 1
      Dr. Tiffany Wei Dong 1
      Mr. Justin Wolcott Erickson 6
      Mr. Ryan E. Fishel 7
      Mrs. Ashley Bolick Flynn 1
      Mr. James Flynn 1
      Ms. Jessica Brooke Forlen 8
      Dr. Justin Fu 6
      Mr. Charles Joseph Guthrie 8
      Mr. Eduardo Hernandez-Nieves 7
      Mr. Juwan Hong 6
      Ms. Allison Therese Hyans 8
      Mr. Zhiyu Jiang 8
      Mr. Lucas Andrew Johnston 8
      Mr. Thomas P. Klebanoff 7
      Mr. David Kornberg 8
      Mr. Benjamin Taylor Krebs 1
      Mr. Alexander Kunycky 7
      Dr. Stephanie Nicole Laughton 8
      Mr. Jae Min Lee 2
      Ms. Caroline Lehman 8
      Ms. Virginia N. Lehman 1
      Ms. Jennifer A. Levin 8
      Mr. Zachary Saul Leytus 8
      Ms. Katherine M. Livingston 4
      Mr. Andrew James Lokker 1
      Ms. Mengyun Lu 8
      Mr. Kenneth Mcandrews 4
      Ms. Mahkayla M. McKenzie 3
      Mr. Kevin Patrick Mcvay 2
      Mr. Kitt L. Miller 1
      Matthew Morgan 2
      Mr. William Flaude Morris IV 7
      Mr. Jason Oettinger 1
      Ms. Leighanne Oh 1
      Mr. Max Orenstein 8
      Mr. Talal Javed Qadri 1
      Mr. Le Qi 8
      Mr. Jonathan Reshef 2
      Mrs. Jordana Rosenberg 1
      Mr. Suvayan B. Roy 7
      Mr. Derek Darren Schocken 8
      Mr. Liangbo Shen 3
      Mr. John Braddock Shoemaker 8
      Mr. Ian Simpkins 1
      Mr. Matthew David Tiberii 8
      Dr. Noel Amado Vera-Gonzalez 8
      Mr. Russell W. Wagstaff 2
      Ms. Caroline Williams 8
    2016 Dr. Jason Max Albert 1
      Mr. Jared Alosio 3
      Mr. Michael Baldwin 1
      Ms. Emily Paige Bauman 7
      Mrs. Sofia Calicchio 7
      Mr. Michael Anthony D’amato 7
      Mr. William Kane Dougherty 5
      Mr. Cameron Douglas Givler 7
      Ms. Ruth Wendland Godbey 7
      Mr. Rahul Harikrishnan 7
      Dr. Lauren Nicole Heckelman 7
      Shelby Horton 7
      Mr. In-young Jo 1
      Ms. Caitlin Rebecca Koehler 7
      Mr. Charles Jacob Kritzmacher 1
      Ms. Rhianna Lee 1
      Ms. Ho In Eunice Leung 7
      Ms. Vivienne Lim 3
      Mr. Jesse Ling 7
      Ms. Carolina Madrid 5
      Mr. Andrew Gordon Method 7
      Ms. Kristin S. Miller 3
      Mr. Jackson Edward Moore 5
      Mr. Shane Solomon Neibart 5
      Mr. Tyler Jeffrey Nelson 1
      Mr. Justin Bryant Palpant 4
      Ms. Laura Elizabeth Perlman 1
      Mr. Roy Anthony Peryea 7
      Mr. Evan Michael Reilly 3
      Ms. Anna Tegan Reinhart 3
      Ms. Janet Saldana 1
      Dr. Jeffrey Winston Santoso 7
      Mr. James Earl Sawyer 7
      Christopher Michael Schroeder 7
      Ms. Jennifer Sekar 7
      Ms. Michelle Lynn Seywald 2
      Ms. Malia Stephens 1
      Mr. Eric Sun 1
      Mr. Connor J. Tinen 3
      Mr. Loukianos Georgios Varsamis 1
      Mr. Craig Gerard Vincent 7
      Ms. Alexandra Noura von Briesen 7
      Mr. Xizheng Wan 1
      Mr. Qian Wang 7
      Mr. Ying Wang 3
      Ms. Courtney White 1
      Mr. Edward Yin 7
    2017 Mr. Sebastian Rodolfo Baquerizo 6
      Mr. Stewart Chase Beason 2
      Mr. Andrew Buie 6
      Mr. Gregory Bunce 3
      Mr. Derek Yu Xuan Chan 6
      Mr. Samip Mahesh Desai 2
      Mr. Mayank Dubey 1
      Mr. Michael Ryan Duch 6
      Mr. William T. Floyd-Jones 1
      Ms. Maria Cristina Folgueras 1
      Ms. Meghan Elizabeth Fox-Skidmore 6
      Ms. Lyndsey Anne Garcia 2
      Mr. Connor Garet 1
      Mr. Ilhan Gokhan 3
      Mr. Dylan Alfred Grien 6
      Mr. Nicholas Groszewski 3
      Ms. Lindsay Rebecca Hirschhorn 3
      Mr. Daniel Archer Hull 2
      Ms. Raya Islam 1
      Ms. Claire Kaptinski 1
      Mr. Steven Constantine Katsohirakis 2
      Ms. Cassidee Kido 6
      Mrs. Meredith Kircher 6
      Dr. Raina Kishan 1
      Ms. Rekha Subhashini Korlipara 4
      Mr. Kai Yu Lee 6
      Ms. Marianne Lee 5
      Mr. Matthew Aaron Levantin 6
      Mr. Yanmin Ma 6
      Mr. Michael Maslin 4
      Mr. Luke Bradley Miller 6
      Mr. Sanford Douglas Morton 4
      Mr. Eric David Musselman 1
      Mr. Nicholas Naclerio 6
      Mr. Michael Louis Norwalk 6
      Mr. Matthew Edward Olson 6
      Mr. Stephen Page 3
      Ms. Courtney Trutna Paley 6
      Mr. Aniruddh Neelakantan Prakash 4
      Mr. Carter Martin Rauch 6
      Mr. Thomas Romano 4
      Mr. Aristide Sangano 4
      Mr. Curran Shah 6
      Ms. Samantha Janvier Sheppard 4
      Mr. Conner Benton Silveria 1
      Mr. Dylan Small 3
      Mr. Keith Sobb 6
      Mr. Emre Bozbag Sonmez 6
      Mr. John Randall Syme 1
      Mr. Manlio Valdes 2
      Dr. Zachary Visco 6
      Ms. Brigitte Camille Von Oppenfeld 6
      Mr. Kantapon Wiboonsaksakul 6
      Ms. Ruolan Xu 3
      Ms. Madeline Hulme Yoh 6
      Mr. Hao Zhao 3
      Ms. Diyi Zhu 1
    2018 Mr. Edwin T. Bodge 2
      Mr. Austin Tai-Yu Chang 1
      Mr. Ryan S. Cox 4
      Ms. Olivia Rose Deitcher 1
      Mr. James Louis Doherty 4
      Ms. Ashley M. Ericson 1
      Mr. Joshua Furth 5
      Mr. Peter Galindez III 5
      Mr. Patrick Grady 5
      Mr. John Geary Gregory III 5
      Mr. Fami Hairadin 1
      Ms. Stephanie Hatz 1
      Ms. Allison Grace Heredia 5
      Ms. Salena Huang 3
      Ms. Sarah Marie Jacobs 5
      Mr. Hansung Kang 5
      Mr. Michael Sukhyun Kim 5
      Mr. Michael Yurievich Kuryshev 2
      Ms. Emma Todd LaPorte 3
      Ms. Samantha Lauren Leibowitz 5
      Mr. Matthew Edward Levey 5
      Ms. Mae Madelon Lewis 3
      Mr. Samuel Li 2
      Mr. Noah David Liebman 5
      Mr. Joseph Robert Lilien 3
      Mr. Chin Jie Lim 1
      Mr. Benjamin Chien Liu 5
      Mr. Jack T. Livingston 5
      Mr. Stuart Montgomery 5
      Mr. Simen Omholt-Jensen 5
      Mrs. Delaney Thompson Ortiz 5
      Ms. Jordan Renee Peasant 1
      Ms. Morgan Jill Ringel 5
      Ms. Julia Leigh Ross 1
      Mr. Harvey Yizhuang Shi 5
      Ms. Alexis C. Shindhelm 1
      Mr. John Joseph Siman 5
      Mr. John Simmons 3
      Ms. Lara Sonmez 4
      Ms. Selene Spatz 5
      Mr. Ryan St Pierre 5
      Mr. Dan Sun 5
      Ms. Jillian Udell 1
      Ms. Amy Vitha 1
      Ms. Christine Wang 1
      Mr. Elijah M. Weinreb 2
      Mr. Matthew Li. Wu 5
      Ms. Tiffany Tin-Yun Wu 1
      Mr. Xiayu Xu 1
      Ms. Elizabeth Ann Yonko 5
      Mr. Alexander Zaldastani 4
      Mr. David Zarge 5
      Mr. Jia Zeng 3
      Mr. Mingxuan Zha 1
    2019 Mr. Nicholas Andrew Barra 4
      Mr. Ryan Bergamini 1
      Ms. Sarah Blau 4
      Mr. Alexander H. Blumenstock 1
      Ms. Madeline F. Briere 1
      Mr. Nathaniel Brooke 4
      Ms. Eva M. Catillon 1
      Mr. Gerry Chen 2
      Mr. Alexander Culbert 2
      Ms. Paige C. Detwiler 1
      Mr. Weiyi Ding 4
      Mrs. Elizabeth Louise Doherty 4
      Mr. Edward Leo Fisher Jr. 1
      Mr. Chance Robert Fleeting 5
      Mr. Nicolas Robert Garda 2
      Mr. Harshil Garg 1
      Mr. Sujay Garlanka 4
      Mr. Kevin Andrew Gehsmann 4
      Mr. Vishnu Gottiparthy 4
      Mr. Grant Matthew Haskins 2
      Mr. Andrew Charles Kelleher 4
      Mr. Ryan Kwon 4
      Ms. Kendall W. Liang 4
      Mr. Samuel Liu 4
      Mr. Zachary Liu 1
      Mr. Erick David Lorenzana-Saldivar 1
      Ms. Tracy Lu 1
      Ms. Zoe Eleanor McGrady 1
      Mr. Sahil Mehta 1
      Mr. Ryan Merriner 1
      Mr. John Muyres 4
      Mr. Marcus L. Oertle 1
      Mr. Michael Hubbard Ortiz 1
      Mr. Madden Edward Osei 1
      Mr. Joshua Owsiany 4
      Ms. Emma Palmer 4
      Mr. Charlie Pearlman 2
      Mr. Dylan Leo Peters 1
      Mr. Ryan Pond 4
      Mr. Michael Joseph Postiglione 4
      Mr. Neel Prabhu 1
      Mr. Chad P. Rafetto 1
      Mr. Samuel Noah Reiff 3
      Mr. Eric Peyton Reit 4
      Ms. Faith Rodriguez 4
      Mr. Uriel Salazar 2
      Ms. Judith Sanchez Soriano 4
      Mr. Jonah J. Santiago 1
      Mr. Christopher V. Sides 4
      Ms. Marina Smalling 4
      Ms. Carina Lynn Tracy 4
      Mr. Alonso Trejo Mora 5
      Mr. Juan C. Velasquez 4
      Mr. Shomik Verma 4
      Mr. Nic Albert Van Dyk Wainwright 4
      Mr. Justin Tingguan Wang 4
      Mr. Cole P. Williams 5
      Mr. Tyler Jin Kiu Yam 4
      Mr. Jichen Yang 2
    2020 Mr. Andrew J. Adelhardt 3
      Mr. Tyler Chery 3
      Mr. Mihai Cimpuieru 3
      Ms. Mary Stuart Elder 3
      Ms. Dima K. Fayyad 3
      Mr. Camden Mclaughlin Ford 3
      Mr. Joshua Robert France 3
      Ms. Hannah Beth Fried 3
      Ms. Yodit Gebretsadik 3
      Mr. William K. Hamilton 3
      Mr. Garrett Ingold 2
      Mr. Brian Joseph Jordan 3
      Mr. Jonah Knapp 1
      Mr. Haoxuan Li 3
      Ms. Zongyu Li 3
      Ms. Teresa Mao 1
      Mr. Conor McAvoy 2
      Mr. Roberto E. Miselem Reyes 3
      Ms. Virginia Grace Pan 2
      Mr. Spencer H. Perkins 1
      Mr. Joseph W. Saldutti 1
      Mr. Matthew Salvino 1
      Ms. Saige Elisabeth Sunier 1
      Miss Katherine Emily Waugh 1
      Ms. Hannah E. Wilen 3
      Mr. Zohair Zia 3
      Mr. Kyle Zingler 3
    2021 Mr. Suman Bajgain 1
      Mr. Robert James Baldoni Jr. 2
      Mr. Itamar Menashe Barak 2
      Mr. Achilles Joseph Dabrowski 1
      Mr. Orhan Peter Elam 2
      Grayson Elias 2
      Mr. Mykhaylo Glushakov 2
      Mr. Bradley A. Howard 1
      Mr. Matthew Alec Jaynes 2
      Mr. Connor R. Johnston 2
      Ms. Megan L. Libke 2
      Ms. Kyra D. McDonald 2
      Mr. Michael McWilliams, Jr. 2
      Mr. Kaan Sahingur 2
      Ms. Rebecca Mary Schmitt 2
      Mr. Kunal Upadya 2
      Ms. Jolan von Plutzner 1
      Mr. Florian Lion Wernthaler 2
      Ms. Natalie Shea Wilkinson 3
    2022 Ms. Catherine Vaden Alexander 1
      Ms. Alexis Graciela Almeida 1
      Mr. Ethan Macauley Austin 1
      Ms. Caroline E. Baker 1
      Ms. Katherine A. Barbano 1
      Ms. Sydney Aliza Beckett 1
      Ms. Sydney L. Beckler 1
      Ms. Mary Elizabeth Bertoni 1
      Mr. Milan Bhat 1
      Mr. Nicholas A. Bhimani 1
      Mr. Franklin S. Boampong 1
      Mr. John D. Boom 1
      Ms. Beatrice W. Boyce 1
      Mr. James Michael Boyd 1
      Mr. Nolan Quinn Burroughs 1
      Mr. Holden Woodley Burrow Jr. 1
      Mr. James C. Cameron 1
      Ms. Molly Antara Chakraborty 1
      Mr. Thomas Paul Chemmanoor 1
      Mr. Marc Steven Chmielewski 1
      Mr. Maverik J. Chung 1
      Ms. Sydney Dale Collins 1
      Ms. Evelyn Cupil-Garcia 1
      Ms. Luisa F. Da Silva 1
      Mr. Bennett L. David 1
      Mr. David J. Dobbins 1
      Mr. Yesh Satyajit Doctor 1
      Mr. Michael M. Dodd 1
      Mr. Jason Dong 1
      Ms. Ankitha Durvasula 1
      Mr. Yasser Elmzoudi 1
      Mr. Joseph Emmer 1
      Mr. Ryan Warner Feinberg 1
      Mr. Guangyu Feng 1
      Mr. Rylan David Foy 1
      Mr. Javier J. Franco 1
      Ms. Claire Furino 1
      Mr. Rodrigo Garcia Cervantes 1
      Mr. Andrew Thomas Genuit 1
      Mr. Kartikay Goel 1
      Ms. Heather L. Grune 1
      Ms. Stella Maij-Leena Haley 1
      Mr. Matthew Hasenwinkel 1
      Ms. Jiselle Havas 1
      Mr. George R. Hong 1
      Ms. Sofia Hornstein 1
      Mr. Adam Keith Hufstetler 1
      Mr. Jonathan Donald Inge 1
      Mr. Rishabh Jain 1
      Ms. Cameron Mair Jarnot 1
      Mr. Jackson B. Kennedy 1
      Mr. Muazzam Khan Noorpuri 1
      Ms. Alissa Kong 1
      Mr. Achintya Sundar Kumar 1
      Mr. Samarth Lamba 1
      Ms. Rebecca A. Lau 1
      Mr. Santiago A. Le Jeune 1
      Mr. Philip W. Liu 1
      Ms. Catherine Emma Livingston 1
      Ms. Rachel A. Lopez 1
      Mr. Powell Lowe 1
      Mr. James M. Marek 1
      Mr. Frank Patrick Marinello 1
      Ms. Hanna Madelena Mark 1
      Mr. Ryan Mecca 1
      Mr. Joshua W. Medway 1
      Mr. Nathaniel Mela 1
      Ms. Yasamine Alyssa Mesri 1
      Mr. Mario Enrique Munoz 1
      Ms. Emi Etsuye Muranaka 1
      Mr. Cameron Scott Fraser Murr 1
      Mr. Justin Michael Nickelsburg 1
      Mr. Alexander Xinliang Oesterling 1
      Mr. Kevin Ryan Peng 1
      Ms. Roshni Kammila Penmatcha 1
      Mr. Andrew Joseph Peterson 1
      Mr. Luke Peterson 1
      Mr. Sean Isaac Poarch 1
      Mr. Thomas Quintanilla 1
      Mr. William Silverthor Rawlings 1
      Mr. Francisco Roberto Romano 1
      Mr. Andrew J. Sander 1
      Mr. Jonathan C. Sandoval 1
      Mr. Saurav Kannoth Sanjay 1
      Ms. Cayla A. Schuval 1
      Mr. Pranav Bharati Sharma 1
      Ms. Alyssa Shin 1
      Mr. Garrett Michael Smith 1
      Ms. Amanda Grace Stull 1
      Ms. Claire E. Szuter 1
      Mr. Frank L. Tang 1
      Ms. Katherine D. Tang 1
      Ms. Ria Thimmaiahgari 1
      Mr. Zachary David Edwin Thomson 1
      Mr. Michael Q. Tian 3
      Mr. Andrei Connor T. Ty 1
      Mr. Manav M. Vakil 1
      Mr. Pablo Vidal Rojas 1
      Ms. Danielle I. Von Briesen 1
      Ms. Simone Adrienne Wall 1
      Mr. Jerry Stephen Wang 1
      Mr. Zehua Wang 1
      Mr. Everett Maxwell Werner 1
      Ms. Chloe E. White 1
      Mr. Sebastian Vishnevsky Williams 1
      Mr. Patrick M. Wilson 1
      Ms. Elise Xia 1
      Mr. Alex Quan Xu 1
      Ms. Jessica Qiuyuan Yang 1
      Mr. Leo Yeung 1

2021-2022 Donor Honor Roll

Duke has a number of leadership giving societies so that our most generous donors are recognized for their philanthropy and generosity. Listed below are members of the Pratt School of Engineering’s Annual Fund Leadership Honor Roll for 2021-2022.
  • 1960 Mr. James N. Barton
    1962 Dr. William Walter McCutchen, Jr.
    1994 Mr. Michael James Bingle
    Parents and Friends Mrs. Elizabeth Hanna Barton GP’16
    Mr. and Mrs Richard  Barton P’24
    Mrs. Eryn Ament Bingle P’25
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Citron P’20, P’23
    Mr. Jeffrey Terrence Huber and Ms. Angel F. Vossough Modarres P’24, P’26
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lyon P’23
    Mrs. Irene Lilly McCutchen A.B.’62, P’86
  • 1966 Mr. Thomas E. Harrington
    1971 Mr. John T. Chambers
    1981 Mr. Jeffrey N. Vinik
    1983 Mr. Eric James Schiffer
    1987 Mr. George Nathaniel Mattson II
    Parents and Friends Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Barra P’19, P’21
    Mrs. Constance Elaine Chambers
    Mrs. Susan Harrington
    Dr. Bradley Lewis Miller A.B.’81, P’17 and Ms. Kathryn Anne Hollister A.B.’81, P’17
    Mrs. Holly Melissa Laningham Mattson
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salvino P’20
    Mrs. Karen Schiffer P’23
    Mr. Hugh B. and Mrs. Carol P. Blacutt-Underwood P’23
    Mrs. Penny Vinik P’13
  • 1962 Mr. Cleveland C. Kern Jr.
    1963 Mr. Charles L. Grossman
    1967 Mr. Jerry C. Wilkinson
    1973 Mr. Fred Mehlert Fehsenfeld Jr.
    1979 Mr. Bradley G. Watts
    1980 Mr. Timothy P. Rooney
    1985 Mr. Stephen Ray Bolze
    1987 Ms. Denise Allen Williams
    1990 Mr. Rob Seelig
    1992 Dr. Robert James Stets, Jr.
    2000 Ms. Stacy Lynn Pineles
    2006 Mr. Daniel Steven Pergola
    Parents and Friends Mr. David Todd Bolno A.B.’00
    Mrs. Alicia Ann Bolze P’15
    Mr. David W. Crane and Isabella de la Houssaye P’25
    Mr. and Mrs. Marc De Saint Phalle A.B.’88
    Mrs. KJ Dell’Antonia P’24, P’26
    Ms. Katherine Durant P’20, P’21
    Mr. and Mrs. David Eklund P’18, P’22
    Mrs. Jeanine  Eklund P’18, P’22
    Mrs. Suzanne White Fehsenfeld P’16
    Mrs. Marie C. Grossman A.B.’63, P’97
    Mrs. Carol M. Kaganov
    Mrs. Carol Rogers Kern B.S.N.’64, P’94
    Ms. Lena Lee
    Mr. Andrew Aaron Lipsky and Mrs. Holly Kelly P’22
    Mr. and Mrs. Jian Liu P’23
    Mr. Christopher F. McConnell and Mrs. Stacey W. McConnell P’16, P’20
    Dr. and Mrs. Akin O. Kumoluyi P’24
    Mr. Benjamin Vincent Peters A.B.’16
    Ms. Mary Massman Rooney P’14, P’18
    Dr. Henry Edward Seibert M.D. B.S.’93, and Mrs. Jody Beth Seibert A.B.’92, P’22
    Mr. Gordon Sondland P’20, P’21
    Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Sternberg P’08
    Mr. and Mrs. Christiaen Van Lanschot P’25
    Mrs. Regina Patricia Watts
    Mrs. Beverly Anne Wilkinson P’98, P’00, P’03
    Mr. Brian Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Tyler  Zachem P’20, P’23
  • 1961 Mr. John M. Derrick Jr.
    1964 Mr. James F. Rabenhorst
    1967 Mr. Stephen C. Coley
    Mr. George H. Crowell
    1968 Mr. William V. McCrary, Jr.
    Mr. Russell L. Schoudt
    Mr. Donald H. Turnbull
    1970 Mr. Robert Korb Smith
    1971 Mr. David W. Erdman
    1976 Mr. Philip J. Hawk
    Mr. William A. Hawkins III
    1977 Mrs. Janis J. Rehlaender
    1978 Mr. Herman Cone III
    Ms. Alison A. Ives
    1979 Mr. David B. Dabney
    Mr. Brad J. Schwartz
    Mr. Nicholas Zaldastani
    1981 Mr. Thomas Beck Robey
    Mr. Armando A. Tabernilla
    1982 Mr. John Craig Hausman III
    Mr. Thomas Anthony Natelli
    1983 Mr. David Mcdowell Bennett
    Mr. Daniel M. Dickinson
    Mr. John Martin McDonald, III
    Mr. Nicholas Joseph Naclerio
    Mr. Steven Craig Rosner
    1984 Ms. Julie Anne Keenan
    Mr. David Roland Smith
    1985 Mr. David Lloyd Pratt
    Mr. Michael Hulme Yoh
    Mr. Dimitri Edward Zarboulas
    1986 Mr. Scott Jay Arnold
    1987 Ms. Suzanne M. Gregory
    Mr. Steven E. Lawson
    1988 Mrs. Ruby Grewal Holder
    Mrs. Tracy Anne Nickelsburg
    Mr. Joseph Anthony Saldutti, Jr.
    Mr. Manlio Valdes, Jr.
    1989 Mr. Stephen Michael Nickelsburg
    Mr. Peter John Perrone
    Mr. Frederick George Springman
    Mr. Scott Edward Telesz
    1990 Mr. Michael Patrick Dierks
    Mr. Alfred Winborne Mordecai
    1991 Mr. Eric Martin Free
    Dr. Stacy Stansell Gardner
    Mrs. Tanya Shoenfelt Nizialek
    Mr. Scott Campbell Raney
    1992 Ms. Valecia Denise Maclin
    Mr. Terry Jay Myerson
    Mr. John Anthony Sartor
    Mr. Mark Bernard Williams
    1993 Mr. Tiberio Richard Alfonsi
    Mrs. Holly Morris Espy
    Mr. Aaron Jason Keith
    1994 Dr. Fay W. Chang
    Mrs. Valerie Marx Love
    Mr. Alan Lee Whitehurst
    Ms. Yin Yin
    1995 Mr. David Nathaniel Buza
    1996 Mr. Andrew Barnard Carver
    Mr. James K. Henry, Jr.
    1997 Mrs. Sara Hassan Furber
    Dr. Varish Goyal
    Mr. Theodore Grey Perkins
    Mr. Christopher Hilton Young
    1998 Dr. Christopher Paochung Cheng, Ph.D.
    Mr. Christopher A. Daniels
    Mr. Damian Vinson Dolland
    Mr. Russell Monroe Glass
    Mr. Ram Mohan Jagannath
    1999 Mrs. Margaret Prestwood Chiou
    Mr. Young Jae Choi
    2000 Mr. Sean Everett Delehanty
    Mr. Arnaud Pierre Karsenti
    Mr. Adam Richard Schimel
    Mr. Gabriel Ernesto Tsuboyama
    2001 Mr. Bryn David Harder
    2003 Mr. Max David Cohen
    2007 Mr. Noah Sakimura
    2008 Audrei Drummond
    2009 Mr. Sahil Pankaj Patel
    2011 Mr. Richard Y. Li
    2017 Mr. Sebastian Rodolfo Baquerizo
    Mr. Nicholas Naclerio
    Parents and Friends Mrs. Letitia U. Alfonsi A.B.’92, P’23, P’25
    Mrs. Amy Arnold P’20
    Mr. Rodolfo A. Baquerizo Sr. P’15, P’17
    Ms. Penny A. Bennett P’14, P’16
    Mr. David B. Bent A.B.’86 and Mrs. Robbie O. Bent
    Dr. John Peale Bent, III A.B.’84 and Mrs. Rebecca R. Bent A.B.’84
    Dr. Stephen Wilson Bent B.S.’88 and Mrs. Chrsitine Bent
    Mr. Sean Alexander Bluni M.S.’92
    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Buie P’17
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Byrne P’23
    Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Chapman, Jr. P’22
    Mrs. Charleen Cheng
    Mr. Frank Chiou A.B.’97
     Mrs. Elizabeth Young Christensen
    Dr. Isaac L. Chuang
    Dr. Gary I. Cohen A.B.’70, P’97, P’99, P’03
    Mrs. Nearyrath Cohen
    Mrs. Jane G. Coley
    Mrs. Donna M. Cone
    Mrs. Nancy Melzer Crowell P’05, P’08
    Mrs. Nancy A. Dabney A.B.’79, P’05
    Mrs. Sarah Lambert Daniels B.S.’00, M.E.M.’05
    Ms. Mia A.M. de Kuijper A.B.’77, P’22
    Mrs. Linda Derrick
    Mrs. Gina Dickinson P’15, P’19
    Mrs. Riana Dolland
    Ms. Caroline Mae Dooley A.B.’95
    Mrs. Lynn Kendrick Erdman H-SON’19
    Mr. Mark A. Ernst and Ms. Leighann N. Davis P’23, P’25
    Mr. Thomas Kleberg Espy A.B.’94
    Mrs. Tina M. Falker
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Feist P’23, P’25
    Mrs. Tamara Duncan Free A.B.’93, M.B.A.’99, J.D.’99
    Mr. Lisa Frisco and Mr. William E. Frisco A.B.’71
    Mr. William James Furber III A.B.’97
    Mr. Matthew R. Gardner
    Mrs. Amy Snodgrass Genender A.B.’91 and Mr. David M. Genender P’21, P’23
    Mrs. Robin Cherry Glass A.B.’98
    Mr. Michael Brian Gorman A.B.’88 and Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd Gorman A.B.’88, P’25
    Mrs. Mansi Goyal P’25
    Mr. James S. Grien and Mrs. Lauren Gold Grien A.B.’80, P’09, P’17
    Mr. and Mrs. George Grune P’22, P’24
    Mr. and Mrs. Lingyun Gu P’22
    Mrs. Nicole Messinger Harder A.B.’00
    Dr. and Mrs. John T. Hartley P’23
    Mrs. Terry  Hausman
    Mrs. Sara Anne Hawk P’06
    Mrs. Stephanie Hawley Henry A.B.’96
    Mr. Jesse  Hermann
    Mr. Todd Joshua Hirsch A.B.’96
    Ms. Suein L. Hwang
    Mrs. Courtney Walsh Jagannath
    Dr. Henry Ji and Mrs. Vivian Zhang P’22
    Mrs. Rebecca Strassberg Karsenti A.B.’00
    Mr. and Mrs. Ajai M. Kaul P’24
    Mrs. Carol Rogers Kern B.S.N.’64, P’94
    Mrs. Ann P. Kirby P’80, P’88, P’91, GP’08, GP’09, GP’12, GP’22
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kirschner P’25
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Krzanich P’24
    Ms. Angela Ann Lessuise A.B.’00
    Mr. David M. Love A.B.’94, M.B.A.’01, P’24
    Dr. John Joseph Mastrototaro M.S.’84, Ph.D.’89, P’20
    Mrs. Esta Bradley McCrary
    Mrs. Dawn Renee McDonald P’17, P’21
    Mrs. Tracy McNamara
    Mrs. Mayra Mendez
    Mrs. Vivian A. Montano
    Mrs. Jacqueline Morrison Naclerio ESQ A.B.’83, P’17, P’20
    Mrs. Victoria Stover Mordecai A.B.’91, P’20
    Mrs. Katie Hollister Myerson P’24
    Mrs. Karen Marie Natelli P’10
    Mrs. Stephanie Ng
    Mr. Jason C. Nizialek B.S.’91
    Mr. Pankaj S. Patel P’09
    Dr. Naomi J. Patel
    Mrs. Melissa Ellen Perkins
    Mrs. Margaret Cobey Perrone A.B.’89, P’19
    Ms. Julie M. Pratt P’14
    Mrs. Linda K. Pratt and Dr. Charles Donald Pratt M.S.’76, Ph.D.’83
    Ms. Ashley Rees
    Mr. James E. Rehlaender P’07, P’10, P’12
    Dr. Theodore F. Reiss P’18
    Ms. Katherine Miller Ringness and Mr. Arthur Anthony Ringness M.B.A.’94, P’22
    Mrs. Jill G. Robey
    Mrs. Jia Liu and Mr. Michael S. Rosenthal A.B.’00
    Mrs. Carol Rosner P’18
    Mrs. Johannah Diane Sakimura A.B.’07
    Mrs. Petra Saldutti P’20, P’24
    Mrs. Kelly Sartor
    Mrs. Valerie Schimel A.B.’00
    Mrs. Sheryl Schwartz P’22
    Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Smith B.S.N.’70
    Mrs. Erin K. Springman P’24
    Mr. Steven R. Steinhilber A.B.’76 and Ms. Lucia Bassett Steinhilber A.B.’77, P’12, P’15
    Mr. Jeffrey G. Szilagyi and Dr. Kathleen S. Beebe P’23
    Mrs. Susan Lynne Telesz P’24
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tini P’24
    Ms. Priscilla  Trinchet P’15, P’17
    Mrs. Barbara S. Turnbull
    Mrs. Alene Theresa Valdes P’17
    Mrs. Jessica Few Whitehurst A.B.’94
    Mr. Brian Williams
    Ms. Kathleen McConnell Williams A.B.’80, P’11
    Mrs. Stacey Wyche Williams
    Mr. Steven Blair Wilson A.B.’91
    Mrs. Gayle F. Yoh P’23
    Mrs. Josefine Charlotte Young
    Dr. Baifei Zeng and Dr. Shaofeng Yu Ph.D. Ph.D.’91, P’12
    Mrs. Yao Yuan and Dr. Kevin X. Zhang Ph.D.’94
    Mr. Shane Zhang P’24
    Mr. and Mrs. Denis Ziman P’25
  • 1956 Mr. William A. Kumpf
    1958 Mr. Harold L. Yoh Jr.
    1961 Mr. Robert Allen Garda
    1962 Mr. Armon Dula
    1964 Mr. David A. Coolidge
    Dr. Richard Barton Fair
    1964 Mr. John R. Gabriel
    1965 Mr. Michael Sherman Walsh, Jr.
    1966 Mr. Randolph K. Repass
    1968 Mr. Lee M. Kenna, Jr.
    1970 Mr. R. Keith Harrison Jr.
    1971 Mr. Brian H. Kennedy
    1972 Mr. Paul Ruffin Scarborough
    1973 Mr. William J. Hanenberg
    Mr. Ozey Knight Horton, Jr.
    1975 Mr. Mark E. Baldwin
    Dr. David Mccallie, Jr.
    1976 Mr. Robert Edward Donaho
    Dr. Bayard L. Powell
    1978 Dr. Henry Kent Holland
    Mr. Jeffrey D. Ix
    Mrs. Elizabeth Peloso
    1979 Ms. Cynthia Neuberger Brooks
    Mrs. Kathleen D. Ix
    Mr. Richard Bentley Parran Jr.
    Mr. Michael T. Plantamura
    1980 Mr. Jeffrey William Miller
    Mr. Christopher Relyea
    Mrs. Lisa Franzoni Stilwell
    1981 Ms. Martha Lee Monserrate
    1982 Dr. John W. Barton
    Mr. Christopher Bertrand Cook
    Mr. Carroll Edward Morris Jr.
    1983 Mr. Farley William Bolwell
    Mr. Harold Lionel Yoh, III
    1984 Ms. Elizabeth Ann Carter
    Mr. Douglas Ernest Giordano
    Ms. Page Ives Lemel
    1985 Dr. Michael Joseph Cooney
    Mrs. Lynn V. Gilbert
    Mr. Nelson Elbert Matthews
    Mr. Barry Evan Schneirov
    1986 Dr. David Thomas Dellaero
    Mr. Peter Flur
    Mr. Jonathan Michael Guerster
    1987 Mr. Cameron Harold Fowler
    1988 Mr. Gregory John Alcorn
    Mr. Michael Anton Harman
    Mr. Thomas Charles Mazzucco Jr.
    Ms. Lee Jamie Tiedrich
    1989 Dr. Tricia Eisenstein Brentjens, M.D.
    Mr. Dwight Elmer Galbi
    Mr. David Michael O’brien
    Mr. Donald Patrick Shatto
    1990 Ms. Lisa Ann Bader
    Mr. Robert Alan Denton
    Mr. Christopher Bret Johnson
    1991 Mr. Joseph Croman Peterson, Jr.
    Mr. Kenneth Scott Weinberg
    1992 Mr. Mahesh Chandrakant Bhumralkar
    Mr. Jaime Daniel Hobbeheydar
    1993 Mr. Brian Alex Pietrewicz
    Mr. Robert Alton Wyatt
    1994 Mr. Joseph Michael Bollinger, Jr.
    Dr. Geoffrey Richard Erickson
    Dr. Maria A. Manning
    Ms. Heidi Pellerano
    1995 Dr. Michael Johannes Jurgens
    Mr. Steven Andrew McClelland
    1996 Ms. Sanyin Siang
    1997 Dr. Robert C. Kunz
    Mr. Malay Bansi Shah
    1998 Mr. Jason Stuart Vickers-Smith
    1999 Mr. David Earl Dolby
    Mr. Francis Dominic Preuss
    Mr. Jason David Stipanov
    2000 Mr. Grant R. Allen
    Mrs. Maria Barton
    Mr. Herbert Frederick Bohnet IV
    Dr. Rebecca Ann Simmons
    Mr. Jason ChihChung Tsao
    2004 Mr. William Albert Simpson
    2005 Mr. Jacob Flomenberg
    2006 Mr. Andrew Matamoros Stalnecker
    2007 Mr. Meng Gao
    2012 Mr. David Ryan Vanderschaaf
    2014 Mr. Helio Liu
    2016 Mr. William Kane Dougherty
    2019 Ms. Marina Smalling
    Parents and Friends Mrs. Karen Rose Alcorn
    Ms. Meredith Alexander
    Mrs. Johanna Kirby Allen A.B.’12
    Mrs. Katherine Kennedy Allen
    Mr. Jeff Bader
    Mrs. Sally Polsfoot Baldwin P’07, P’08
    Mr. Lance A. Barton
    Mrs. Michelle Henry Barton
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Bedingfield P’24
    Mr. and Mrs. D. Theodore Berghorst P’04, P’09
    Mrs. Kara Bolwell P’19
    Dr. Renier Brentjens
    Mrs. Mary E. Caponera P’12
    Mrs. Tessa Anne Chamberlain and Mr. Eric Brian Childs B.S.’01
    Mrs. Georgia Young Coolidge
    Ms. Monique Cooney
    Mrs. Jane Cote’-Cook A.B.’85, P’16, P’20
    Dr. Leonardo Cruz Ph.D.’68
    Dr. Stephen and Dr. Sherry David P’22, P’25
    Mrs. Joanne Burke Dellaero A.B.’86
    Mrs. Barbara M. Denton P’25
    Mrs. Natasha Dolby
    Mrs. Tara M. Dougherty P’16, P’21
    Mrs. Rose Marie Dula
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Eckersley P’16
    Mrs. Stephanie E. Elbers-Donaho A.B.’78, P’08, P’11
    Mrs. Deborah Steinberg Erickson A.B.’01
    Ms. Ashley Sherwin Flomenberg A.B.’04
    Mrs. Dorlisa King Flur B.S.’87, M.B.A.’88
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Flynn P’24
    Mrs. Diane Cheryl Fowler P’18, P’21
    Mr. John David Fries B.S.’00
    Mrs. Patricia Ann Gabriel
    Mrs. Annie Lewis J. Garda A.B.’61, P’90, GP’15, GP’18, GP’19
    Mr. John Spalding Gilbert A.B.’85, P’10, P’13, P’17, P’17
    Mrs. Nicetas Giordano P’19
    Dr. Raymond Eugene Goodson A.M.’62 and Mrs. Susan Elizabeth Goodson A.M.’62
    Ms. Victoria Christine Grant A.B.’13
    Mrs. Kimberly Smith Guerster
    Mrs. Patricia Lister Hanenberg P’04
    Mrs. Marilyn Agnes Harrison B.S.’71, P’97, P’02, P’06
    Dr. Derek Blair Hess A.B.’92, M.D.’03 and Ms. Anne Chisholm Dowling A.B.’92, P’23, P’25
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Phillip Hindman P’00, P’04
    Mrs. Margaret Hobbeheydar
    Mrs. Eva M. Holland
    Mrs. Sarah Horton
    Mrs. Mary English Johnson A.B.’59, P’86
    Dr. Stuart Hemp Johnston A.B.’88 and Mrs. Alison Hawley Johnston A.B.’88, P’21
    Mrs. Elizabeth Lassiter Jurgens
    Dr. Caridad Ravenet Kenna P’98, P’98, P’99
    Mrs. Barbara T. Kennedy A.B.’73
    Mr. Duncan Louis Kirby A.B.’09
    Dr. Mark S. Lemel
    Mr. Lakshya Madhok A.B.’11
    Mr. Christopher Nicholas Manning A.B.’95
    Mrs. Jennifer R. Matthews P’19
    Ms. Kelly Mazzucco
    Mrs. Elizabeth Gray McClelland
    Mr. Herbert Hardinge McDade III A.B.’81, P’13
    Mr. Howie McDonell
    Dr. Chad Michael Miller M.D. M.D.’99, H.S.’01-’03, H.S.’04
    Mrs. Elizabeth Roach Miller
    Mrs. Tamara Ann Milliken
    Mr. John Thomas Mishler A.B.’09
    Mrs. Kristen Lynn O’Brien
    Dr. Scott Oesterling and Mrs. Karen How P’22
    Mr. Robert E. Olson and Mrs. Sheryl Lynn Olson B.S.’84, P’17, P’19
    Ms. Leslie Susan Parran B.S.N.’79, P’07, P’11, P’13
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paulik P’21, P’24
    Mr. Robert A. Peloso P’05
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Peters P’25
    Mrs. Elaine Peterson P’22
    Mrs. Jennifer Pietrewicz
    Mrs. Paula Steichen Polega P’99
    Mrs. Sarah Estes Relyea
    Ms. Sally-Christine Rodgers
    Ms. Jenny Roman Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Carlos F. Roman P’25
    Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rosolowsky P’25
    Dr. and Mrs. Emre Sahingur P’21
    Mrs. Mary Kay Burwell Scarborough P’08
    Mrs. Dorothy Rupp Seibert A.B.’69
    Mr. and Mrs. Joel Sendek P’23, P’26
    Mr. and Mrs. Marcus E. Sernel P’25
    Drs. Bansi and Sumati Shah P’97
    Mrs. Rahilla Corinne Abbas Shatto A.B.’91
    Dr. Jennifer Lynn Sheffield Wyatt A.B.’93
    Mr. Ian Simmons P’25
    Dr. Walter Neal Simmons Ph.D.’01
    Mrs. Linda Stewart and Mr. William W. Stewart A.B.’70
    Mr. Carlie Dean Stilwell
    Mr. Michael T. Traylor B.S.’89
    Professor George Alexander Truskey and Ms. Anna A. Wu P’10
    Mrs. Shelly Tsao
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Udell P’18, P’20
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Walker P’17, P’19
    Mrs. Yingchu Wang
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Weerts P’24
    Mr. Allen L. Weinberg and Mrs. Amy L. Rose P’24
    Mrs. Jessica Bradley Weinberg
    Mr. Yi Yang M.S.’00 and Mrs. Lin Sun
    Mrs. Sharon Crutcher Yoh A.B.’83, P’09, P’17
    Dr. Hongying Peng and Mr. Wanming Zhang M.S.’08
  • 1952 Mr. William Davis McRae
    1956 Mr. George Jones Evans
    1957 Dr. G. Roy Elmore, Jr.
    1961 Mr. Tom E. Leib
    1963 Mr. Paul Allan Rauschelbach
    1965 Mr. Nathanael Broker
    1966 Ms. Katherine Cecelia Norris, P.E.
    1968 Mr. Kenneth Spaulding Chestnut, Sr.
    Mr. Norman A. Cocke III
    Mr. Robert Taylor Summers
    1969 Mr. Ethan D. Grossman
    Mr. Joseph H. Jarboe
    Dr. Robert Charles Marlay, Ph.D.
    1971 Dr. Chun H. Lam
    1972 Dr. Edward G. Buckley
    Mr. Gerald R. Whitt ESQ
    1973 Dr. Mark Charles Davis
    1976 Ms. Laurie C. Conner
    Dr. Neal J. Galinko
    Mr. Edward T. Stockbridge
    1977 Mr. David P. Spearman
    1978 Mr. Banks Jefferson Clark
    Mrs. Brenda Harrison Letzler
    1979 Mr. Ted Balph
    Mr. James E. Kemler
    Mr. Douglas A. Mcgraw
    Mr. Jonathan Norton
    1980 Mr. Scott Alex Brandt
    Ms. Linda S. Floyd
    Dr. Marla Jane Franks
    1981 Dr. Carl Emery Mccants
    Mr. David Ivison Rowland
    Mrs. Caroline S. Schlaseman
    1984 Mr. Jeffrey Steven Ebeling
    Mr. Kevin James Fellhoelter
    1985 Mr. John R. Lambert
    Ms. Ledi Sivewright Trutna
    1986 Mr. Lawrence Joseph Lang
    Mr. Michael L. Rigsby, Jr.
    1987 Dr. Marc James Falleroni
    Mrs. Lisa Miller Willis
    1988 Dr. Salim Farouk Idriss
    Ms. Leslie Susan Prescott
    1989 Mr. Christopher Lawrence Eisenbies
    Mr. Sean Welch O’Brien
    Mr. John Loyal Willis
    1990 Mr. John Allan Dickson
    Mr. Bruce L. Faulkner
    Mr. Paul Thomas Hertlein
    Mr. Richard Edward Nicholas
    1991 Dr. Robert Craig Castellino
    Ms. Dixie Thomas Wells
    1992 Mr. Terrence Chavis
    Dr. Harry Watson Durgin, Jr.
    Ms. Jo Ann Elisabeth Tate Hartley
    1993 Mr. Karl William Kottke
    1994 Mr. Dennis M. Feenaghty
    Mr. Antonio Minchella
    Ms. Anne Sempowski Ward
    1995 Mr. Michael C. Chiou
    Dr. Mohammad Belall Ismael
    1996 Mr. Daniel Vincent Covello Jr.
    Mrs. Holly Crist-Mansson Kelly
    Mr. David Bruce Morton
    Dr. Suneel N. Nagda
    1997 Mr. Steven Warren Fass
    Dr. Gregory Murad
    Dr. Bret Alan Rogers
    Mr. Patrick Charles Thomasma
    1998 Lawrence Lai
    Mr. Travis Michael Troyer
    1999 Mrs. Ann Nelson Mittelstadt
    2000 Ms. Jacquelyn June Renton
    Mr. Richard Stockton Vandermass
    2001 Mr. David Tadashi Imai
    Ms. Jennifer Koh
    Mr. Jeffrey Fen-Te Kung
    2002 Mrs. Danielle Chalson
    Mr. Tan Gao
    Mr. John Randolph Means
    Mr. Gabriel Ka-yiu Yuen
    2004 Dr. Hyun Oh Chung
    Mr. David Brandon Jones
    Mr. Jeremy Michael Tucker
    2005 Mr. Jeffrey Michael McCormick
    Mr. Kevin Steven Parker
    Dr. Michael David Zordan
    2006 Mr. Andrew Robert Schmidt
    2007 Mr. Nishanth Dev
    Mr. Eric Leigh Geller
    Mr. Richard Curtis Harting
    Mr. Jeffrey C. Herbert
    Mrs. Meredith C. Herbert
    Mr. Adam Geoffrey Luchansky
    Mr. Ryan C. Pertz
    2008 Mr. Matthew Paul Burke
    2010 Mr. Jordan Alexander Lewis
    Mrs. Alexandra Nichols
    2012 Mr. Izundu Chukwuemeka Obi-Onuoha
    Mr. Jiaqi Yan
    2014 Mr. Graham Raymond Friday
    Parents and Friends Ms. Diane Ambler P’14
    The Honorable Lawrence Patrick Auld
    Ms. Marisa Mena Avansino A.B.’01
    Mrs. Jane Baecher and Mr. Gregory Christopher Baecher A.B.’02
    Ms. E. Rebecca Ballard A.B.’04
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Bleznak P’23, P’25
    Mr. and Mrs. Ali Bokhari P’24
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Boorady P’23
    Mrs. Linda Anne Bowman and Mr. Frank L. Bowman USN (Retired) A.B.’66, P’90
    Mrs. Mary Anne Brandt P’16
    Mrs. Carole  Broker
    Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Browne, III P’25
    Mrs. Lauren Burke
    Ms. Bonnie Lynne Bycoff P’06, P’09
    Mr. Lorne Victor Bycoff A.B.’06
    Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Carlone P’97
    Mr. Andrew Stephen Chalson A.B.’02
    Mrs. Audra Evans Chavis
    Ms. Sharon Wen-Wen Chen B.S.’02
    Mr. Min Soo Chung A.B.’00
    Dr. Charlotte Reeves Clark A.B.’79, M.E.M.’83, Ph.D.’07, P’12
    Ms. Carolyn V. Cotton
    Dr. Virginia Lee Crowder B.S.’09
    Ms. Margaret Culver
    Mr. and Ms. Robert Dahl P’15
    Dr. Kristi Warren Durgin M.D.’98, P’25
    Mrs. Susan Huttenlocher Ebeling P’20
    Mrs. Sandra Eisenbies
    Mrs. Mary Caryl Elmore
    Ms. Kolbrun Kristjansdottir Fass Ph.D. Ph.D.’05
    Mrs. Cherie Fogle Faulkner
    Mrs. Juliana  Feenaghty
    Mrs. Yvonne  Galinko
    Mr. Lingping Gao and Dr. Weilie Ma P’24
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Garvin P’23
    Mrs. Abigail Gold Geller A.B.’06
    Mrs. Dale Greenberg
    Mr. Roshan B. Gudapati and Mrs. Krishnaveni Meka P’17, P’22
    Mr. and Mrs. Rishi Gulati P’23
    Dr. Matthew Healey
    Mrs. Kristina Devlin Hertlein
    Dr. Marilyn M. Idriss B.S.’88, M.D.’92, H.S.’92-’95
    Mrs. Alison Giordano Ismael B.S.’96
    Mrs. Anne Clark Jarboe P’04
    Ms. Hayes Neely Jones B.S.’06, M.E.M.’08 and Mr. Stephen Connell Jones B.S.’05, M.Eg.M.’11
    Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Darren Josephy P’23
    Mr. Mark William Kelly M.B.A.’98
    Mrs. Polly Jo Kemler
    Dr. So-Young Kim
    Mrs. Christine Kim Kottke A.B.’93
    Mrs. Karen Jones Kung
    Mrs. Edith Lam P’00
    Mrs. Katherine Broome Lang P’17
    Mrs. Bettsy Creigh Leib B.S.N.’62, P’93, P’95
    Mr. Jonathan Robert Letzler A.B.’78, P’08, P’17
    Ms. Joyce Luk
    Mr. Carlo Manfredini and Ms. Janet Palmer P’24
    Mrs. Neha Markle and Mr. Justin Paul Markle B.S.’00
    Dr. Diann Warren McCants
    Mr. and Mrs. James F. McCurry P’23
    Mrs. Marianne B. McGraw B.S.N.’80, P’07
    Mrs. Patterson Neal McKinnon M.B.A.’84 and Mr. Colin M. McKinnon A.B.’77, M.B.A.’82, P’08, P’11
    Mrs. Nancy Lee Howell McRae
    Mr. Matthew Wood Mittelstadt A.B.’99
    Mr. Rodolfo L Molina and Mrs. Maria S. Lozano-Molina P’25
    Mrs. Jennifer Rachel Bentz Nagda A.B.’96
    Dr. Rita Nahta Ph.D. Ph.D.’00
    Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Nastas P’22
    Mrs. Lynn Norton P’13
    Mrs. Amy Dering Parker
    Dr. Neil B Perlman and Mrs. Rachel Contorer Perlman A.M.’87, J.D.’87, P’16, P’17
    Dr. Sandra V. Pertz B.S.’07
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Phillips P’22
    Mr. James F. Prestwood A.B.’70, P’99 and Mrs. Rebecca Rhoads Prestwood A.B.’67, P’99
    Dr. J. Michael Randall Jr. B.S.’01
    Mrs. Dorothy Joyce Rauschelbach A.B.’63
    Mr. Philip Byron Renton
    Dr. Cynthia Karfias Rigsby A.B.’86, M.D.’90, P’22
    Ms. Julie W. Rogers A.B.’97, J.D.’04
    Mrs. Suzanne B. Rowland P’14
    Mr. Guy Willis Schlaseman A.B.’79, P’12
    Mrs. Logan Schmidt A.B.’06
    Mrs. Michele M. Simkin and Mr. Brian Michael Simkin J.D.’90, P’24
    Mrs. Patricia Ann Spearman P’06, P’08, P’11, P’13
    Mrs. M. Virginia Stockbridge
    Mrs. Carole Summers
    Mrs. Juanita Wilkes Summers P’04
    Ms. Nancy Evelyn Tate P’08
    Ms. Susanna Victoria Temkin A.B.’07
    Mr. and Mrs. Ian Thomas P’25
    Mr. Mark Trutna P’17
    Mr. Donald P. and Greenie Van Buren P’00
    Ms. Jo-Ann Lynn Vassallo P’24
    Ms. Katherine R. Ward A.B.’90 and Mr. Charles Forrester Littlefield Ward P’23
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Whitney P’14
    Mr. Conrad and Ms. Julia Palmer Winkler M.S.’93
    Mr. Bruce W. Winterhof P’04, P’14
    Ms Denise Witt
    Mr. Junjie Zhang and Mrs. Lingling Hua P’24
  • 1951 Dr. Robert E. Fischell
    1955 Colonel David Lloyd Wagner USAF (Retired)
    1956 Mr. Robert Eadie
    1958 Dr. Leonidas John Jones, II
    Mr. David Lyman
    Mr. James Webb Redmond, Jr.
    1959 Mr. C. Thomas Biggs
    Mr. Mebane E. Turner Jr.
    1960 Mr. Jon R. Blyth
    Dr. William F. Chambers
    1961 Mr. Thomas Lester Engleby, II
    Dr. Joseph M. Hunt, III
    Mr. Carl E. Rudiger Jr.
    1962 Mr. Thomas Eugene Gallagher
    Mr. Randall Charles Herring
    Mr. W. George Roach
    1963 Mr. Wilfred Joseph Vaudreuil Jr.
    1964 Dr. Kenneth Durwood Kennedy, Jr.
    Mr. Michael Nickelsburg
    1965 Mr. William F. Cromartie
    Mr. Jerry D. Francis
    Mr. Terry A. Simpson
    1966 Dr. Jeffrey M. Brick
    Mr. Henry T. Lyons, Jr.
    1967 Mr. Donald A. Ashby
    Mr. Peter C. Brockett
    Dr. Robert DeGroof
    Mr. Herbert Windsor Mumford, III
    Mr. Donald Bruce Wiesley, Jr.
    1969 Mr. Ernest Gordon Lunsford, Jr.
    Mr. Turner Whitted PHD
    Mr. Thomas M. Woodard
    1970 Mr. Walter G. Bashaw
    Dr. Alan G. Goedde
    Mr. Jonathan F. Llewellyn
    Mr. John Gilman Ordway, III
    1971 Mr. Robert W. Althaus
    Mr. Robert Winston Carr, Jr.
    Mr. Truman Dent Donoho, III
    Mr. Donald M. Helfer
    Mr. Douglas Scott Perry
    Mr. Allen F. Suit
    Mr. George Joseph White
    1972 Dr. Frank Birinyi
    Mr. Daniel Anthony Dell’Osa
    Mr. Joseph A. Harland
    Captain William D. Needham
    1973 Mr. Robert R. Ando
    Mr. Walter Jeffrey Bishop
    Dr. Frederick Eugene Munschauer III
    Dr. Paul A. Vadnais
    1974 Mr. Robert E. Fraile
    Dr. David Mark Upham
    1975 Mr. R. Gregory Stortstrom
    Mr. Peter W. Waxter
    1976 Mrs. Elizabeth W. Miller-jones
    Mr. William B. Scantland
    1977 Dr. Robert L. Galloway Jr.
    Mr. John D. Millan
    Mr. George E. Murphy
    Mr. W. Russell Scheirman II
    Mr. David B. Stewart
    Ms. Edith Wilson
    1978 Gary W. Burchill, Ph.D.
    Mr. Brian F. Gaston
    Mr. Michael L. Gollobin
    Mr. James Charles Lordeman
    Ms. Rebecca R. Lula
    Ms. Pamela R. Moore
    Dr. Lisa Schichtel Orton Ph.D.
    Mr. Stephen Bradford Slawson
    Mr. Charles Thomas Stuart, Jr.
    Mr. Shao F. Wang
    Mr. Gregory Scot Wolcott
    Mr. Richard George Wolfe
    1979 Mr. Richard A. Beck
    Mr. Albert N. Gore, III
    Mr. Alden Sherburne Hart, Jr.
    Mrs. Joan Lowe Marks
    Mr. David Michael Savard
    Mr. Stephen R. Spector
    Dr. Jonathon D. Truwit
    Dr. R. Davis Webb Jr.
    1980 Mrs. Michele Magnin Carbonell
    Mr. Pedro Carlos Fenjves
    Mr. Jeffrey Warren Reedy
    Dr. Mack Thomas Ruffin, IV
    1981 Mr. Amjad Adnan Nureddin Bseisu
    Mr. Alan Robert Cohen
    Mr. Darryl W. Copeland, Jr.
    Mr. William Arthur Huting
    Dr. Richard Walter Pekala
    Mr. George Smith Plattenburg Jr.
    1982 Mr. Danal Alexander Blessis
    Ms. Catherine Louise Iacobo
    Dr. Howard Ira Levy
    Dr. Kenneth Guy Sandberg, I
    1983 Mr. James Arthur Cavenaugh, III
    Mrs. Allison Haack Glackin
    Mr. David Ross Pitser
    1984 Mr. Benjamin Cabell Bonifant
    Mr. Sam Michael Liang
    Ms. Carolyn O. Molthrop
    1985 Mr. Dale Leroy Brunelle
    Mr. Kevin Allen Dorsey
    Mrs. Debra M. Parrish
    Mr. Spencer William White
    Mr. Michael T. Yamamoto
    1986 Dr. Samuel M. Alaish, M.D.
    Mr. James Edward Albright
    Mr. Jun Asai
    Mr. Allen Holt Farrington
    Mr. Sam A. Ghazaleh
    Mr. David Henry Kramer
    Mr. David Scott Lindquist
    Mr. Douglas M. McCracken
    Mr. Mark Allison Potsdam
    Mr. Robert Freeman Shuford Jr.
    1987 Mr. Charles Alan Grandy
    1988 Dr. Michael Thomas Munley
    1989 Mr. Steven Bruce Baumberger
    Dr. Kevin John Bozic
    Mrs. Babita Lal Deitrich
    Mr. George Fox, Jr.
    Mr. Kyung In Han
    Dr. Christine Louise Hunter
    Mr. Thomas W. Lattin, Jr.
    1990 Mr. John D. Adkins, II
    Mr. William E. Beasley, Jr.
    Mr. John Daniel Case
    Dr. Michael Goodwin Cetta
    Mr. John Patrick Comerford
    Mr. Michael Jay Isman
    Mr. Douglas Charles Kley
    Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Clarence Leung
    Professor William F. Walker
    Mr. Robert David Wescott
    Mrs. Cheryl A. White
    1991 Mr. Jonathan Lowell Danielson
    Mr. William G. Karpovich
    Mr. Daniel Raymond King
    Dr. Michael Dearman Lee
    Dr. Steven Hsin-hung Lin, M.D.
    Dr. Aurora Dawn Pryor
    Mr. Matthew W. Twiggs
    1992 Mr. Scott Douglas Booth
    Dr. Jeffrey Charles Constantine
    Mr. Christopher Kemp Hunt
    Mr. Erik Lorscheider
    Mr. Jarvis Tremain Lowndes
    Dr. Elizabeth McClelland Lutostansky
    Mr. James Lewis Pratt
    Dr. John Patrick Rodgers
    Dr. Carla June Spann
    1993 Dr. Rahul Vinod Deshmukh
    Dr. Meredith Joyner Drummond M.D.
    Mr. Louis A. Falvo, III
    Mr. Gregory Paul Lissy
    Mr. Jeffrey Kenneth Lopez
    Dr. Hong Andy Park
    Mrs. Gillian Fischbach Parton P.E.
    Dr. William Stephen Poole
    Mrs. Margaret M. Rodgers
    Ms. Ann Marie Scott
    Mr. David James Sullivan
    Mr. David Tien-jen Wei
    1994 Mr. James Patrick Creighton
    Dr. Michael John Donnelly
    Mr. James Arthur Grover
    Mr. Brian L. Helm
    Mr. Robert Leroy Jacks II
    Mr. Michael Todd Prewett
    Ms. Rachel Linda Winokur
    1995 Dr. Tomas H. Ayala
    Dr. Jeffrey A. Chard
    Mr. Scott William Dubbeling
    Mr. Nikolas Charles Endrud
    Dr. Elizabeth Jett Gaske
    Mr. Scott E. Harrington
    Mr. Robert A. McClung
    Dr. Joel Radell Kenyatta Moody
    Mr. Bradley Ewing Paris
    Mr. David Robert Zalesky
    1996 Mr. Ethan Isaac Berger
    Mr. Thomas M. Brundage
    Mr. Frank Bruni
    Dr. Sunil Narendra Gandhi
    1997 Mr. Yiu Bong Alan Chang
    Ms. Stacey Jean Davis
    Mr. Francisco Javier Fernandez
    Ms. Melissa Beth Field
    Mr. Blair Thomas Holt
    Mrs. Michelle Ann Lytle
    Dr. Maureen Lynn Mulcahy
    Mrs. Abigail Laurie Pachon
    Mr. Jason Obenshain Piche
    Dr. Heather Yeckes Rodin
    Ms. Jill Anne Schreifer
    Mr. Marwan Khaled Saeed Tabbara
    Mr. Michael Allen Wesley
    1998 Mr. Kevin Eric Bonebrake
    Mrs. Amanda Hallet Gelber
    Mr. Nicholas Robert Gelber
    Ms. Annette Yuen Nga Lam
    Mrs. Eliza Straten Nevers
    Dr. Yung Hee Park
    Mr. Todd Michael Singleton
    1999 Mr. Joshua Philip Arwood
    Mr. David Michael Cummings
    Mr. Jonathan Andris Feifs
    Mr. Vladislav D. Ivanov
    Mr. Anthony Lagnese
    Mr. Wesley Rogers McClelland
    Dr. Kevin Bryce Mcgowan
    Mr. Mark Stephen McKeag
    Ms. Sarah Carolyn Townsley
    Mr. Eric Zen-Shah Wang
    2000 Mrs. Carla W. Benigni
    Mr. William N. Camp, II
    Mr. Eugene Chan Farng
    Mr. Geoff William Habicht
    Mr. Michael S. Hernandez-soria
    Mr. Jason Lawrence O’Meara
    Mr. Kenneth George Schopfer
    Dr. A. Jesse Schuette, Jr.
    Mr. Daniel Robert Silver
    Mr. Paul Heschel Tzur
    2001 Mr. Brian Robert Appel
    Mr. John Nathan Day
    Dr. Jessica Lynne Foley
    Ms. Jennifer Lee Gardiner
    Mrs. Sarah Bradley Higgins
    Dr. Dwight Kenneth Lee
    Mr. Justin Mulhern Offen
    Mr. Clayton Douglas Poppe
    Mr. James L. Ruth
    Dr. Amy C. Sharma
    Mr. Navin Sharma
    Mr. Brandon Hugh Stroy
    Mrs. Emily Dalhart Tzur
    Mr. Michael Ellett Weissinger
    Mr. Christopher A. Winter
    Mr. Kent Tai-Lung Young
    2002 Mr. Adam Patrick Burns
    Dr. Sitaramesh Emani
    Ms. Julie Michelle Kempton Furt
    Dr. Dorlan Jamal Kimbrough
    Mr. Patrick Luquire
    Mr. Patrick Luquire
    Mr. Mark Stewart Rockwood
    Mr. Stephen Taylor Thompson
    2003 Mr. Nathan Lincoln Chao
    Mr. Mark Daniel Krasniewski
    Mr. Matthew Frederick Sutherland
    Dr. Mausumi Natalie Syamal-Loughran
    Mr. Amar Kumar Tanna
    Mr. Mark Younger
    2004 Mr. Christopher Miller Boston
    Mr. Udayaditya Chatterjee
    Mr. Matthew Robert Raubach
    Mr. Andrew David Steinberg
    2005 Mr. George Andrew Crowell
    Ms. Emma Harvey Giamartino
    Mr. Thomas Charles Goltermann, Jr.
    Mr. Michael Guadano
    Mr. Yashar Pirzadeh
    2006 Mr. Gareth Thurso Barendse
    Mrs. Omaira C. Brightman
    Mr. Robert Rhodes Demason
    Dr. Le He
    Ms. Xinfeng Evelyn Hu
    Dr. Courtney Lehn Olmsted
    Mr. Roman Gerald Schwarz
    Mr. William Benjamin Senner
    Ms. Mika Johana Tanimoto-Stroy
    Mr. Gihan Shaminda Wickramaratne
    2007 Mr. William Lamble Cooper, III
    Mrs. Shaina Gram
    Mr. Phillip Daniel Nicholson
    Dr. Elizabeth Ann Vasievich
    2008 Mr. Alexander Hwang
    Mr. Cristian Cheukyiu Liu
    Mr. Drew Rindner
    Dr. Andrew D. Sobel
    Dr. Yvonne Joy Yamanaka
    2009 Mrs. Katharyn Cordero
    Mr. Rafael Antonio Cordero
    Mr. Bryan Ethan Fleming
    Mr. Thomas James Hadzor
    Dr. Jonathan L. Odom
    Mr. Jun-Jeong Park
    Mrs. Molly Bierman Ryan
    Mr. James Louis Schulhof, Jr.
    2010 Mrs. Katherine Marie Henderson
    Mr. George Lefelar
    Mr. David Benjamin Lue
    Mrs. Melissa Murphy Lue
    Mr. Mark Lee Maynard, Jr.
    Mr. Gerard Joseph Moorman, Jr.
    Mr. Ankit Prasad
    2011 Mr. Kaiting Chen
    Mr. Jared Alexander Dunnmon
    Mr. Jeffrey L. Forte, Jr.
    Mr. Andrew Timothy Pettit
    Mr. Jeremy Thomas Walch
    2012 Mr. John Fan
    Mr. Michael Burchett Fausone
    Mr. Tian Li
    Ms. Dianna D. Liu
    Ms. Dyuti Mahendru
    Mrs. Catherine Ramsey Schulte
    Mr. Han-yu Henry Shen
    2013 Mr. Michael Shuang Cai
    Ms. Kerri Devine
    Mr. Greg Alan Evans
    Mr. Donald Vincent Husa
    Ms. Christine D. Kelsey
    Mr. Daniel D. Lasowski
    Mr. Carl Erik Lawson
    Mr. Emmanuel G. Lim
    Mr. Amit Parekh
    Mr. Kevin T. Seybert
    Mr. Seung Yul Shin
    Mr. Bennie Su
    2014 Mr. Michael Buntin Krone
    Mr. Scott T Martin
    Mr. James Tucker Risman
    2015 Mr. Matthew Ford Baron
    Mr. Bojia Chen
    Ms. Kendall Covington
    Mr. Eduardo Hernandez-Nieves
    Mr. Zhiyu Jiang
    Mr. Kenneth Mcandrews
    Mr. Max Orenstein
    2016 Mr. Cameron Douglas Givler
    Shelby Horton
    Mr. Tyler Jeffrey Nelson
    Mr. Justin Bryant Palpant
    Mr. James Earl Sawyer
    Mr. Craig Gerard Vincent
    2017 Mr. Andrew Buie
    Mr. Dylan Alfred Grien
    Mr. Yanmin Ma
    Mr. Emre Bozbag Sonmez
    Mr. Hao Zhao
    2018 Mr. Ryan S. Cox
    Mr. Joshua Furth
    Mr. Michael Sukhyun Kim
    Mr. Michael Yurievich Kuryshev
    Mr. Matthew Li. Wu
    2019 Mr. Nicholas Andrew Barra
    Mr. Chance Robert Fleeting
    Mr. Grant Matthew Haskins
    Ms. Carina Lynn Tracy
    2020 Mr. Brian Joseph Jordan
    2021 Mr. Kaan Sahingur
    Ms. Natalie Shea Wilkinson
    2022 Mr. Justin Michael Nickelsburg
    Parents and Friends Mr. Khaled S. Al Munefi Mrs. Shaikha F. Al Fulaij P’25
    Mrs. Kristen Elizabeth Albright
    Mrs. Marybeth  Althaus
    Dr. Kenneth Wayne Altman M.S.’84, Ph.D.’88, M.D.’93 and Mrs. Courtney Altman
    Ms. Rosanna Ando
    Mr. Kaushik Arunagiri and Mrs. Suman Rao P’25
    Mrs. Kathleen Higgins Ashby P’04
    Ms. Sarah Kate Ashton
    Dr. Michael D. Bailey A.B.’93
    Dr. Chadwick M. Baker, III M.S.’70, Ph.D.’71
    Mrs. Jennifer Barendse
    Ms. Marcia Ruth Barham
    Mrs. Nancy  Bashaw
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bayston P’25
    Dr. Maureen Stabile Beck B.S.N.’79, P’09, P’17
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Beck P’23, P’24
    Mr. Scott Benigni
    Mr. and Ms. John  Betancourt P’19
    Mrs. Mary Golson Biggs A.B.’62, P’87
    Mrs. Jane  Blyth
    Mrs. Clare Marguerit Bonifant
    Mrs. Winnie Scheuer Bonebrake
    Mrs. Alyson Miller Booth
    Mr. and Ms. Gary  Boslough P’20
    Mrs. Cortney Boston A.B.’06
    Ms. Catherine Jean Boyne P’15
    Mrs. Christi  Bozic
    Mrs. Stephany Brick
    Mr. David Jeffrey Brightman B.S.’06
    Mrs. Laureen Belle Brockett P’09, P’20
    Mrs. Victoria Jean Brundage
    Mrs. Kristina Brunelle
    Mrs. Jennifer Felder Bruni
    Mrs. Suha Riad Tawfiq Bseisu P’22
    Mrs. Cristina D. Burchill P’21
    Mr. James Burmeister and Ms. Kimberley Trombly-Burmeister P’22, P’24
    Ms. Jennifer Kennedy Burns A.B.’02
    Ms. Liana Burtsava
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Campbell P’23
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Campbell P’96
    Dr. Karen E. Campbell
    Ms. Laura D. Campbell P’24
    Mr. Nelson Alberto Carbonell Jr.
    Dr. Marjorie Barnwell Carr M.T.S.’92
    Ms. Kathy Ellen Carter
    Mrs. Evan Trulove Cavenaugh
    Mrs. Denise Schrier Cetta A.B.’90, P’24
    Ms. Connie T. Chai B.S.’10, M.B.A.’16
    Mrs. Mary D. Chambers A.M.’65, P’91
    Mrs. Emily S. Chang
    Mrs. Jessica Lin Chao
    Mrs. Noelle Chard
    Mrs. Elizabeth Pinckney Chatterjee
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chemmanoor P’22
    Mr. Ming Chen and Dr. Claire Diep P’17
    Mr. Ryan Jay Chen
    Ms. Jennifer Jones Chiavetta P’25
    Mr. Ta-Ming Chen and Mrs. Chiichao C. Chiang P’25
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Chin P’01
    Mr. Jie Ding M.S.’00 and Ms. Tao Yu T’01
    Ms. Cynthia Clarke P’22
    Mr. and Ms. Philip Clarke P’22
    Mr. William Christopher Clarke
    Mr. and Mrs. Erik Cleage P’24
    Mr. David F. Clemmer Jr.
    Mrs. Julie E. Constantine
    Mrs. Tiffany Finch Cooper
    Mrs. Karen Eberhard Copeland P’13
    Mrs. Kerry E. Creighton J.D.’99
    Mrs. Ashley K. Crowell
    Mrs. Michelle Cummings
    Dr. James Dimitrious Torosis  and and Dr. Susan Amber Cummings P’11
    Mr. and Mrs. John Dale P’23, P’24
    Dr. Eugene D. Day Jr. A.B.’77 and Mrs. Julia C. Day A.B.’77
    Mrs. Taylor Christine Day B.S.’00
    Mr. James E. Deegan A.B.’64
    Dr. Ellen  deGroof and  Dr. Robert DeGroof  Ph.D.’74, P’02
    Mr. Thomas L. Deitrich
    Mrs. Michelle DeMason
    Dr. Haiqing  Deng and Ms. Juan Zhou P’13
    Mr. Xinmin Deng and Mrs. Jin Zhu P’25
    Ms. Chloe Elizabeth Derocher
    Mrs. Sujata W. Deshmukh
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Devries P’24
    Mrs. Yenii Chen Dex and Mr. Walter John Dex Jr. A.B.’88
    Mr. Eli J. Dicker P’17
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dodd P’22
    Mr. Weixiong Dong and Mrs. Dan Song P’25
    Mrs. Dipti Patel Donnelly
    Mr. Eric W. Donnelly
    Mrs. Tilly H. Donoho
    Mrs. Susan Elaine Dorsey A.B.’86, P’16
    Mrs. Holly  Dubbeling
    Mr. J. Philip Duhart
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Dunn P’99
    Dr. Preston Dunnmon M.S.’69, Ph.D.’85 and Dr. Kara Haas M.D.’83, P’23
    Ms. Melissa Emani
    Mrs. Christina Campbell Endrud A.B.’95, P’24
    Dr. Jeanne Marie Erickson B.S.N.’79, P’13
    Mrs. Ann T. Everett
    Mrs. Kristen  Falvo
    Mrs. Cindy Lesonsky Farrington
    Dr. Laura Marie Fayad
    Mrs. June Dunn Fenjves P’08, P’19
    Mrs. Stephanie Laine Feifs
    Mr. Charles Avery Fisher and Mrs. Susan Stix Fisher A.B.’76, P’13
    Mrs. Michelle Forte
    Mrs. Karolyn Kay Fox P’17
    Mrs. Susan Englander Fraile
    Mrs. Loudella B. Francis
    Ms. Sarah Francis
    Mr. Sylvain Jean Claude Furt
    Mrs. Mary A. Gallagher
    Mrs. Anupama Prabhu Gandhi A.B.’98
    Mr. Charles E. Gardiner
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Garmise P’25
    Mr. and Mrs.  Peter L. Garrambone, Jr. P’15
    Mrs. Jennifer M. Gaston
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Germ P’23
    Mrs. Irene Antonelli Ghazaleh P’20, P’24
    Mr. Vincent Giamartino
    Mr. George B. Glackin III P’12, P’14
    Mrs. Charlotte  Gollobin P’78, P’80
    Mrs. Jenna Oates Goltermann
    Ms. Jeannette Shelor Gore
    Mr. Jeffrey S. Gourdji and Mrs. Susan J. Gradman P’25
    Mrs. Alicia Wall Goyal and Mr. Chetan Goyal M.S.’98, M.B.A.’04
    Mrs. Lori Grandy
    Mrs. Marcela Marie Grover
    Ms. Jessica Grounds
    Ms. Julie Guest A.B.’85, P’09
    Mr. Gregg Gumbert and Ms. Elaine Saino Gumbert A.B.’92, P’25
    Mrs. Sarah Guthrie Hadzor, CPA
    Ms. Susan Cranford Ross and Mr. Thomas Baylor Hadzor P’09, P’10
    Mrs. Robin J. Harland
    Mrs. Carolyn Cantlay Hart
    Ms. Pamela Hawley A.B.’91
    Mrs. Patricia K. Helfer
    Mrs. Kari Kullberg Helm
    Dr. Steven Patrick Higgins B.S.’98, M.D.’02, H.S.’02, H.S.’08
    Mrs. Elizabeth Royall Holt A.B.’98
    Mr. Dajun Hou M.Eg.M.’04
    Professor Tony Jun Huang and Ms. Lin Wang M.S.’04
    Mrs. Annette  Hunt
    Mrs. Fiona Elizabeth Hunt
    Dr. Jairy C. Hunter, III
    Dr. Natalie R.Husa B.S.’14
    Dr. Tadashi Ihara Ph.D.’90
    Mrs. Brenna M. Isman
    Mrs. Kristen Masterson Jacks A.B.’90
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Jaffrey P’25
    Dr. Mudit Kumar Jain Ph.D.’99and Mrs. Radhika Menon-Jain
    Mr. Weiwei Jian M.S.’08
    Dr. Yinghui Echo He and Mr. Tao Jiang M.B.A.’03
    Dr. Kristina M. Johnson
    Dr. Nancy Elizabeth Johnson M.T.S.’94
    Mrs. Linda Brackett Jones
    Mr. Paul Neal Jordan A.B.’13
    Ms. Kelly P. Karpovich
    Ms. Miriam Kassem
    Ms. Vinitha Kaushik B.S.’05
    Dr. and Mrs. John F. Kazmierski P’03
    Mrs. Jenny Keh
    Mr. David L. Kennedy
    Mrs. Sara R. Kennedy
    Mrs. Elizabeth Wood King P’23
    Mrs. Rachel Ekery Kley A.B.’90
    Dr. Todd W. and Dr. Judith P. Knox P’17, P’23
    Dr. Todd W. and Dr. Judith P. Knox P’17, P’23
    Mr. Thomas D. and Dr. Nancy L. Kragt P’25
    Dr. Nalini R. and Dr. Ram S. Krishnan M.S.’75, P’09
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kritzmacher P’16
    Mr. Jongtae Kwak and Mrs. Jungtae Kim P’24
    Dr. Meena E. Lagnese B.S.’99
    Mr. and Mrs. Sudhakar S. Lahade P’24, P’24
    Mrs. Ruth Ann Lattin
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lawter P’23, P’26
    Mr. Jack Winston Lawter, III
    Mrs. Elizabeth Tarkington Lee
    Mr. Garrett Lee and Mrs. Lori Murphy Lee A.B.’90, P’22
    Dr. James and Dr. Stephanie Levey P’18, P’25
    Mrs. Faith Frankel Levy P’17
    Mrs. Ivy LeVine Lewis and Mr. Harold Leonard Lewis A.B.’81
    Mrs. Congcong Li A.M.’09 and Dr. Baolei Li Ph.D.’13
    Dr. Guowen Li and Dr. Guiqin Wang P’25
    Dr. Kelly K. Liang P’19
    Mr. Jason Christopher Liao A.B.’12
    Dr. Rui Liao M.S.’02, Ph.D.’04
    Mrs. Dana Wynne Lindquist A.B.’85
    Ms. Karen S. Lissy A.B.’94
    Mrs. Maria G. Little and Mr. Prescott M. Little Jr. B.S.’68, M.B.A.’72, P’03
    Ms. Luqin Liu M.E.M.’13 and Mr. Haoran Liu M.S.’12
    Dr. Zejin Liu and Mrs. Yiping Wang P’23
    Mrs. Trilby Duncan Llewellyn B.S.’70, P’95, P’99
    Mr. and Mrs. David G. Lloyd P’24
    Mrs. Bette J. Lordeman
    Mrs. Jessica Lorscheider
    Mr. Mark David Lutostansky A.B.’90
    Mrs. Tongtae Lyman
    Dean Jerome Lynch A.B.’13
    Mrs. Suzanne Turner Lyons A.B.’66, P’90
    Mr. Thomas Crain Lytle
    Mr. S. Scott MacLeod
    Mrs. Jacqueline Leigh Majors Arwood
    Mrs. Jeannette H. and Dr. Sam T. Manoogian B.S.’71
    Mr. and Mrs. Niranjana Mapitigama P’26
    Ms. Elena Daly Marcuss A.B.’95
    Dr. Steven Edward Marks B.S.’78, P’11, P’15
    Mrs. Cynthia McClung
    Mrs. Elizabeth Crumpler McCracken P’18
    Mrs. Amy Murnick McKeag A.B.’98, M.B.A.’06
    Mrs. Gail Miller Millan B.S.N.’78
    Dr. Maria Millan-Kramer B.S.’86
    Dr. and Mrs. Kunal Mitra P’24
    Dr. David Charles Molthrop, Jr. B.S.’83, P’14, P’18, P’25
    Mrs. Chelsea Canepa Moorman A.B.’12
    Mrs. Victoria Garcia-Pelayo Mumford
    Mrs. Rebecca Diane Munley
    Mrs. Penny Munschauer
    Mrs. Susan M. Murphy P’09, P’09, P’13
    Dr. Adam Lane Muzikant Ph.D.’98
    Mrs. Marina Vlada Needham
    Mr. Vincent Paul Nesline and Mrs. Kristin Iager Nesline, R.N. B.S.N.’78, P’05
    Mr. Brandon L. Nevers
    Dr. Maria Mikedis Nicholson B.S.’07
    Mrs. Diann Miller Nickelsburg P’89, GP’22
    Dr. Christine Ann O’Meara B.S.’00
    Mrs. Shannon Sweeney Offen
    Mr. Akinwale O. Olatosi and Mrs. Adelero O. Adebajo P’25
    Mrs. Teresa Marie Olle
    Mr. Francis A. Olomu and Mrs. Kathleen J. Casey P’24
    Mr. Christopher Harrison Orders M.Eg.M.’04
    Mrs. Marla B. Ordway
    Mr. David Evan Orton M.S.’79
    Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Outlaw P’17
    Mr. and Mrs. Vipul Parekh P’24
    Mr. Lawrence Pachon
    Ms. Tracy Pan P’22
    Ms. Robyn Osborne Paris A.B.’95
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Laurence Parish III P’07
    Mrs. Clare Park
    Mrs. Sung Park
    Mr. Ted Parton
    Mrs. Robyn H. Pekala A.B.’81, P’11
    Mr. Juan Jose Pereda and Mrs. Marisela J. Amaya P’23, P’25
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Pereles P’23
    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Perry P’05
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Perry P’24
    Mrs. Catherine Obenshain Piche A.B.’97
    Ms. Melanie Diane Plageman A.B.’11
    Mrs. Elizabeth N. Plattenburg A.B.’82, P’12
    Mr. William Thomas Plybon and Mrs. Suzanne Tucker Plybon A.B.’80, P’14
    Mrs. Carrie Elizabeth Poole P’24
    Mrs. Susan O’Callahan Pratt A.B.’92
    Mrs. Amy Cairney Prewett A.B.’94
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Prince P’23
    Mr.  and Mrs. Kevin Proudfoot P’22
    Mrs. Heidi Donaldson Priu A.B.’93 and Mr. Pablo Eduardo Priu ESQ A.B.’91, P’25
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Rabinowitz P’23
    Mrs. Verni Ratnasabapathy P’24
    Mrs. Melanie Johnson Raubach A.B.’04
    Mr. Mark Albert Rauch and Mrs. Lynn Rosner Rauch ESQ A.B.’85, P’17, P’20
    Mrs. Katherine  Reedy
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Reilly P’16
    Mrs. Alice Carmichael Richey
    Mrs. Jane  Roach
    Mr. Casey Roche
    Mrs. Jennifer Rockwood
    Mr. Dave Rodin
    Mr. Poorav Kumar Rohatgi A.B.’10
    Mrs. Cynthia Ann Stofberg and Dr. Jeffrey Paul Ross A.B.’84, P’25
    Mrs. Jeanne Kurtzon Rudiger
    Mrs. Katherine McFather Rugani A.B.’98
    Mrs. Lisa Ruth
    Mrs. Joanne  Samuel and Dr. Steven A. Samuel B.S.’73
    Dr. Sheila Kay Sandberg
    Mrs. Barbara Williams Scantland
    Mrs. Jolyn Scheirman
    Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Schmidt P’23
    Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Schneider P’25
    Mr. Joseph Schottland and Mrs. Rachel VanCleave P’22
    Mrs. Julie Schuette A.B.’00
    Mr. Timothy Robert Schulte A.B.’12
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Schwartz P’25
    Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Ramage Schwarz A.B.’06
    Ms. Anita Seipp Marmaduke P’10
    Ms. Kate Senner
    Mr. and Mrs. Delmer R. Shepherd P’24
    Mrs. Lee Shoop P’06, P’08, P’13
    Mr. David Short B.S.’13
    Mrs. Lori E. Shuford
    Mrs. Michelle Pinsky Silver A.B.’00
    Dr. Ian D. Simon
    Mrs. Patricia M. Simpson
    Mr. Rick Kennedy Sims
    Mr. Gauravjit Singh M.Eg.M.’07
    Mrs. Veronica  Singleton
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sit P’20
    Mr. Stanislaw Skaluba and Mrs. Marta Saj P’24
    Mrs. Linda Gray Slawson
    Dr. Katherine Louise Hanson and Dr. Walter Edward Smalley, Jr. M.D.’85, P’23
    Mr. Lawrence Eugene Smith and Mrs. Nancy Ann Lyons P’10
    Mrs. Jessica Gushner Sobel A.B.’10
    Mrs. Kindra  Spector
    Mrs. Ann Lee Steinberg
    Mrs. Carol Peyton Stevens and Dr. Robert Francis Stevens M.S.’74, Ph.D.’80
    Mrs. Frances M. Stewart
    Ms. Esther Storrie A.B.’95
    Mrs. Marilyn Brewer Stortstrom
    Mrs. Rebecca Park Stroy
    Mrs. Lara Druyan Stuart
    Mr. and Mrs. Rodman Stull P’22
    Mrs. B. Jean Suit
    Dr. Patsa Hungspreugs Sullivan
    Mrs. Allison Case Sutherland
    Mrs. Pratibha Tanna P’03
    Mrs. Sonya Amratlal Tanna
    Mrs. Emily S. Taylor Poppe A.B.’01
    Mr. Joshua Mathew Tennyson
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Tenpas P’23
    Mrs. Meredith Hodges Thompson
    Ms. Tammy Lynne Tieu
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Trainor P’25
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Trerotola P’21
    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Truitt P’21, P’24
    Mrs. Winnie Tso
    Mrs. Linda Lyon Turner
    Mrs. Lanell B. Twiggs
    Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ty P’22
    Mrs. Karen S. Upham
    Mrs. Susan E. Vadnais
    Mrs. Lynda S. Vickers-Smith P’98, P’00
    Mr. Greg Wadsworth
    Ms. Christina Marie Wagner A.B.’92
    Mrs. Jeanne K. Wagner A.B.’55
    Mr. William Matthew Wagoner A.B.’12
    Mrs. Anissa Veshela Walker
    Mrs. Cheryl Wang P’14
    Mr. and Dr. Jinsong Wang P24
    Mr. William W. and Mrs. Nancy Risher Ward A.B.’88
    Mrs. Kelly  and Mr. Philip Warren B.S.’01
    Mrs. Jennifer Connolly Watson A.B.’01 and Mr. James Christopher Watson A.B.’01
    Mrs. Theresa Weaver
    Mrs. Elizabeth Page Weld Wei
    Mrs. Candice Sue Weissinger A.B.’01
    Mr. and Ms. Michael Werner P’22
    Mrs. Kristine Atkinson Wescott
    Mrs. Tracy Dearth Wesley A.B.’97
    Dr. Allen White
    Mrs. Nancy Ann White P’02
    Mrs. Cathleen P. Whitted
    Ms. Barbara Poole Wiesley
    Mrs. Sarah Winter
    Mrs. Nancy Bodine Wolcott
    Mr. and Mrs. Jorge L. Wolf P’25
    Mrs. Marla Rizzo Wolfe
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Wood P’23
    Mrs. Debra A. Woodard
    Nini Wu
    Mr. Min Xiong and Mrs. Fang Wang P’25
    Mr. Zhan Yang and Mrs. Weilee Liu P’25
    Mrs. Alexandrea Haskell Young ESQ A.B.’01
    Mrs. Ashley J. Younger A.B.’03
    Ms. Jenny Ji Myung Yu
    Ms. Kimberly J. Carahasen M.B.A.’99 and Mr. Lewis E. Zaretzki M.B.A.’99
    Mrs. Yao Yuan and Dr. Kevin X. Zhang Ph.D.’94
    Mrs. Qu Zhou and Dr. Ying Zhang, Ph.D. Ph.D.’04
    Professor James Yang Zou B.S.’07
    Ms. Shu-Guo Diao and Professor Pei Zhong P’16
    Ms. Ashley Zhou