DukEngineer Magazine 2019

In this issue: Duke Engineering Reaches Higher, Racing a Guinness World Record, Solving Imposter Syndrome and more

Editors-in-Chief: Ashish Vankara E’19, Sabrina Qi E’20

Faculty Spotlight

Petrie dishes filled with growing fungus
7/11/19 Pratt School of Engineering

Tiny Organisms, Huge Possibilities

Researchers across Duke University are working to harness the power of microbiomes in many different arenas

Developing Engineering Leaders

7/12/19 Pratt School of Engineering

Pratt in Costa Rica

Despite long, intense classes, the engineering-focused Pratt in Costa Rica study away class offers students a whole new world of learning opportunities

Across The Harrington Quad

Two students work to fix a stuffed animal with electronics
7/12/19 Pratt School of Engineering

Saving the World One Toy at a Time

With outreach in the Durham community as well as online, Project Tadpole makes playtime accessible for children with disabilities