A Lot of Innovation to Celebrate at Third Invented at Duke Ceremony

11/7 Pratt School of Engineering

From meditation tools to cybersecurity software, Duke is a source of entrepreneurship

A crowd of people at the Invented at Duke ceremony
A Lot of Innovation to Celebrate at Third Invented at Duke Ceremony

November is Duke Innovation Month, and for the third year in a row the highlight of the festivities has become the “Invented at Duke” celebration. More than 350 people from the Duke and Durham communities milled around Penn Pavilion talking to inventors, handling their prototypes and asking penetrating questions about their business plans.

Among the Duke Engineering startups showing off their inventions was STINGAR, a cybersecurity system co-invented by John Board, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and associate chief information officer for the university, that sets out “honey pots” for hackers to fall their way in to, creating a windfall of data for research and to share amongst the network of users to make their security tighter. 

Also presenting their business were three biomedical engineers, senior Tim Skapek and recent graduates Clark Bulleit and Kevin Gehsmann, who have grand visions for Protect3d, their company to make bespoke splints and protective sports equipment with 3D scanning and printing. 

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