Duke Forever Learning: The Health of Water

4/11/22 Pratt School of Engineering

Duke's Forever Learning Institute hosted Duke experts who are discovering new and better ways to assess and safeguard water resources

Duke Forever Learning: The Health of Water

Water quality has enormous impacts on human health and environmental systems. Identifying and tracking contaminants in our increasingly scarce water supply is a complex and difficult task—one that Duke researchers are attacking on multiple fronts.

Duke researchers from across the university contributed to a special video session about water quality, which was hosted by the Forever Learning Institute. Experts from Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, Nicholas School of the Environment and Trinity College of Arts & Sciences discussed challenges and their discoveries related to identifying pollutants, assessing their impact, and developing new approaches to safeguarding water resources.

Watch the full session:

Avner Vengosh, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Quality, moderated presentations by:

  • Lee Ferguson, Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering: “Forever chemicals,” how they’re regulated, and why a different approach to monitoring is required
  • Emily Bernhardt, James B. Duke Distinguished Professor: How stream ecosystems change in urban environments
  • Gabriel Katul, Theodore S. Coile Distinguished Professor of Hydrology and Micrometeorology: How grain production patterns may change as usable water becomes more scarce


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