Duke ECE Professor Joins NSF-funded Visioning Group

10/5/23 Pratt School of Engineering

Jeffrey Glass will collaborate with leaders in academia, industry, governmental and non-profit groups to develop bold new paths for the field of engineering

Jeffrey Glass
Duke ECE Professor Joins NSF-funded Visioning Group

Duke University Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Jeffrey Glass has been appointed to the Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA) Standing Council, a National Science Foundation-funded body designed to identify and develop “bold and transformative new engineering research directions and to catalyze the engineering community’s pursuit of innovative, high-impact research that benefits society.”

Glass will serve on ERVA’s Standing Council for a three-year term.

Glass directs the Institute for Enterprise Engineering at Duke and holds the Hogg Family Endowed Chair in Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship. His research centers on improving instruments and devices through electronic materials; two current interests are miniature mass spectrometer development and engineered systems for waste treatment.

The ERVA Standing Council consists of dozens of academic, industry, government and non-profit leaders with diverse areas of expertise. In his role on the council, Glass will keep ERVA apprised of current research trends in his own area of specialty, solicit and communicate input from stakeholders to the group, and propose relevant visioning topics to drive the group forward.

“Having just returned from my first ERVA meeting in Washington DC, I am even more excited by the opportunity to help shape a national research agenda,” said Glass. “As part of a broad multidisciplinary team of scientists and leaders from across the country, I hope to couple my materials science background with my experience in industry-academia collaborations to find the most promising, high-impact research areas to prioritize for the National Science Foundation and beyond.”

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