Done with Tiger King? Try Coursera for Free

4/3/20 Pratt School of Engineering

Forever Duke gives alumni access to dozens of online courses

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Done with Tiger King? Try Coursera for Free

These days, many of us are cramming 25 hours’ worth of work and family responsibilities into 24-hour days. Others of us have found ourselves with free bandwidth—perhaps for the first time in years.  

If you fall into the second category, remember that Duke alumni can take any Coursera course taught by a Duke faculty member for free, courtesy of Forever Duke.

Coursera’s streaming course content is divided into “specializations”—series of courses grouped by topic or theme, including the perennially popular “Introduction to Programming in C” specialization co-taught by Duke electrical and computer engineering (ECE) faculty members Andrew Hilton and Genevieve Lipp, with Cornell computer scientist Anne Bracy —or, served a la carte in individual classes, like ECE faculty member Nan Jokerst’s “Nanotechnology: A Maker’s Course.” 

Specializations available to Duke alumni for free include:

Duke alumni also have access to dozens of single Coursera courses, ranging from “Dog Emotion and Cognition” to “Civic Engagement in American Democracy”—just search by your interest and experience level.