Creating a Green Future at Duke

4/3 Pratt School of Engineering

Trisha Dupnock, a CEE PhD candidate, was one of seven individuals honored by Sustainable Duke

Creating a Green Future at Duke

Trisha Dupnock, a CEE PhD candidate, was one of seven individuals honored by Sustainable Duke for helping Duke move closer to embodying the vision of sustainability. Dupnock received the award for “Outstanding Leadership in Sustainability – Student.”

With her actions and ideas, Dupnock has helped make the Pratt School of Engineering greener.

An avid cyclist, Dupnock advocated for more bicycle parking on campus and coordinated a report showing the spots where additional bike parking would be most beneficial. She also advised a Bass Connections team on the feasibility of a campus digester to turn waste into fuel, and conducted research on how best to make labs more sustainable.

As chair of the Engineering Graduate Student Council, she made sustainability a core part of its mission and even wheeled recycling bins to campus events where they otherwise might not be.

With Pratt School of Engineering undertaking an ambitious goal of getting all of its labs to be certified green, Dupnock has played a large role, offering guidance to school leaders.

“When we talk about sustainability at the Pratt School of Engineering, Trisha’s name almost always comes up in the conversation and she’s usually the first student we look at for examples of how to be more sustainable,” wrote nominators Marc Deshusses, Mark Schreiner and Kelly Rockwell.

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