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Manolis Veveakis

Manolis Veveakis

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Manolis Veveakis earned a Ph.D. in 2010 from the Department of Mechanics of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Before joining Duke University, he was a Senior Lecturer at UNSW's School of Petroleum Engineering since 2014 and a Research Scientist in CSIRO's Division of Earth Sciences and Resource Engineering before that. Veveakis holds a Diploma (BSc+MEng) in Applied Mathematics and Physics (MEng in Materials Engineering), an MSc in Applied Mechanics and a PhD in Geomechanics.

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Contact Information


  • Ph.D. National Technical University of Athens (Greece), 2010

Research Interests

Geomechanics, theoretical and applied mechanics, and thermodynamics, with emphasis in multiphysical modelling of plasticity of solids, solid-fluid interactions, friction laws and rheology of geomaterials

Representative Publications

  • Rattez, H; Stefanou, I; Sulem, J; Veveakis, M; Poulet, T, The importance of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical couplings and microstructure to strain localization in 3D continua with application to seismic faults. Part II: Numerical implementation and post-bifurcation analysis, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, vol 115 (2018), pp. 1-29 [10.1016/j.jmps.2018.03.003] [abs].
  • Liu, J; Sarout, J; Zhang, M; Dautriat, J; Veveakis, E; Regenauer-Lieb, K, Computational upscaling of Drucker-Prager plasticity from micro-CT images of synthetic porous rock, Geophysical Journal International, vol 212 no. 1 (2018), pp. 151-163 [10.1093/gji/ggx409] [abs].
  • Lesueur, M; Casadiego, MC; Veveakis, M; Poulet, T, Modelling fluid-microstructure interaction on elasto-visco-plastic digital rocks, Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment, vol 12 (2017), pp. 1-13 [10.1016/j.gete.2017.08.001] [abs].
  • Hu, M; Veveakis, M; Poulet, T; Regenauer-Lieb, K, The Role of Temperature in Shear Instability and Bifurcation of Internally Pressurized Deep Boreholes, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, vol 50 no. 11 (2017), pp. 3003-3017 [10.1007/s00603-017-1291-2] [abs].
  • Kelka, U; Veveakis, M; Koehn, D; Beaudoin, N, Zebra rocks: compaction waves create ore deposits., Scientific Reports, vol 7 no. 1 (2017) [10.1038/s41598-017-14541-3] [abs].