Duke data science students

Understand and Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In as few as 12 months at Duke, you can gain the advanced knowledge and skills needed to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve products, services and processes.

Previous programming experience is not required—get up to speed in Python and data math during an online summer boot camp.

Build workplace skills with courses in management and business fundamentals. Gain insight from industry speakers in a weekly seminar series.

Grow your portfolio with a hands-on capstone project: a real-world challenge presented by a corporate partner.

Take the first step

The GRE is optional for 2022 applications.

   Pre-Program Online Boot Camp

  • Python programming
  • Data math

   10 Courses

  • Business fundamentals and management
  • Sourcing data, modeling, algorithms
  • Building products using Deep Learning
  • Ethical implications of Artifical Intelligence
  • Electives on AI in: Health Care, Energy, Industrial Systems

   Online: 2 Campus Residencies

  • Build relationships at Duke
  • Hear from industry leaders

   Capstone Project

  • Hands-on challenge featuring an authentic problem or opportunity posed by a company sponsor

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