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The image shows a small fluorescent protein that emits and absorbs light that penetrates deep into biological tissue. Here, it indicates inflammation in a living mouse liver. The inset shows the molecular and chemical structure of the protein, miRFP718nano. Featured

December 05, 2022

Small Glowing Protein Allows Researchers to Peer Deeper Into Living Tissues

Proteins that emit longer wavelengths of near-infrared light help create detailed, hi-res biomedical images

A figure-eight, one-sided mobius strip made of dots, one side red and one side blue

July 26, 2022 | Columbia University

New Duke MEMS Faculty Member Boyuan Chen Trains AI to Advance Physics

The AI observes physical phenomena to uncover relevant variables—a necessary precursor to any physics theory

Boyuan Chen

July 18, 2022

Boyuan Chen: Making General-Purpose Robots That Are Smarter and Self-Aware

The new Duke MEMS faculty member is developing robots that will help release human creativity

July 15, 2022 | Duke Graduate School

Connecting the Duke International Community through Slack

BME graduate student Anna Marie Gann helped develop a crowd-sourced platform to help connect Duke's international community

A computer-generated view of a cube of green spheres with colorful pieces between them

July 15, 2022

Watching Primordial Neural Cells Grow in 3D Scaffolds to Heal Brain Injury

Tracking how neural progenitor cells respond to biochemical signals while moving and growing through a biocompatible jungle gym could help develop brain-healing biogels

An artist depiction of a silver metal robot holding its chin in thought

July 14, 2022 | Columbia University

Boyuan Chen, Now With Duke MEMS, Develops a Robotic Arm That Learns to Imagine Itself

A robot learns to perceive its own physical constraints

Warren Grill

July 12, 2022

Grill Team Wins Competitive Neuromod Prize

Warren Grill and his collaborators developed a winning vision for their neuromodulation therapy

A smiling woman's headshot in front of a computer coding background

July 08, 2022 | Duke Government Relations

Creating Pathways to Diversify STEM: Get to Know Shani Daily of Duke ECE

Read about Shani Daily talking about federal support for her work, her start in computer science and ways to attract the next generation of students to her field

A student holding a clipboard heads into the rainforest

July 07, 2022

Duke Rainforest XPRIZE Team Advances to Semifinals

An expedition to Costa Rica gave the Blue Devil Forest Divers the field experience they needed to effectively ID and count the rainforest’s residents

A graphic schematic of a round grey ball getting covered by manufacturing elements

July 06, 2022

Upside-Down Design Expands Wide-Spectrum Super-Camera Abilities

New design for plasmonic metasurfaces increases their frequency range while protecting them from the elements

A group of people at a podium with a blue background

July 01, 2022

Duke Technology Launches PFAS-Destroying Waste Treatment Company to Nasdaq

Based on supercritical water oxidation waste treatment technology invented on Duke’s campus, 374Water rings Nasdaq’s bell