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The image shows a small fluorescent protein that emits and absorbs light that penetrates deep into biological tissue. Here, it indicates inflammation in a living mouse liver. The inset shows the molecular and chemical structure of the protein, miRFP718nano. Featured

December 05, 2022

Small Glowing Protein Allows Researchers to Peer Deeper Into Living Tissues

Proteins that emit longer wavelengths of near-infrared light help create detailed, hi-res biomedical images

April 30, 2014

Alumni Profile: Chris Dries

President and CEO, United Silicon Carbide Inc. | Princeton, NJ

April 30, 2014

Alumni Profile: Steven McClelland

VP Product Management, Yahoo! | San Francisco, Calif.

April 29, 2014

Alumni Profile: Alyssa Benza

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs | New York

April 29, 2014

Pratt's MicroCT Scanner Peers into Every Dimension

The MicroCT scanner at Duke University is available for use by anyone

April 28, 2014

Two Duke Engineering Professors Earn Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Awards

The recipients are Xuanhe Zhao and Michael Zavlanos

April 24, 2014

Energy Deputy Secretary: Duke’s Innovative Energy Research is Essential to Security, Safety

Innovative research like that being carried out at Duke is essential to the future of energy security, sustainability and environmental safety, according to U.S. Department of Energy deputy secretary.

April 18, 2014

Robert Calderbank Wins 2014 IEEE Communications Society Award for Advances in Communication

Calderbank is professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the Information Initiative at Duke University

April 14, 2014

Programming Computational Wind Tunnels to Save Millions

MEMS graduate student Fanny Besem is developing and running computer models for computational fluid dynamics as part of Duke's aeroelasticity group

April 08, 2014

CEINT's French Connection

Duke's Center for the Environmental Impact of NanoTechnology has had strong international ties since its inception that continue to provide opportunities to students and faculty alike

April 06, 2014

Q&A with Professor Benjamin C. Lee

Originally published in DukEngineer Magazine