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September 25, 2023 | Duke Today

Governors Island, ‘Dedicated Outpost’ to Advance Climate Goals

During Climate Week NYC, several Duke Engineers explored Governors Island as part of a tour offered by the newly announced New York Climate Exchange

Warren Grill of Duke University

February 06, 2023

Warren Grill Named Editor in Chief of the Journal of Neural Engineering

The biomedical engineer will work to increase the journal’s profile within the neurosciences communities

Water droplets cascading down a black background

February 06, 2023

Synthetic Compartments Stop Pathogens from Sharing Antibiotic Resistance Genes

Emerging field of synthetic condensates isolates or traps together biomolecules to control cellular processes

A young black man with glasses standing in front of curtains

February 06, 2023 | Duke Today

Coding Goes Global: How One Duke Student Took His Skills Home to Ghana

Third-year ECE/CS student Nathaniel Wullar liked Duke's Code+ program so much he recreated it for students in Ghana

A large group of people standing on a staircase

February 02, 2023

"Aiming High" to Innovate With the Department of Defense

Duke partners with the Michigan Air National Guard and the U.S. Air Force to accelerate innovation in the Department of Defense

Images of six engineering master's graduates of the Duke University Pratt School of Engineering

February 02, 2023

Making Real Impact: Duke Engineering Professional Master's Graduates

Duke Engineering's December 2022 professional master's graduates are prepared for careers of deep meaning and broad impact

A graphic drawing of many types of drones traveling together, such as air drones, cars and semi-trucks

February 02, 2023

Bridgeman Wins Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award

Award will help unlock the potential of historically underappreciated control theory to solve modern challenges of controlling fleets of autonomous vehicles

A group of students stand around a bicycle on a stand

February 01, 2023 | Duke Research Blog

Design Challenge Feels Like Fun, Actually Earns Credits

Graduate and undergraduate students team up to create a potentially commercially viable novel smart fitness device, culminating in an end-of-semester product trade show

Yiran Chen

February 01, 2023 | Duke Today

Chen Elected AAAS Fellow

Yiran Chen is one of three Duke faculty members elected to the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Wilkinson Building at sunset, Duke Chapel in the background

January 31, 2023 | Duke Research Blog

What is it Like to Direct a Large Research Center?

Claudia Gunsch and Yiran Chen describe the trials and tribulations of leading multimillion dollar research institutes at Duke

Composition of Vahid Tarokh of Duke University, a moth, and a wireframe image of a fighter jet

January 27, 2023 | Duke Magazine

Vahid Tarokh: Do the Math and Find the Model

After fleeing Iran, the Duke ECE expert applies math in new ways to accomplish things previously thought impossible