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September 25, 2023 | Duke Today

Governors Island, ‘Dedicated Outpost’ to Advance Climate Goals

During Climate Week NYC, several Duke Engineers explored Governors Island as part of a tour offered by the newly announced New York Climate Exchange

Robot from team 8429 picks up a cube at the FIRST Robotics Competition

March 20, 2023

Duke Engineering-Mentored High School Robotics Team Earns Trip to State Championship

Valence Robotics/Team 8429 aims to take the North Carolina state trophy in the FIRST® Robotics Competition

Duke ECE senior Sydney Hunt

March 20, 2023 | Bass Connections

Taking the Bull City by the Horns

ECE senior Sydney Hunt sets an example of persistence for girls learning math

data model resembling stained glass

March 14, 2023

The Unseen, Drawn into Focus

The Duke Engineering Graduate Student Council’s annual photo contest continues to surprise and delight

Aaron Kyle (right) discusses engineering with students at his previous outreach program in New York.

March 14, 2023

Outreach Design Education Launches in Duke BME

The immersive design program will help introduce younger students across local Durham schools to practical engineering concepts

Isolere Bio logo and images of three Duke University people

March 09, 2023 | Duke Translation & Commercialization

Isolere Bio: Inside the Journey of a Duke Biotech Startup

As she was finishing her PhD at Duke Engineering, Kelli Luginbuhl was ready to dive into industry by starting her own company. She did, alongside her advisor, Duke BME's Ashutosh Chilkoti

Writing goals in a notebook

March 08, 2023

Coaches Help Staff and Students ‘Get Off the Hamster Wheel’

Three Duke Engineering staffers earned certifications to provide health and well-being coaching

An ink jet printer printing silicon electronic onto a plastic sheet

March 07, 2023

Putting the SE Back in Silicon Electronics

Researchers from across the southeastern US gathered at Duke University to answer the CHIPS and Science Act’s call to reinvigorate the nation’s silicon-related research and manufacturing abilities

Artistic graphic of a blue brain with a red tumor and red branching blood vessels

March 07, 2023 | University of Nottingham

Brain Tumour Discovery Paves Way for New Drug Treatments

MEMS prof David Needham and colleagues are working to confirm that some brain tumors feature high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptors, which could inform therapeutics

Woman sitting in front of white board with black writing

February 28, 2023 | Duke Today

Is the Artificial Intelligence Boom a 'Runaway Train'?

AI Scholar Cynthia Rudin says the technology needs to be regulated before it's out of control

Black spear-shaped object poking a green round object with wavy lines coming off of it

February 23, 2023

Measuring the Lightest Touch Your Body Responds To

Duke engineers and neuroscientists put four touch-sensitive, electrically responsive proteins to the test