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Two men and a woman gather around a computer screen and petri dishes in a laboratory Featured

August 10, 2022

Duke-led Center Seeks to Examine and Engineer the Microbial Communities of Indoor Spaces

New $26 million center will work to understand and engineer the microbiomes in our homes, workspaces and other built environments

a rocky North Carolina stream

April 11, 2022

Duke Forever Learning: The Health of Water

Duke's Forever Learning Institute hosted Duke experts who are discovering new and better ways to assess and safeguard water resources

A smiling woman next to the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation logo

April 11, 2022

Rudin Wins 2022 Guggenheim Fellowship

Open-ended funding award will support Rudin’s work to promote transparent, interpretable, socially responsible AI

Kyle Bradbury and Jordan Malof are the joint winners of the 2022 Bass Connections Leadership Award

April 11, 2022 | Bass Connections

Two Duke Engineering Faculty Recognized for Commitment to Student Mentorship

Kyle Bradbury and Jordan Malof are the joint winners of the 2022 Bass Connections Leadership Award

stacks of 3D printers

April 06, 2022

The Student Experience at Duke: From Tool Shop Neophytes to Madcap Creators

Duke’s makerspaces transform students into confident builders, no matter where they start

Artist drawing of several strands of DNA crisscrossing in blue

April 05, 2022

Tiny Jumping Genes Fingered as Culprit in Rise of Antibiotic Resistance

Activity levels of transposons provide the handle needed for selection to spread antibiotic resistance from wild microbes to human pathogens

two headshots of men, Shreyas Hegde, left, Ricky Hollenbach, right

April 01, 2022 | Duke Graduate School

Two Duke Engineering Graduate Students Honored for Leadership

Shreyas Hegde and Ricky Hollenbach, both MEMS PhD graduates this year, are among seven to receive 2022 Forever Duke Student Leadership Awards from the Duke Alumni Association

A man leans against a blue wall in front of a black and white mural

April 01, 2022

A Conversation With Jerome P. Lynch

Duke's New Vinik Dean of Engineering discusses his background, joining the Pratt School of Engineering and his plans for the future

A red overhang sits above a wooden entryway with snacks and drinks within

April 01, 2022

A Tale as Old as Twinnie’s

While the menu items or décor may change, Twinnie’s Cafe was, is and shall forever remain an inseparable, salient feature of Duke Engineering

A bright rocket launching from a cloud of white smoke

April 01, 2022

Let’s Talk About All Things Space Duke Space Initiative

An inside look at Duke's growing Space Initiative that brings together resources from across campus

A bunch of machines lit with blue and red light with a maze of lasers running between them

April 01, 2022

Duke Takes a Quantum Leap

The Duke Quantum Center has the excitement of a startup and the ambition to match as it races to compete with the likes of Google and IBM