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Vey Learns Insider Secrets of Pharmaceutical Biz

Brianna Vey, a rising senior and a biomedical engineering major, is spending her summer far from her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. Temporarily at home in Philadelphia, the famed “City of Brotherly Love,” Vey is interning at Accenture, a consulting firm specializing in information technology consulting, and learning what it takes to operate an organized company.

“I’m working with performance data analysis right now, and trying to figure out the best ways to work with the data, present it, and make up reports,” Vey explains.

Accenture is currently working a project with a global pharmaceutical company, and Vey is helping out on the database management incentive. This is Vey’s first exposure to the data management world. This is a seemingly unusual concentration for a biomedical engineering major, but it’s something she has taken a great liking to.

“The reason someone with a BME degree would join Accenture isn't perhaps to do this work – reports and analysis duties, specifically, but to be in Accenture to meet and work with a variety of health and pharmaceutical companies in the span of one job,” she explains.

She’s quick to mention that her experience and skills with computer design proved to be an advantage for report writing as well.

Brianna Vey“The database management is for clinical trial data, specifically,” Vey explains. “For example, they have to put a new drug through testing and Accenture is making a database that can make the trial time for the drug shorter, which is beneficial for the company because it gives them a more competitive edge if they can get their drug out on the market sooner than other companies.”

Accenture’s goal is to improve the efficiency and organization of various drug and medical companies. So it goes without saying that consulting company itself needs to be very organized, and Vey is involved in the process for this goal as well, compiling the company’s various databases into a larger, more accessible one.

Vey is excited to contribute to the company’s business objective. “Eventually, we’re going to combine all databases and move all of our reports so we only have to maintain one database. This will make it so the information is more valid and a lot more accurate… making things go smoothly all around” she says.

Vey said she was well prepared to take on this job, and notes that her education at Duke has been on target. “The Duke curriculum helped a lot” she says, and because of her demanding schedule at school, she’s learned to juggle many tasks at once with ease. “The school puts a lot of pressure on you. You’re trying to do six activities all at once within a short amount of time – Accenture is a lot like that, and I’ve really learned about time management.”

Vey heard about the internship first through word of mouth and then was able to apply for it through Duke’s eRecruiting online job resource. “I talked with people that were already in the intern program, people that were full time employees after interning, and anyone that would talk to me about Accenture and what it was like to work there. Aside from putting a lot of time into interview preparation and research, I think extensive networking helped me get a spot.”