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Oh the Places Grads Go

New Duke BME graduates enter the workforce 

By Michaela Kane 

On May 14, nearly 300 students flipped their tassels to become the newest bachelor’s  graduates of Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering. Although each student had their share of unique experiences at Duke, they now face the same question: What’s next?

For Duke Biomedical Engineering (BME) graduates, there is no shortage of opportunities. More than 40 percent of BME students will continue their education by going on to graduate and professional schools, including Harvard Medical School, Columbia University and Stanford Law School. Others will pursue internships or travel opportunities to continue to cultivate the skills they learned at Duke. But the biggest draw for students is employment, with a majority of our graduates going on to full-time jobs after graduation.

According to Medical Product Manufacturing News, Duke’s BME department is ranked #3 in the country for highest median starting salary for biomedical engineers, with graduates earning an average yearly salary of $70,000 at their first job. Duke BME students have also been able to use their degree to pursue jobs in a variety of fields, including biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical device development, healthcare and medicine, and computing and IT services.

After graduation, some students, like Daniel Hull, will work at companies at the nearby Research Triangle Park. Hull, who will be a systems engineer at the newborn screening company Baebies, Inc., got his job after completing an internship at the start-up, which was itself founded by Duke alumni. “They need people who can solve engineering problems, and I’m looking forward to fulfilling that role,” says Hull. 

“I feel prepared to enter the working world,” says Amy Xiong, who’s headed for a new position as a research and development hardware engineer at Medtronic, a medical device company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “During my time here I built up a great knowledge base and work ethic that will allow me to succeed at my new job.”

To learn more about a few of our recent graduates, check out our BME Graduates Video Series: 

Daniel Hull, a BME major, will start a job at Baebies, Inc. after graduation. Hull interned at the newborn screening company last year before accepting a full-time job offer. 

Amy Xiong was a BME and ECE double major, and during her time at Duke she participated in the DukeEngage and Engineering World Health programs. After graduation, Xiong will return to her home state of Minnesota to work as an engineer at Medtronic, a medical device company. 

 Stephen Page, a BME and ECE double major, credits his work ethic to the motivated students and faculty he encountered at Duke. Page will be an engineer at Keytech, an engineering company in Baltimore, Maryland, after he receives his degree. 

After graduation, David Whisler will start work at Stryker Surgical Robotics. Whisler, a BME and ECE double-major, is looking forward to his new role, which combines his interests in biomedical and electrical engineering.