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Media Coverage

Check out the latest media coverage of Duke engineering research and education.


SPIE | July 7, 2020

Engineers Search for a Tiny Cure for a Big Problem

Featuring Jennifer West

In an article exploring the wide breadth of research searching to treat cancer with nanoparticles, technology created by Jennifer West that uses gold nanoparticles and infrared light is highlighted.


Associated Press | July 1, 2020

NFL Awards 4 Projects in Helmet Safety Development Program

Featuring Barry Myers

Four organizations have been awarded a total of $1.37 million by the NFL to support the creation of their helmet prototypes through the NFL Helmet Challenge, independent Oversight Committee is chaired by BME Professor Barry Myers.


IEEE Spectrum | June 29, 2020

Making Blurry Faces Photorealistic Goes Only So Far

Featuring Cynthia Rudin

ECE Professor Cynthia Rudin discovers inherent resolution limits to the 'upsampling' of pixelated faces


IEEE Spectrum | June 26, 2020

Future Baggage Scanners Will Tell Us What Things Are Made Of

Featuring Joel Greenberg, Michael Gehm

ECE Professors Joel Greenberg and Michael Gehm talk about the x-ray diffraction baggage scanning technology they are developing.

Interesting Engineering | June 22, 2020

Duke University Engineers Build the World's Fastest Electric Monowheel

Featuring Anuj Thakkar

A team of graduating engineering seniors has spent the last 15 months building and testing the world's fastest electric monowheel.


Science News | June 22, 2020

To Live up to the Hype, Quantum Computers Must Repair Their Error Problems

Featuring Ken Brown

ECE Professor Ken Brown says that trying to stop quantum computers from gathering errors is like "fighting erosion."


The Washington Post | June 18, 2020

We Need Smart Solutions to Mitigate the Coronavirus’s Impact. Here Are 46.

Featuring Cynthia Rudin

ECE Professor Cynthia Rudin argues that, in the wake of two high-profile paper retractions because of issues with the studies' raw data, we must make non-identifiable patient data freely accessible.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory | June 5, 2020

ORNL Spectrometry Research Advances Race Toward Safer Rechargeable Batteries

Featuring Olivier Delaire

MEMS Professor Olivier Delaire helps shed new light on the atomic dynamics of how silver chromium selenide, part of a class of materials known as superionic conductors, continues to conduct heat even at temperatures that partially dissolve the interior crystal structure while the outer structure remains intact.


The Washington Post | May 29, 2020

Wearable Tech Can Spot Coronavirus Symptoms Before You Even Realize You’re Sick

Featuring Jessilyn Dunn

In a feature detailing several studies looking to see if wearable fitness trackers can spot COVID-19 infections, BME Professor Jessiliyn Dunn talks about one such study underway at Duke and how previous work has shown that all smartwatches her laboratory has tested can provide usable data that does not differ greatly depending on skin tone.