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Guidance Regarding Events, Food, and Visitors

Updated March 10, 2022


In General

  • Duke schools, departments and units may host events, activities and performances on- and off-campus, including meetings of faculty, staff, students and invited guests, without prior approval as long as they observe current Centers for Disease Control and State of North Carolina guidelines
  • Food and drink will be permitted subject to state and local regulations    
  • Sponsors of events or gatherings on campus should strongly encourage all attendees to be vaccinated, and as previously announced, masks are required inside on-campus buildings
  • Keep up to date by reviewing Duke's webpage on Events Guidelines »

Department and Program Events

No Approval Required

  • No approval is required for departments and programs to host events
  • If you wish additional guidance about your event, contact Brad Fox, who will liaison with the Provost’s Office

Graduate Student Recruiting Events

Guidance, but No Approval Required

There is guidance for graduate student recruiting events, but no approval is required.

The guidance for Graduate Student Recruiting Events is:

  • Consider smaller events or individual visits rather than larger events
  • Consider requesting a negative COVID-19 test prior to traveling to Duke
  • Applicants are expected to have been vaccinated

Undergraduate Student Organization Events

Approval is Required

Undergraduate student organization programs with 50 or more attendees must be registered and approved through DukeGroups.  

Graduate and Professional Student Events

Approval is Required

Graduate and professional student events within the Pratt School of Engineering must follow the registration and approval process outlined in Pratt's On-Campus Events Policy.

Food at Events

In General

  • The guidance for food at events is to follow current Duke, local, and public health guidelines and to use common sense
  • Stay up to date on the latest policies by reviewing Duke's webpage on Public Health Measures »


  • Individuals are at significantly higher risk when engaging with others without a mask, so the food should be limited to situations where food is truly required
  • If you are having food, it is better to serve and to consume the food outside
  • If you are inside, you should socially distance—and you must provide an outside eating option
  • If food is served inside or outside, it should be individually packaged or plated—no communal food
  • If food is served indoors, participants should:
    • Remain masked at all times except when actively eating and drinking
    • Be aware of the surroundings, especially indoors, when deciding where to sit while eating. Facing away from others while eating is encouraged.
    • Practice good hygiene before eating, including washing or sanitizing hands thoroughly


In General

  • Visitors may come to campus, but know that not all facilities are open to the public
  • Visitors are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated, but we are not required to check vaccine status
  • Stay updated on the latest policies by reviewing Duke's webpage on Guidelines for All Visitors »

Graduate Student Recruiting Events

  • Consider requesting a negative COVID-19 test prior to traveling to Duke
  • Graduate candidates are expected to have been vaccinated

Undergraduate Student Visits

  • Visitors are strongly encouraged to have been vaccinated
  • Masking is required, both inside and outside during the campus tour experience

In-Person Programming for Minors

  • In-person programming that includes minors must be registered and approved by Katy Boyd
  • Additionally, minors coming on-site will need to provide proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test within the last 3 days