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BME Design Team Selected for 2017 BMES Coulter College Program

BME students Emelina Vienneau, Sarah Jacobs, Julia Ross and Petek Sener will participate in the competitive four-day design experience in August.

Duke University biomedical engineering (BME) students Emelina Vienneau, Sarah Jacobs, Petek Sener, Julia Ross and BME faculty advisor Mark Palmeri were invited to attend the competitive 2017 Coulter College Training Program. During the four-day event, the team will participate in various design projects with faculty and students from different academic programs across the country to gain practical, hands-on design experience.

The program, sponsored by the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), aims to provide students with practical experience about how to translate medical innovations into viable business models, all with the ultimate goal of maximizing clinical benefits.

“The Coulter College Experience will allow the students to gain a great perspective on the overall process of bringing a medical technology to market,” says Palmeri. “Being invited to this program will help highlight the strengths and talent of our undergraduate students.”

During the program, students will complete a specific project assigned by the Coulter College administration. Although these projects are separate from the design curriculum at Duke, Palmeri is optimistic about integrating the experience from the Coulter College program into the revised BME design curriculum that will be implemented during the 2017-2018 school year.

“Exposing these students to different perspectives and approaches to design will not only impact the participants, but the experience will also provide invaluable context for their senior capstone design experience that they can share with their peers,” says Palmeri.  

In addition to the design sessions, the Coulter College experience will include lectures, workshops and an awards banquet to celebrate the work of the students, giving the participants multiple opportunities to interact with clinical experts and other leaders in the field of biomedical engineering.

“Our students are always craving authentic problems where they can apply the concepts and knowledge they’ve gained during their time in class,” says Palmeri. “This is the first step our students will take in becoming leaders in translating the next generation of biomedical technologies to meet our clinical needs.”

The 2017 Coulter College training program will take place August 3-6 in Atlanta Georgia. To learn more, visit: