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Artists Draw Inspiration from Constructal Law

Two international artists have found inspiration in the Constructal Law—the law of physics of design and evolution, penned by Duke's Adrian Bejan, stating that any flowing system allowed to change freely over time will evolve toward an easier flowing architecture. This law accounts for the similarity in shape and design in rivers, roads and vascular systems, where a few large channels carry massive flows to numerous smaller branches for evacuation.

One gallery exhibition is by Juana Gomez, which opened from April 6-24 in the gallery Isabel Croxatto located in Santiago, Chile. In this series, live architectures of various organs of our bodies are embroidered on printed fabrics with photos. In the simultaneous exhibit, Maria Santos Blanco presented "Ley Constructal" from April 1-15 in the House of Youth Las Rozas in Madrid, Spain. Below is a sampling of their beautiful and innovative works.

"Inspiration flows both ways, from art to science, and then from science to art." said Bejan. "In both, the human experience is the same—an unexpected, sudden pleasure from new images in the body of the mind.

"Art and science are one," he continued. "Both speak in terms of images in the mind. Both are useful because they empower us for the future. Both are 'beautiful' because they make us better. Juana Gomez's and Maria Santos's stunning art teaches not only the beauty, the unexpected and the power, but also the oneness of art and science."