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BioE Seminar Series: Phage and Robotics-Assisted Directed Evolution

Oct 5

Thursday, October 5, 2023 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Wilkinson Building, room 021 auditorium

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Headshot of Emma Chory


Emma Chory, PhD

Evolution occurs when selective pressures from the environment shape inherited variation over time. Within the laboratory, evolution is commonly used to engineer proteins and RNA, but experimental constraints have limited our ability to reproducibly and reliably explore key factors such as population diversity, the timing of environmental changes, and chance. We developed a high-throughput system for the analytical exploration of molecular evolution using phage-based mutagenesis to evolve many distinct classes of biomolecules simultaneously. In this talk, I will describe the development of our open-source python:robot integration platform which enables us to adjust the stringency of selection in response to real-time evolving activity measurements and to dissect the historical, environmental, and random factors governing biomolecular evolution. Finally, I will talk about our many on-going and future projects which utilize this system to evolve previously intractable biomolecules to target the undruggable proteome of protein-protein interactions.


Canning, Jessica