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Religions and Public Life Graduate Student Working Group Conference

May 6

This event has passed.

Thursday, May 6, 2021 - 12:00pm to 2:30pm

RPLI Graduate Working Group

This event represents the culmination of the efforts of a year-long graduate student working group composed of Duke and UNC students working at the intersection of immigration and religion. Students have met monthly throughout the school year to develop their projects and receive feedback from the collegial environment of the working group. The Nation-State and Its Others Nurlan Kabdylkhak: Russian imperial state vis-à-vis Muslim subjects Elsa Costa: Early modern xenophobia in Spain Perry Sweitzer: Relationship between religion and citizenship in the US Respondent: Dr. Susan Pennybacker Islam and Representations of Belonging Ehsan Sheikholharam Mashhadi: European spaces' attempted incorporation of Muslim identity Iris Gilad: Missing the Middle East in women's art Allison Wattenbarger: Trends in Palestinian liberation theology Respondent: Dr. Malachi Hacohen Migrant Outreach and Contemporary American Protestantism (1:20pm - 1:55pm EST) Joseph Roso: US evangelicals' attitudes towards immigration under Trump Darwin Perry: Church support of immigrants experiencing incarceration Andrew Carlins: Religion of immigrants to US Respondent: Dr. Bruce Lawrence Theologies of Migration and Home Joshua Strayhorn: Religion in black migration Alberto La Rosa Rojas: Theology of home among migrants to the US Eric Shin-fung Hung: How the migrant church became an indigenous church in Hong Kong Respondent: Dr. Matthew Cressler