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Faculty Works-in-Progress with Joseph Winters

Jan 22

This event has passed.

Friday, January 22, 2021 - 1:15pm to 2:15pm

Photo of Joseph Winters


Joseph Winters

For the first installment of the Spring 2021 English Department Faculty Works-in-Progress Series! Professor Joseph Winters will lead a Zoom session on "Recovering the Irrecoverable: Blackness, Melancholy, and the Duplicities that Bind." "This article is for a special issue in the journal Religions called "Slave Religion: Histories and Horizons" in which we were invited to respond to recent work on the afterlife of slavery, including Stephen Best's 2018 book, None Like Us: Blackness, Belonging, Aesthetic Life. In this paper, I engage Best's recent work, focusing on his concern that black studies are increasingly an expression of melancholy historicism." - Joseph Winters To receive a copy of Professor Winters' paper and a link to the session, please signup. Registration is required, however, we encourage anyone interested in the work of English faculty members to participate. Professor Winters will provide some opening comments at the session, followed by Q&A and open discussion.