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COVID-19's Impact On Latinx Communities: A Virtual Symposium

Oct 7

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Virtual Symposium via Zoom

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Drawing from history, journalism, philosophy, and medicine, this virtual interdisciplinary symposium¿ delves into the ethnoracial disparities of the COVID-19 pandemic public crisis at the regional, national, and global levels. Questions of citizenship and governmental action/inaction; viral colonization; and essential/non-essential workers and Latinx communities will be probed. Speakers: Natalia Molina (University of Southern California), Rafael Vizcaíno (DePaul University), Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda (Duke University School of Nursing), Victoria Bouloubasis (Enlace Latino NC). Moderated by Nicole Eitzen Delgado (2020-21 LSGS Postdoctoral Associate). Register at Eventbrite ( to receive Zoom link.


Nicole Eitzen Delgado