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Rock Climbing: Lessons in Adaptability, Endurance, & Resilience [Registration Required]

Oct 22

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Duke Recreation Climbing Wall

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At the Duke Recreation climbing wall, students will learn how to rock climb - exercising trust, communication, and decision making skills and adaptability. Students will: 1) Practice deliberate, thoughtful approaches toward decision making. 2) Develop their resilience, patience, and flexibility. 3) Learn the necessity of communication and trust with their belay partner. 4) See rock climbing as a potential avenue for personal development and wellness. Pratt Master's students can register for this workshop at on the Professional Development Masters F19 Schedule. Pratt Master's Student Feedback for the Rock Climbing workshop: 13 out of 15 responding students said that it was relevant to their professional development. 15 out of 15 students said that they would recommend it. "Really good workshop and I do recommend it. It helps us to leave our comfort zone and encourages us to face the challenge." "I think the Rock Climbing session really taught me to not give up on an endeavor that seems difficult, or that you fail at once, because giving up could keep you from an exciting, new experience. I really like taking control over my fear, and will definitely be returning to the climbing wall on my own time."


Rudell, Carey