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Low Ropes Course [Registration Required]

Sep 27

Friday, September 27, 2019 - 8:00am to 2:00pm

Location provided upon registration

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Durham Parks & Recreation

Pratt Master's students can register for this workshop at on the Professional Development Masters F19 Schedule. This challenge course uses group games and initiatives in a progressive format to develop trust, cooperation, and teamwork. Team challenges and the low rope elements operate as metaphors for real-life situations, providing you the opportunity to develop creative new solutions for the classroom, workplace, and other team operations. Course facilitators lead open discussion following each activity, which allows participants to apply lessons learned from team challenges to the group, the individual, and the organization. Throughout the program, you will experience an atmosphere that encourages team cooperation and promotes group learning in a fun and challenging atmosphere. Student Feedback: Sixteen out of seventeen responding students surveyed said that they would recommend the workshop to others. Fifteen out of seventeen students surveyed said that the workshop enhanced their teamwork skills. "Building a team is an activity which takes that effort of taking time to know each other in all capacities and figure out what works and what doesn't and what is the best fit. I believe every team is unique and develops that extraordinary sense to work with each other. This course definitely is a good leeway into that team building spirit. I would surely recommend this workshop to more incoming students."


Rudell, Carey