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Career Services Appointments for Engineering Master's Students

Feb 25

Monday, February 25, 2019

8:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Cameo Hartz / Erin Carlini

Cameo and Erin meet with students all week, and career services are free and unlimited. In addition to the items below, we host an Open Advising Studio most Monday to Thursday afternoons, an option if the appointments for any day have already been scheduled. Use CareerConnections "advising" to schedule an individual conversation. The three appointment types are described below: ENGINEERING MASTER'S STUDENTS: 15-Minute Meeting ENGINEERING MASTER'S STUDENTS: 30-Minute Meeting We help when you get stuck, don't know how to start, or have any questions related to your career development and job, grad, or internship search. Any topic related to the Seven Indicators for Search Success is possible, and these are some of the most common: introspection, learning about careers, understanding professional alignment how to get started, unstuck, or energized in your search what to do when things aren't working well, or you feel lost feedback on your work: resume, cover letter, correspondence, professional introduction, etc. introduction to cover letter, interviewing, negotiation, writing outreach correspondence how to search strategically and build professional credibility feeling confident and managing your time well celebrating accepting a position ENGINEERING MASTER'S STUDENTS: Interview Simulation (Requires Significant Preparation) This service happens in Smith Warehouse, where many campus interviews occur. You'll select a specific opportunity to prepare

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Hartz, Cameo

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